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Hi! Is it possible to show a field group on a specific product or product category only? For one product I would like to show a specific groups of fields, and on another product, a different set of fields.

I submitted for reviewing, going to send you by profile for faster buddy


novawebb Purchased

I don’t want to be a pain, but do you know if it will be within the next week? Or perhaps longer?

Hey man!

I was mean to send you but can’t find your email, and surely it’s done, just need approvement from Codecanyon. I already had the file here, if you want, give me your mail!.

Thank you for your patience

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hello Peter

First thing, please calm down, ok?

I do have the documentation on the download file; please choose “Full download” in your download selection. That’s the first one.

Second, I created detailed documentation video; it’s included right away on the documentation in case you didn’t read! Here’s the link: and here, a collection of how to use the field: . Even I had the support site, but I didn’t see you access it:

Third, my plugin is an add-on for Advanced Custom Field plugin, which you need to install it first. Then, the fields depend on your version of ACF.

Fourth, the other version of the plugin, it’s a FREE version that you can easily try on your dashboard through the Plugin section. And FREE mean limited function right?

I think that with your tight deadline, you’re angry, it’s ok, but please calm down and it’s better to solve your problem first than using plummet words on my plugin while it does not have any problem with you as well as my words on my plugin, too.

Thank you


I’ve purchased the plugin and am struggling with it. Maybe I misunderstood its functionality, but let me explain you.

- With ACF I can create custom fields and show them in the admin pages. i.e. I can create I field for subtitle that is shown in the back-end when editing a page. But this field will not be displayed in the front-end.

- What I thought this plugin would allow is to actually display those fields in the front-end but with the value selected in the back-end. So let’s say, if I created a subtitle value, I would like to write something in the admin page and display it in the front-end. Same functionality as the Wordpress title, but creating my custom fields. But what this plugin actually does, is only display an empty field in the front-end where the user can type something in. So no matters what I type in the back-end that this won’t be displayed in the front-end.

- Is it possible for this plugin to do what I’m looking for? I mean, what I want is to create a template of fields for Wocommerce products with ACF, and display the content of those fields with this plugin.

Thank you

Hi mate,

It’s not. This plugin allows you to use the ACF fields and make the customize to the checkout page, show the fields on frontend then save the value user input to the backend.

I think that you misunderstood the plugin functionalities.

Sorry mate!

PM me, I need your mail, I got a surprise for you, for sure!


Thanks for your quick response. It’s a shame it doesn’t include that option but… it would be awesome. Please contact me at: gura [at]



You can use this plugin to do exactly as you want:

Hi, Any timeline on the option for setting individual products? This is what I’m looking for. I want to use this plugin for personalisation but different products will have different needs. thanks


Just in time, it’s already done, I just submitted to CC, need their review.

I will take you a screenshot shortly!!


The plugin has been done for specific products and categories, now you can buy it, 100% perfect for your demand!

Hi! Pre-sale Question.

Lets say i have an online printing service (business cards, flyers, envelopes, etc).

I have 2 fields:

1 – Paper weight 2 – Quantity

I want to show the prices in the quantity select field, so i added the price to the variation description field. (quantity 20 – 10 €)

When i select Paper weight variation 150gr, i want the quantity field to display “quantity 20 – 10 €” and etc.

If i select the Paper weight variation 200gr, i want the quantity field to display “quantity 20 – 20 €” and etc.

If you have any doubts, check this page:,-DIN-A8.htm?websale8=diedruckerei.02-aa&pi=PFLA844&ci=000736&depvar_index_setparent=%3CPFLA844%3E%3CPFLA844.135...250%3E Below “Product Configuration” you see both options, Paper and Print Run. Change paper to 150gr and check the print run prices, then change paper to 170gr and check the print run prices, they are different. This is what i want to achieve.

My question is.. is this achievable with this plugin?



My plugin currently can do the first part of your requirement, where you can make the custom config for the particular product variation.

But it’s not possible to add the customs fee if it’s selected or matched.

I’m making the applicable fee to each field. I will let you know when it’s done

Ok thanks!

Hi, I was wondering if your plugin allows me to add fields into product variations. Thanks.

Yes, my plugin can do that!

Hi, sorry if I ask here, but support site seems to doesn’t work properly: it is impossible to register to ask a question! I would like to know how add more usermeta to users with ACF for woocommerce during checkout: I can create fields group and display in the checkout page, but that fields doesn’t update the usermeta. My settings for field group are: Checkout = after billing form OR User Form = all

Tank you!

