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Can it make the images all the same size?

maybe … even some css … like …

.ult-carousel-57dbebd32fa3f img { width:30px; }


Answering your question would require a special knowledge of my colleague and some debugging. Unfortunately, comments section here on CodeCanyon is bad as we can not request screenshots / confidential details. Further tracking your requests to ensure timely responses is very difficult here.

Could you kindly open up a ticket for your question in our support center?

How to align images in the carousel to middle (rather than top)... I can see align centre but no way to align on the horizontal… I have your plugin through The7 so I cannot open a ticket with you directly

Regretfully, this isn’t possible.

oh pity, is there a css solution I might add? Many thanks for your help and otherwise a great plugin!

With custom CSS, it might be possible. But we don’t have a doc / article ready for this right now.


I have this plugin through a purchase of WPRentals. And, I love it! I was wondering if I can carousel an entire row? You said carousel anything! ahaha…

If i could carousel a row, this would mean that also the background of the row for each section would change.

Is this possible?

Since our module needs parent row where it is placed, it won’t be able to carousel that one.

However, you would be able to carousel the inner rows.

hi is there way to make the carousel not refresh when the page reloaded. i want the slider to move by one item every hour but every time i refresh the page the carousel goes back to the first item can we make the timer off line please help thanks

Hey John,

Our element scripts are also reloaded at the time of page reload. We cannot stop our script to reload at the time of page refresh.

This is difficult to handle the script while page reload.

Hi, does this carousel work with CPT and does it have an infinite loop option? thanks!


Yes the carousel has infinite loop option, but just to let you know that Visual Composer itself provide the CPT slider, here is the screenshot:

If you need some other feature apart from that, just let us know.

Will this plugin allow me to create a carousel of recent posts? Filtered to only display posts from a particular category?

Hello there,

Just to let you know that Visual Composer itself provide the post slider, here is the screenshot:

The Advanced Carousel for Visual Composer element DOES NOT work on mobile nor tablet. On mobile and tablet, things just gets display one on top of another. There is NO carousel function.

Is it suppose to behave like this or is this broken?


I did check it out and I’m not even sure what I’m looking at.

Let me ask you a question, the Advanced Carousel for VC plugin came with a theme I purchased, so do I ticket the theme people directly (even though this is your plugin) or can I submit a support ticket using your ticketing system?


I think you must have neglected the number of item displayed on devices option, you can reduce the number of item to be shown in carousel in tablet and mobile.

Here is the screenshot:

You can set any number which is working perfect on the respective devices.

I would appreciate if you purchase your own copy of Ultimate Addons plugin, so that you can take the benefits of support and lifetime update for our plugin.

Hello, I added an image carousel to a home page and when i click on one of the images it does open in a lightbox overlay except it is not seeing the rest of the images and allowing the user to scroll left or right to continue viewing in the lightbox overlay. Is this possible?

thanks, Paul

Regretfully, this isn’t a functionality that our plugin offers.


Pre-purchase question.

I built a couple of VC Rows and added VC elements to these rows on my News7 paper theme.

Could I ask you to please take a look at my site I am building.

Please scroll down and you will see 2 row block layouts Is it possible to create a carousel type slider’s using a Preset something on the lines of this slider example with your Row Elements Carousel VC plugin?

Please let me know asap.

Thank you



WP-Deepak Author Team

Hello Ken,

I can see that you are already using Ultimate Addon plugin which includes the advanced carousel element in it, so you can test the element on your site.

I hope it should work :)

Is there a way to control the height of the actual advanced carousel row. When i have the right size of the row and add the advanced carousel its goes to almost triple the size. I want the size to be exact as your example of the phone scrolling in the black background.

This does absolutely nothing.

Brainstorm fixed the issue, they said the 4k icon plugin was causing the issue


WP-Deepak Author Team

Glad that we were able to help you :)

I posted a ticket over a week ago and have not received a reply. Can you please look into this for me? Many thanks.


WP-Deepak Author Team

Could you please let us know your ticket ID, so that I can track and check your ticket personally?

Hi there, I actually figured this out. I was trying to get VC Carousel to work on blog posts (blog posts can’t be created or edited with VC). The solution was simply to paste the one line of VC engine code manually in the text body on each post you want the slides to work properly. Thanks.


WP-Deepak Author Team

Glad that you figured out :)


bbart10 Purchased

Tried this out and nothing goes into a carousel, it just lists it out on the page stacked. Doesn’t seem to be working


WP-Deepak Author Team

Could you please open up a ticket in our support center so we could take a closer look at this?

Hi is there any known compatibility issue with The7 latest update? Your add-on just won’t work on the front end…


WP-Deepak Author Team

Thank you for bringing this to our notice!

The Visual Composer front end editor does not work well with the elements that use jQuery. Therefore, we recommend you to use the backend editor as of now.

However, we are looking into the matter and will resolve it in the next update.

not working for me. no slider functionality at all, just placing all elements underneath..


WP-Deepak Author Team

Could you please open up a ticket in our support center so we could take a closer look at this?

I have this plugin bundled with the 7 theme, and it works beautifully! However, one thing I would like is for the autoscroll to scroll smoothly – right now it slows down and stops when a new image enters, then continues afterwards. I’d like it to continuously scroll at a set speed. How can I enable this? Thanks!


WP-Deepak Author Team

Regretfully, this is not possible at present. However, we already have this in our to-do list and we will be implementing this feature in our future updates.


elvinag Author Team

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I’m trying to drag the carousel under multiple tabs but it doesn’t work. it appears something like that /ultimate_carousel[/vc_row_inner] Can you help me ?


WP-Deepak Author Team

Here is the article that will let you know why you aren’t able to drag the carousel in multiple tabs.

Ever since a recent Visual Composer update, the background for Advanced Carousel is now black instead of transparent, and there’s no option (that I can see) to change it. Please advise.


WP-Deepak Author Team

Could you please open up a ticket in our support center so we could take a closer look at this?

Psst!- Please consider upgrading your support period for instant reply.

Hi is there a way to align the images inside the carousel to the middle rather than the top? We can see align centre but no way to align to the middle on the horizontal? We have your plugin through The7 theme so we can’t get support from you directly!

The carousel does not have an alignment option for the items inside it. The image element has an alignment option within.

Oh right, so there is no way to make them align middle with the other icons inside the carousel?

Yes, our carousel does not handle any alignments for element inside it.