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All verify buyers,Thanks for support!As a reward,I will give you FREE solution to fix “See More” and paragraph’s size in post and comments for sngine v2!Please contact me,after purchasing any addons from me!Thanks again! stay tuned for more! :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGQ3jIsUDEU .Please don’t forget to check these add-ons created by me specially for sngine v2 1)Facebook Invite Addon For sngine v2 http://goo.gl/Af5lO3 2)Social Share Addon For sngine V2 http://goo.gl/kjBnEb (Support 11 sharing services including whatsapp) two versions are included.Fast loading time,less load on server resources) 3)Stop Spammer Registrations Addon For sngine v2 http://goo.gl/mWkn63 4)Disable Pages And Groups Feature-Addon For sngine v2 http://goo.gl/NhTeyM

I want to buy this addon. Will you help me to setup it…????

Yes,I will help you! :-) configuration is very easy!Well documentation added.You can easily do it.

Hello friends,

One more essential addon to invite your friends and drive more traffic to your website is released today.Import and Invite Gmail Contacts is an Addon for sngine v2.Social sharing feature is also included. http://goo.gl/O785vL

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Can you create a photo album plugin for Sngine v2 with pagination (for pageviews), title field and description field? Similar to photo album in Sngine v1.

Hello friend,In next version i.e.in v2.3,sngine’s author will include this feature. :-)

That’s good to know, thanks! Maybe now I’ll finally be able to upgrade from v1 to v2+ with photo album ;)

Yes,I was also using v1 in one of my project.But,unfortunately,v1 is removed from marketplace.

i want to buy this update this i buy :)

Thanks :)it’s very easy to configure.no need to update again and again,after each release of new version of sngine :)

Pre-Purchase: When you say a fix for the see more, what exactly do you mean cause right now the “See more” only work if you hit Return/Enter key after every line, if you read a continuous message or paste a long paragraph see more doesnt work

My dear friend,my add-on is useful for your wesbsite. And,don’t worry!This fix is very simple,that’s the reason why I never create any addon to fix see more realted issue.Other author did it. :-) I’m giving this solution for free.Please watch this screenshot for more details: https://s15.postimg.org/j258agzx7/test.jpg

What about the comments, will it work for comments as well?

Can you please check screenshot :-)which is example of post and comment too.

Hi Author,

Is your plugin will work with Sngine v2? Please reply.

Thank you.

Yes,it’s working perfectly!