Hmm, I will check this case for you. So you want to show the fields on checkout and that fields will be updated as “User Meta” ? Right?

Yes, it is important to save other user meta during the checkout process, so when they came back to the shop they have some fields from user account filled!

OK. I’m looking at it atm!

I have the same issue as the poster above and can not register on the support page. I created a test site with a test form and used shortcode to display it, but it did not work? I am trying to create fairly complex front end functionality and was hoping your plugin will help me. I am asking users to submit specific content through a front end form, with their submissions they need to add data, both in selective ACF fields and text ACF fields. Is this something that can be done with your plugin?

I saw a mention of a free version? is there a free version I can test?

Hello, I did actually manage to sign up to the support in the end. But there are too many steps as I first sign up, then confirm, and then separately select a password. And all emails for this went to spam. It would be much better to do support here or maybe just a simple front end support system? Anyway.. What I am after: I have a plugin that allows users to post to my site by front end submissions. I can make different forms for different post types, custom and product types. For some of the post types and forms I wish to have ACF fields filled in to be posted with the submitted content. The great thing about ACF vs a completed custom post type is that I can make a group of ACF and set permissions for who can view via s2 member, plugin.

I am looking for a way to include the ACF fields with the default fields already included with the Front end Form plugin I am using.

do you get the messages in email form? I just emailed the URL for my site, as I prefer to not mention here.

Hey man,

I have got your email, let’s talk on email then.

Hi, there is still a BUG in v2.0 – the selected quantity gets doubled in the cart. See support site ticket. Affects your site demo also select quantity 3 and add and 6 get added to the cart. Please release a fix soon. Thanks again.

Yep I still need to work on your issue. I cant replicate on my end so Im trying to fond the other way to know what is the problem to fix it for you

Thank you for your patience!


eightwire Purchased

You should see the issue on your own demo site – see the screenshots I added to the ticket showing doubled quantities. Thanks again.

Ok. I will

Hi, how to precisely put new form field in the specific place at the checkout page? I mean, very specific, exactly between company name and e-mail address. Thanks for help in advance.


My plugin can put the fields on the specific locations but not precisely like you want.

You can de-register WooCommerce’s field then use ACF fields to rearrange like you want, it will work for sure!

Thanks man!


I just buy your plugin, install it and I get some issue… Maybe compatibility issue there

That is an example : I have a couple of ACF group created on my site and one of them is attached to post type « product ». When I visit one of my product page your plugin show this group field multiple time I think on every WooCommerce location..

Any idea for that ?

That’s the point.

You can hide it on frontend by adding the multiple conditions at “Locations – Rules.”

Can you please try to make it like: Show the group if the user is admin and on post type is the product?

That way, it will be hidden on Front page

Ok I get it ! thank you for your quick answer

Awesome buddy

Hi. Plugin didnt work. registration in your site didnt work. How help me?

After Installations plugin didnt appeared in admin panel. My mail


Problem solved: You didn’t follow the instruction.

You didn’t install plugin ACF, I have installed for you, so now you can experience the features of ACF For WooCommerce.

Thank you much!

Thank U. You are best

Hello Can I combine this plugin with plugin “WooCommerce Single Product Page Builder” I use? I want to see the layout plugin “WooCommerce Single Product Page Builder” to do with the extension “Discussion on Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce” options to add more to the list. Can I combine these two plugins I use? url plugin “WooCommerce Single Product Page Builder”

Hello. My plugin does work with the other plugins of WooCommerce.

To be clear, the plugin single product page builder is about the layout, he still use the hooks for that. And my plugin use the hooks for data.

As long as the 3rdcplugins use the hooks of WooCommerce, my plugin will support them all.

Thank you

Hi, I have some question:

1) It’s possible to insert fields for specific product or category? 2) In this version work this: Save custom fields to order emails? 3) In this version work this: Save custom fields to customer profile? 4) In this version save fields into invoice?


Can you please give me around 1 week? I have the other projects in the parallel and have not enough resource to make it done faster!

If it’s only one week is fine, thanks!

Awesome man!

HI there, I am getting lots of errors when I install the plugin. “The plugin generated 1476 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.” Not sure if others have had this issue. I am using a child theme, not sure it that is part of the issue.

Hello, that’s an error in typo, can you please provide me your purchase code and wp-admin? I will update it really quick for you

I sent an email from your profile with info.

OK, I got it, I’m not at my desk right now, I will be in touch with you within 5 hours