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Thank you :)

very good job, nice ;) i’m excited to see more of your work and wish you all the best for your sales !

Thank you :)

Hi there,

first of all, a really nice looking business-hours plugin u made.

1. I saw in the demo the business-hours-data-fields, is it possible to show 2 periods of times for a day? We have a break where we are not reachable: 09:00 – 12:00 / 13:00 – 18:00

2. Is the calender-icon changable or is the svg inside the plugin code?

Cheers, Steve

Hi MrBeaver,

bought to support ur work : )

Maybe you can implement some icon librarys (font awesome, fontello, etc.) to display another icons, too.

I wish u good sales and a great rest of the week,

Thank you :) I really appreciate your support. Have a wonderful day.

Hello Steve, I just want to confirm that I have implemented the Font Awesome icon and you will have the option to replace the existing calendar image with any icons from Font Awesome library :) this will be released in version 1.1.0

Hi there, nice work with this. Can I ask is it possible to display just the calendar panel with today’s opening hours and change text to ‘Appointments available today’. Is there a countdown to closing time too, for example “You have 3 hours until appointments close”.. Thanks

Hi thanks for reply, its very nice I think it may be nice to have the countdown until ‘closing’ but just my opinion.

Hello again, I just want to confirm that I have implemented the countdown option and it will be available in version 1.1.0. You will have the option to display a counter for opening and closing hours. Ex: “Sorry, We are currently closed! But we are opening in 1 hr 5 min 30 sec”.

I hope this is what you were looking for :)

Thanks, great support. Will keep checking back to see its release :)


hcroeze Purchased

Hi there, Nice work! I have a presales question. Is it possible to configure different openinghours widgets? I am working on a group website for 4 restaurants, each with a different openinghours schema. (I see the shortcode uses an id :-) ). Thanks!

Hello, you can have multiple widgets with different time, colors and messages. For example, in the demo you can see that I have one widget which has opening hours from 8 to 11 and one widget from 8 to 4. Hope that helps :)


hcroeze Purchased

Great! It works! Thanks

@hcroeze I am glad you liked the plugin :) if you find the plugin useful I would really appreciate if you leave a review. Thank you


nasan Purchased

Broke my site when activated…

Hello, I am very sorry that you had problem when activating the plugin, may I know what is the error that you are getting? hopefully we can resolve your issue as soon as possible, thanks

@Nasan, did you resolve your issue? please let me know if you still have problems. Thanks

This Is it possible to display Open From 10:00 to 02:00 ?

Hello, can you specify PM and AM in your example? the plugin uses 12 hr time format, if you look at the screenshots, you can see that we can set the start time at 10:00 AM and end time at 2:00 PM for a particular day.

Amazing =D

Thank you

White Screen of Death after Uploading | Issue Showing: Die Zeichenkodierung des HTML-Dokuments wurde nicht deklariert. Das Dokument wird in manchen Browser-Konfigurationen mit verstümmeltem Text dargestellt, wenn das Dokument Zeichen außerhalb des US-ASCII-Bereichs enthält. Die Zeichenkodierung der Seite muss im Dokument oder Transferprotokoll deklariert werden.

Hello MrBeaver, not solved yet. :( The issue is linked with the plugin.php file in …/wp-admin/plugins.php. No specific row is highlited. Cheers

Solved it. Just changed PHP to 7 and now it works. :D

I am glad you have resolved the issue, have a wonderful day :)

Hey Mr.Beaver, do you have a po-file for translation in german?

Hello, there are translatable language files in ‘languages’ folder but I don’t have a German language file. You can translate the plugin to German using the provided po file. Please let me know if that helped, thank you.

Hi MrBeaver,

great plugin for showing the business hours. Thanks for this one. I am trying to translate the plugin into german, but the translation wont show. The files are named “advanced-business-hours-de_DE.*” and located in the */language/plugins/ folder. Any suggestions why it wont work?

Thanks in regards, Janos from

Hello, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I tested locally and I found that language files are not loading properly. I will fix the issue and update the plugin as soon as possible. Thank you again.

Just wanted to let you know that I submitted an update, you will receive a notification once the update is approved. I also added German translation files (translated via Google Translate).

Thanks a lot!!! Monday morning and happy! :D

Does this allow you to restrict adding products to the cart when the shop is closed?

Hi there, do you mean like WooCommerce? unfortunately there is no option to allow users to disable shopping cart when closed. I will take a look and maybe add this feature in future releases. Hope that helps :)

Hello I just purchase your plug in and I’m having issues with it. I put it on a wordpress site on plug ins page as a zip file and it crashes my site. It’s giving me this message >Parse error: syntax error,unexpected ’||’ (T_BOOLEAN_OR), expecting’)’ on line 253

Hello, may I know what PHP version you are using? WordPress recommends PHP 7 or greater ( ). Thank you

I check and I’m running php 5.4 on go daddy server. I spoke with them about setting up php 7 but I would need a different platform, or if you know a better way, as I’m new to all of this. Thank you

can you please create a user with special privileges (editing plugins or just administrator) and send me the credentials through the contact forum of my profile page? thanks

Hello, love the look and feel of your widget, I’ll probably buy regardless of the answer but is there a method to deal with holidays or a suggestion you could offer using this widget to deal with them? thanks


Hello MJ, I am glad you like the widget :) currently there is no option to add holidays; however, you can insert text after the widget for special occasions and mention the business hours during holidays. Hope this answer your question. Thanks

Hello there,

I came through google on your advanced business hours plugin. I wanted to ask you.

Is it possible to set these 2 things in a header widget. 1-When we are open, a message of my choosing and a shortcode it dynamically shows the opening hours of the day. 2- when we are closed, to be able to tell that we are closed and to show the next opening day/time

This off course all needs to go automatically.

Hope to hear from you



I set my timezone to Amsterdam. Is this what is causing the issue? Where can i find in documentation how to set the standard wordpress timesettings?

Can you please create a WordPress user for me and email me the credential so I can setup the plugin for you? you can email me using the email provided in the support tab of the plugin or using my codecanyon profile page.

I sent you. You are awesome, thanks:)