Advanced Contact Form Plugin

Advanced Contact Form Plugin

This is a feature-rich WordPress contact form plugin (not a form builder) which allows you to add powerful ready-made contact forms to your site in less than 2 minutes!

Yet another contact form plugin!


There are indeed many contact form plugins available but what makes this one different is the amount of built-in features it offers, ease of localization, code quality, update frequency, minimized dependency on 3rd-parties like jQuery plugins and frameworks, use of progressive enhancement techniques, and above all our top-rated support! :)
So really don’t think twice, if you need a contact form choose this plugin, you’ll love it!

Do not buy this plugin! :)

If you need a form builder plugin, do not buy this plugin please; this is just a “Contact us” kinda plugin.

Here are top reasons why!

2 minutes to setup, integrate, & style!
Fat-free! No crap included to increase sales!
Works with any theme!
Ready-made CSS3 styles!
Visual Composer support!
Unlimited number of forms
Shortcode & widget support
Multiple recipients, with CC & BCC
File attachments, plus validation
Spam, CSRF & XSS protection!
Optional anti-Spam flood protection
E-mail & IP address blacklists
Built-in image CAPTCHA
Built-in hidden CAPTCHA (honey pot)
Built-in riddle CAPTCHA (localization-ready)
Customizable form field labels!
Customizable submit button text
Customizable e-mail subject & body!
Customizable automatic response!
Customizable subscription notification!
Customizable subscription verification!
Customizable newsletter field label
Compatible with WPML, qT, etc
Very small front-end only PO file!
SMTP support (with TLS\SSL support)
Customizable “From:” header!
Plain text & HTML support
Optional redirection on success
Optional last name requirement
Automatic subscriptions
Optional subscription notification
E-mail address verification
Per-form configurations
Web accessibility best practices
Optional WAI-ARIA landmark roles
Progressive enhancement
Unobtrusive JavaScript\AJAX
Unobtrusive client-side validation
Optimized CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
Minimum HTTP requests
Least 3rd-party dependencies possible
Optional “no relay” (iPage, GoDaddy, etc)
Semantic structure
Automatic updates
Top-notch support!
And really really much more…

Available fields

Please note, this plugin offers only these fields and you cannot add custom fields as this is only a contact form plugin, not an all-in-one form builder plugin like for example NinjaForms.

  • Name (with optional full name requirement)
  • Phone (you can choose to use HTML5 “tel” field type)
  • Email (you can choose to use HTML “email” field type)
  • Recipient (very versatile, indeed one of the features that makes this plugin one of the best)
  • Address (street, city, zip, state, and country)
  • Message
  • Attachments
  • CAPTCHA’s (Image, honey pot, and riddle)
  • Send a CC
  • Subscribe newsletter (for CSV export, no Mailchimp API integration yet)


\\ Screencast 1:
Ready-made contact forms in 2 seconds!
\\ Screencast 2:
No coding required! Just point and click!
\\ Screencast 3:
Create form-specific configurations
\\ Screencast 4:
Create complicated recipient menus
\\ Screencast 5:
Customize and translate everything!

Do not buy this plugin if you are hosted with WPEngine

This plugin does not (actually cannot!) support WPEngine, neither do we recommend this host as they have a cache system that just makes no sense. (warning to developers: WPEngine caches $_SESSION and $_COOKIE :O )

Do you need more features?

Sure! send your feature requests via this page.

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