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Hi, Very nice work ! You announce “Single product positions” in your last update. You are talking about front end product page right ? I need to edit a book store and would like to add custom field on back-end product edit page to enable shop manager to add some custom product infos (like author, isbn, pages, size etc…). Is it possible, and will I be able to easily manage the position of this fields (tabs, under product image, under product title…) ? Thank you

Hi Rita,

Yes, the fields will be added to the product page on the frontend, in the position that we think we can make it happen. Up to 8-9 positions.

The custom fields like ISBN…etc can be done with Advanced Custom Fields, you can take a look at it

Our plugin is taking advantage of this plugin to extend the fields of WooCommerces.

Thank you

WHERE IS THE PLUGIN???? i got no plugin in my dowload folder

Hi Seolion,

Can you please download the plugin by choosing “WordPress installable plugin” only at your download options? It should work.

I have updated the plugin with Envato but don’t know why it still have the error of no plugin file inside the full download package.

I will contact them to ask

Thanks man!

Hello, where do I find the plugin in the backend ? I have no new section “Custom Fields” in my Adminbar like you have in yours in the support video… ? Thank you & kind regards !

Hi Edis,

That’s because you didn’t install “Advanced Custom Field” plugin.

Our plugin is the add-on to that plugin, you can find the plugin here (it’s free)

Happy New Year buddy!!

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Is it possible to add bank account detail on check out page? lets say I have multivendor woocommerce, and then when buyer want to pay by direct bank payment, they have to see “the bank account detail seller”


Yes, you can use ACF to add the customized information in HTML or just a statement of the positions on the checkout page.

But the part “when the buyer wants to pay direct bank payment,” it can’t be done at this moment because we don’t have the conditional solution for it right now.

So when you create the field, it will show immediately, not waiting user’s chose and show.

Thank you

To my customers, the version 2.0 with updates for single products will be released at the end of this month or earlier next month.

The new version will include:

  • Show fields on WooCommerce Single Product page
  • Improved source code, clean it up!
  • New hooks & filters – developer friendly
  • Improve the fields on checkout page
  • Now you can set price for each field (options only)

Next version:
  • Conditional tags for all fields
  • Add fields to my-account page
Please comment here what else you need, we will do if it’s useful!

rafsegat Purchased


I just bought your plugin to show my ACF fields on SIngle Product and display these fields on checkout and stuffs. So, is it working?

Thanks Raf


As stated and informed, show fields on the single product will be released at the end of this month.

Also, we already said that it does not effect yet, so we can’t refund for you in this case.

Please wait some days buddy, the feature is being developed!


rafsegat Purchased

Hi catsplugins,

Thanks for your response.

I already developed by myself this. My client was very worried. So I need that for yesterday.

Thanks Raf

Hi Raf,

In this case, we won’t refund for you. We do not lie to you at first so can’t say like that.

In any case, you take the ideas and develop the other one for the commercial purpose, do you think we should refund?

Thank you


chawawa Purchased

Hi catsplugins,

First, your plugin is awesome, it helped me to save a lot of time. I just custom my checkout page with your plugin by using it for

Rules : Show this field group if Checkout > is equal to > Before billing form.

The custom fileds are shown but when i passed the order, i did not find where the information is saved in database.

Can you tell me where can i find and show all the custom fileds on Checkout page ? Do you have some example of code to show these informations ?

And on the /wp-admin/post.php?post=$ORDER_ID All the title show here without the customer information.

Thanks in advance for your help

Best regards

Hi mate,

The meta_field must be stored like that, because ACF store fields a little bit strange, it’s not the encrypted ones, it’s just the unique string from ACF itself.

585da9 is the group ID 4354e57 is the field ID

For the field value, we must encrypt it with base64 becase we can’t input the strange strings like ; ’ , into database, so encrypted and decrypted must be used in this case.

Do you have any other question?


chawawa Purchased

No more question. Thanks for your support !

If you’re satisfied with my answer, can you please rate the plugin on your download page?

Here’s the link for your convenience:

Thank you much!

Plugin Version 1.5 released.

Please update the plugin to the new version.

Thank you my customers!