Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce

Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce

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Sell configurable products with advanced custom fields. Customize WooCommerce checkout fields. Add custom fields to user’s profile. You need a plugin to ease that pain! ACF for WooCommerce is that ones.

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ACF for WooCommerce | All In One WooCommerce Fields Manager

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Why do you use the other WooCommerce checkout customize plugins while you can manage all “custom fields” at one place? The more plugin, the slower it works. So you only need one, we’re that ONES!

Why do you use the plugins support 10 -12 field types while our plugin can offer up to 30 fields types?

Extra Product Options – Do less, sell more

Configurable and customizable products, sell more with extra options like gift-wrap, custom logo, music intro…

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Save Custom Fields to Order Detail

Gather all the custom information to the order detail. Control what information should appear, no unnecessary field on the order detail.

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Custom User Profile Field

Create new custom user profile field in 30 seconds. Collect user information at checkout page or My Account page. Allow user edit, update the custom profile field.

Show the custom profile field at 26 locations on My Account page

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Show custom fields in PDF Invoice

If you want to how the fields in PDF invoices. You came to the right place!.

No need to say anything, just look the image below, it’s from our demo

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Show custom fields in Emails

No matter what kind of emails is, it come along with WooCommerce settings. So if you want to show custom fields in email order, just select what you want to show, voila!!!

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Multiple Upload Sources

Allow customer upload their logo to print on shirts, upload images to create albums…If you want to save hosting space, just use 3rd links like Youtube, preview immediately.

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Smart Conditional Logic System

Show the custom fields on certain places like Product, Checkout, My Account, Category, Archives, Shop…with AND, OR conditions.

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Advanced & Beautiful Field Validation

Valid the fields before processing, clearly error return. Styled, so you do not need to touch a single line of code

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Show Custom Message with Conditional Logic to User

Show your custom welcome message or announcement after user login or on user dashboard at ease. Combine with conditional logic, you can show the message to logged in user or specific user role.

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Upcoming Feature – ACF For WooCommerce

Version 3.0

New locations: Shop Archive, My Account additional location.

Video Demo

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  • 3 layers upload verification
  • Data encrytion
  • Conditional logic
  • Field validation
  • Responsive 100%
  • Beautiful validation template
  • Add fields to multiple locations
  • Add fields to multiple WooCommerce checkout locations
  • Documentation ready with VIDEO guide
  • Save custom fields to order detail
  • 24h reply support
  • Free installation
  • Developer friendly, support hooks & filter
  • Save custom fields to order emails
  • Save custom fields to customer profile

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ACF for WooCommerce Changelog


Version 4.1
- Fix Undefined error and already send header
- Fix if edit cart and do not change cause cart delete
- Fix the error for currency parse if price less than 0
- Add licensing validation (required)
- Add auto import demo content
Version 4.0
- Fix validation
- ACF 5.7.x fully compatible
- Fix location do not show
26/04/2018 30/07/2018
Version 3.8.5
- Compatible to ACF 5.7.x
26/04/2018 16/05/2018
Version 3.8
- Fix: image select field type
- New: pricing option for image select field type
Version 3.6
- Fix: 100% Stripe payment compatible
- Fix: field validation should be working properly
- Fix: field upload (file, image) should be working properly
- Fix: edit item in cart with pre-fill value
- Fix: add custom options with fee on single product page
- Improved: source code cleaner, easier to understand
- Improved: 100% compatible with WooCommerce 3.x and Advanced Custom Field 5.x
- New: ACF Image Select field type, allow you to out put the radio options as image
Version 3.2.5 
- Fix: Warning on backend
- Improve source codes and small fixes
Version 3.2
- New feature: Allow you to edit user custom field in backend
- New feature: Only show custom field if specic item in cart on checkout page
Version 3.1.7
- New feature: Edit the values in order detail (checkout fields)
- Fix: Undefined index for some cases
Version 3.1
- Fix: Error on cart page
- Fix: Error on email
Version 3.0.7
- Fix: Not saving fields on my-account page
Version 3.0
- HOT: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.0 - Fully tested
- Fix: Undefined_index for fields
Version 2.7.7
- HOT: Compatible with Product variations, only show fields when customer select specific product variation
- Fix: In_array notice for field
- Fix: Undefined_index fir fields
Version 2.7
- HOT: Compatible with WooCommerce PDF Invoice & Packing Slip
- Fix: Show custom fields on order emails
- Improve source code & fix small bugs
Version 2.5
- New Locations: My Account Location
- Custom User Profile Field
- Custom Billing Address Field
- Custom Shipping Address Field
- Multiple Shipping Address
- Improve source code
- Fix small bugs
Version 2.0
- Multiple condition available, like: only show field on category A, at the place B
- Improve source code
- Add actions & hook, so that developers can custom places to show the fields.
Version 1.6
- Show custom fields on cart detail
- Update field settings
- Fix minnor bugs and improve source code
Version 1.5 - Big Update
- Show custom fields on single product page
- Save custom fields to product meta
- Save custom fields of product to order detail
- Tested with latest ACF & WooCommerce version


Version 1.0 - First release