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Hello, I think this is a nice plugin but there is an error on my site.

1. Position of Enfold theme secondary menu becomes slightly strange in Product and Checkout page. (move down about 2mm) and two scroll bars appear. 2. “Edit” link appears next to product name in cart, checkout page, and more.. 3. I tested new field in below billing field, but field width is not fit and end of the field is hidden by order note field.

I tried to join support site, but the mail is not coming, so I leave a comment.

Hello Alice,

I have created a ticket for you and sent you the password too, please take a look, I also replied to you about your problem.

Your Ticket ID is: 29

I’m sorry for long delay, it was weekend.

Thank you!

Hi! A Presale-Question: Is it possible to show a custom field on a product page but let it disappear in the order confirmation E-Mail for the customer?

Sure. You just need to uncheck mail option in the field. Then it will be fine!!

Sure. You just need to uncheck mail option in the field. Then it will be fine!!

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For the PDF Invoice, my plugin support this free plugin:

So if you want to show on PDF file, please use this plugin

For the show some field only for product in the category, please use rule:

- Post Type = product - Product Category = your wanted category - Single = your wanted location to show

P/s: Give me your mail, I will fix all the error you have (PHP notice)


nafteta Purchased

I wrote you a message

I have replied

This comment is currently being reviewed.

It was midnight my time here, I have replied to your ticket, can you please take a look?

yes, i looked and reply

Problem solved, check your ticket man!


the fields is not saved in mine Order detail , mail, and admin .

I have multi-site wp and ACF free

What is the probléme ?

its urgent please

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I have replied to your ticket, please check man!

This comment is currently being reviewed.

I have updated you the plugin with version 2.7, so no more problems.

Also for the duplicate quantity, I have replied to your email.

P/s: just communicate at one place via your email please!

Hi, problem is your plugin ACF with attributes.

Just please follow the email, I got all your mail!!

Is it possible for fields on a single product page to affect the price. So if I click on the “Deluxe” option the price changes from $20 to $50 or whatever?


It’s being done, it will be available next week.

So except the pricing, my plugin can do the rest!


resorsa Purchased

Hello, is this plugin able add the custom fields to the order meta data that is passed with webhooks?? (x-wc-webhook-resource: order)

OK! Let me know how your webhook run


resorsa Purchased

Ticket created.

Let’s talk on the ticket then

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Please check the newer version I sent you via email

Already checked and does not work

Solved! Cheers!


I have prepurchase question. Is this plugin capable also to add custom checkout fields that show up only with one exact payment gateway?

BR, Kaspar


The feature you asked is not available at the moment, I will consider to add it in the next versions.

Thank you

Hi sorry for urgent but I need to resolve bug on plugin, I have send to you mail with all problem but you don’t reply :(



Will I be able with this plugin to have custom checkout pages based on the products in cart/checkout?

For example: If someone buys an iPad, he gets extra field with like “your dad’s name” and if the user had iphone in cart -> then the checkout page will not display “your mom’s name” but shows for example “your mom’s phone”.

Is that possible? Thanks in advance


That feature is not available at the moment.


Please help me: i need show rows and column like you demo example: Event Schedule . in my setting options custom field not find the Field Type: “Repeater”. in layout option just show me : 1.message 2. Tab. and no more (in your demo show more options) i need create same layout like you demo example Event Schedule My custom field that i had created, dont display tittle of label field: just show what i fill in post page,(i need show the default tittle to this field label,(look my attach) i´m using this shortcode [cats_field group_id=”3040” auto_loop=”yes”] how can i do? thank!!!

HI, i create another custom field, with 2 field, 1. a image 2. a tittle, and plate this shortcake.[cats_field group_id=”3210” field=”afiche” “funcion” auto_loop=”” excerpt=”” post_id=”“] but no show any flied, the image just show a little thumb with a ?image. can you help me! thanks

Dear catsplugins,

I have a presale question.

Since I’ve made a lot of custom changes to single product page template I don’t want to output ACF values through any of predefined positions.

I do want to echo get_field() on position I defined inside functions.php and I want to use your plugin just to define a condition when this field will be visible, eg price is >$100.

Can I achieve this using your plugin?

Kind regards, N


You can define the how the fields will be visible via my plugin, but you need to use the defined position, or register your custom location (hook) so that my plugin can capture the data and do its job.


Dear catsplugins,

I understand what you’re saying. It works kind of like Woo’s conditional content plugin. I need more flexibility using it in conjunction with ACF though.

Do you have a guide on how to custom hook? I have a hard time understanding those so a proper step by step guide would be awesome.

Do you have a documentation link please?

Kind regards, N

Yes, I do have a guide, it’s easy to follow, as long as the positions (your hooks) located within WooCommerce Single, Checkout or My-Account page.

Else, it will take more time.

But I think with the custom location on Single Product Page, within the form (your hook) will work fine.

For the guide, it has several images, you can create a ticket on my system then I will send you via the ticket

I have a presale question.

Is there a limit on how many custom field can be added to a single product in woocommerce? I need a plugin that supports building a front-end form to be added to a Woo product. My form has over 50 fields and I’m planning to use the multi-steps plugin to split that into sections/steps. So basically just to make clear I have a woo product ($100 base price), The buyers will use the form (ACF generated) to add custom fields (some of these fields will add $$ to the base price and some are just static fields with no price value. Will this plugin do the job?


The fields do not have the price at the moment, I will add it in the next version.

For the other, it will work as you want

Hi, I’m using the free version of your plugin, and wanted to clarify a couple things:

1. whats the difference between the free and pro versions? 2. If i add a form to my checkout page, how do i then query posts for the field value with WP_Query() or get_posts()? – When I try to query using “meta_key” and “meta_value” it doesnt return anything even though I know the order with the attached custom field value is being added to the db (it shows up in the order review page).

[note: I noticed that my acf fields are displaying at the bottom of the order review page as “field_##UID##” where ##UID## is a randomly generated unique id. the value seems encrypted as well]


For the PRO version, you will have more features, like compatible to the PDF invoices, or add fields on single product, my account…etc

For the Query, you will get two things:

- field_id - post_id Each order_id will have its field_id; you can get the field_id by seeing the Custom Field section (enable in on-screen option).

The value for each field_id is encrypted, when you buy, I will show you how to decrypt the value after query success!

Thank you

Hi, I just bought and installed/activated the new ProVersion of “ACF for WooCommerce” plugin, but I do not see the ‘Custom Fields’ tab in the sidebar anywhere on the left hand side of the screen. Is there something I am missing so that I can begin to configure the custom fields I would like. Kind regards, Mc.

Hello VannerHouse,

Yes, you missed 1 thing, it’s installing “Advanced Custom Field” plugin, you just need to install it from the dashboard > plugins > add new > search for “Advanced Custom Fields” and install, active, then it will work!

It’s totally free!

Yay! Thanks for your help, worked like a charm.

Dear catsplugins Team!

I have a pre-sales questions:

1. Can you tell me please if your ACF plugin can separate fields for a specific user profile? Ex. personal or company user must have some different fields.

2. If I have those two user profiles that I mentioned at 1. can the plugin save this users as different role with the same name: user role “personal” or “company” for what they filled the specific fields?

If this would work I would use your plugin for a lot of ecommerce sites of course I will recomend it for others.