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errors in script! :(

if I point them, will I be eligible for tester salary?

You will get your free copy if they are errors but if they are sections i ommitted deliberately then its just a thanks

When I’m in “All Cattle” section and click on “Breed” hyperlinked info in the datatable

Awesome product,GLWS!


good work, very nice ! all the best for your sales ;)


Good luck with selling! :)

I found a new error in your application

Hi can you let me know ofthe error

ya for that what you give me ? ex any reward. or etc?

Great work, GLWS my friend

Thanks hey

Error with login please correct i need your script and i need to look at demo

Sorry i used live preview link and it does not worked but bellow demo link is working

I am wondering if there is possibility for Customization. I need to be able to manage additional types of animals. Everything seems to be there, including custom Gestation periods, but some values are hardcoded. Such as: Animal Type (Bull Calf Heifer) Maybe even a way to have more options over the hardcoded values. Is this possible? If not, I will just purchase this software as is

Hi, that can be adjusted easily. I will help you once you purchase

OK. I was trying to get a Laravel Turnkey working so that I can go ahead and purchase this code. But I HATE laravel. I can’t figure out how to get it to work and deploy an app into Laravel server. Is there any way your code can run with a regular CentOS LAMP Stack? I run those all day, but this Laravel seems to be similar to something like TomCat.

as long as you have LAMP it should not be a problem, i will set it up for you

I have purchased. Now how can I have the software track more than just cattle? As I have said before, I want to track Pigs, Cattle, Chickens, Rabbits, and Goats I have a purchase confirmation code

Hi thanks for purchasing. I need about 4 days to add that

Hello again. Just getting an update. Can I PM you somehow? Do you need login credentials for my server?

Use webstudio.zimbabwe on skype or 26377417438 whatsapp

Can daily milk production be added? I then buy

Singular beef weight gain chart, total cow weight gain chart?

I will lookinto that

The demo credentials are not working….

Oh i see, someone changed the credentials, I have updated them

Can the system be customised to include horses?

Hi, that would be available in next version this month

Hi tjmugova I would like to test you page but it’s offline. Please let me know if there¡s still available.

Regards Héctor

The application is still available


jgon Purchased

I’ve purchased this software and am trying to install it. The installation instructions say to navigate to ‘install’ in the public directory after uploading to my server. This file is missing. Please help.


jgon Purchased

Ok. Got that to work. Now, however, when I click on ‘settings’ within the application, I get this: ErrorException in FormBuilder.php line 253: Illegal string offset ‘name’ (View: ............./public_html/cattle/resources/views/setting/data.blade.php). Also, I get an error page when I try to sign in from mobile device: “TokenMismatchExeption in VerifyCsrToken.php line 67”

Your first error please us php 5.6 , will provide an update for php 7 later on. Token mismatch usually happens if you open the page and delay signin


jgon Purchased

Yes, the settings page is working now with the php 5.6 running. Apparently what was causing the 2nd error from the mobile device was that cookies were turned off. Thanks for your help.

Hi Am interested in your Advanced Cattle Manager but the demo credentials do seem to work Provide working credentials I test

Login details have been reset, someone had changed


Tremvi Purchased

Hello, I have a farm. I need a software to manage my cows, pigs, laying hens, goats … manage births with monitoring of birth weight, growth etc. manage livestock sales to customers manage livestock purchases manage bills manage deaths also manage the staff of my farm in your application is there the possibility to create custom fields?

will you advise me your application?

Hi, sorry for late response. Can you contact me through my profile page then i will explain via email or chat

I want to buy cattle manager but your demo isnt working ,showing error 500 .Please check and correct it .

What is SMS used for? Im seeing that you mentioned an update – what does it include and have you released it? Is it going to work on go daddy hosting?

This author does not deliver the script as advertised, does not support, and does not return the amount paid.

Do not buy scripts developed by him. they will lose their money.