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errors in script! :(

if I point them, will I be eligible for tester salary?

You will get your free copy if they are errors but if they are sections i ommitted deliberately then its just a thanks

When I’m in “All Cattle” section and click on “Breed” hyperlinked info in the datatable

Awesome product,GLWS!


good work, very nice ! all the best for your sales ;)


Good luck with selling! :)

I found a new error in your application

Hi can you let me know ofthe error

ya for that what you give me ? ex any reward. or etc?

Great work, GLWS my friend

Thanks hey

Error with login please correct i need your script and i need to look at demo

Sorry i used live preview link and it does not worked but bellow demo link is working

I am wondering if there is possibility for Customization. I need to be able to manage additional types of animals. Everything seems to be there, including custom Gestation periods, but some values are hardcoded. Such as: Animal Type (Bull Calf Heifer) Maybe even a way to have more options over the hardcoded values. Is this possible? If not, I will just purchase this software as is

Hi, that can be adjusted easily. I will help you once you purchase

OK. I was trying to get a Laravel Turnkey working so that I can go ahead and purchase this code. But I HATE laravel. I can’t figure out how to get it to work and deploy an app into Laravel server. Is there any way your code can run with a regular CentOS LAMP Stack? I run those all day, but this Laravel seems to be similar to something like TomCat.

as long as you have LAMP it should not be a problem, i will set it up for you

I have purchased. Now how can I have the software track more than just cattle? As I have said before, I want to track Pigs, Cattle, Chickens, Rabbits, and Goats I have a purchase confirmation code

Hi thanks for purchasing. I need about 4 days to add that

Hello again. Just getting an update. Can I PM you somehow? Do you need login credentials for my server?

Use webstudio.zimbabwe on skype or 26377417438 whatsapp

Can daily milk production be added? I then buy

Singular beef weight gain chart, total cow weight gain chart?

I will lookinto that

The demo credentials are not working….

Seems working just fine

Oh i see, someone changed the credentials, I have updated them

Can the system be customised to include horses?

Hi, that would be available in next version this month

Hi tjmugova I would like to test you page but it’s offline. Please let me know if there¡s still available.

Regards Héctor

The application is still available