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how to remove “Customer Type” another issue is “although hosting on high speed expensive server but running very slow? why it is? 3rd issue>> how to delete customers?

when do you have plan to release update?

You can’t remove a Customer Type. If you want delete it you need to go in the database manually.

“running very slow”, it can come from many things (your internet speed, your webserver, your server security, ...).

What do you call a “customers” ?

other joomla and WP websites running faster on same server except this CRM, also i was sending you email for send me patch for to make faster CRM.. my email includes purchased code. still waiting for your replay.

You think I have a patch to make the quickest CRM? Joomla and WP are completely different and don’t work on the same system and are not the same things. You can’t compare what isn’t comparable

is it using any framework?

Hi, LEo_D!

I’ve found more bugs in email section. After configured email settings successfully, and received emails from utf-8 chars (from zimbra platform), the message in your sytem culd not displayed well. There are charsetutf-8 in the message, and in the text body chars is not readable. I’ve sent an email with hungarian words, ex.: “árvíztûrõ”, and your email reader converted it to “C3A1rvC3ADztC5B1rC591”.

You can see the bugs on this screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/HaI5B

So, your email reader has an unconfortable bug. I hope you correct it soon.

Best Regards,


Can you provide a Admin demo account? Also can the Admin control the emails settings so only the user will need to add his/her logins, email and password?

please reply… Thanks.

All users are administrator in the demo. The user can’t control him password or name. There is just the administrator can control his account.

Hi – just bought your script. Problems with changing language. Read earlier comments, but still don’t function properly. Tried changing into the “French” language, but login screen disappear. Please advice. Thanks

There is an error in the translation file. Here is the new corrected:

It can works with VoIP PBX with SIP clients ?

I don’t know enough VOIP. But if there a web API, why not.

How to add the tasks to the customer and mark them as completed?

can you make CRM like this http://goo.gl/BhJ89O?
Drag & drop deals, userfredly UI, custom fields.

Can you make CRM/PM like that http://goo.gl/BhJ89O and https://goo.gl/OfxaUC ? This is very fantastic service. If you make it, million people use it.

Hey my friend, thank you for this system! The most big error that you have done, are this windows that we can not resize!

T’arrive a me donne une version avec des normales fenetres svp? Cest tres important!


Hello! I would like to set the German language in CRM. How do I do that?

You can duplicate the French’s file in statics/language and rename it ‘German.php’ and change the texte

Then go to config.settings.php and change that line : define(‘LANGUAGE’, ‘English’);

by :

define(‘LANGUAGE’, ‘German’);

Thank you so much! I have a new problem. I’m trying for two days to create an email account in CRM. I’m getting crazy and just do not get out. :(

It must surely come from the Apache configuration.

Hi Is it possible to bring multiple pop 3 emails into 1 user account

Hi, You can add multiple email on one single account

Support Font thai or utf8 . I test typing keyboard thai can’t work “???”

live preview / demo links are dead. not able to evaluate – bad start!

demo link not working

Demo still not working. Are u still supporting this item?

demo is not working

This work now?