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Seasonal Business Support:

First love your plugin works great and is nice and clean.

I am working on a website where the locations are open seasonally. It would be great if you could add support for this. For example one location is open Saturdays from May 13 to October 28.

Thanks for the great support

Hi there, I am glad you liked Advanced Business Hours plugin.

I constantly try to improve this plugin and implement new features, I would be more than happy to add this request after obtaining more information. I will send you an email to get your requirements and discuss this feature. Thank you.

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I have added seasonal support and it will be available in version 1.6.1 which is scheduled to be released on May 24.

Thank you.

I’m an agency and need this for several different businesses. Is it possible to have hours for different business using one domain?

Hi there, you can have multiple instance of the widget with different business hours; however, it uses the WordPress default timezone for hours.

So if all your businesses are within the same time zone you can use one WordPress installation, else, you have to use WordPress Multisite to set different timezones.

I am having an issues with this plugin recognizing times that we are open. it always says closed. I have checked the ajax box and that did not help. please advise.

Hi there, may I know if you have set the WordPress timezone to the correct timezone? also did you follow the time format? (ex: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

Is it possible to send me your WordPress credentials? (you can contact me using the contact form on my profile page) .



The color options don’t seem to be working. I changed the color of the headers and text and it is not populating. Do you know what the problem could be?


Hi there, please see this question and if you still have issues, let me know, thanks.

Hi, I got an issue on my site using your plugin. When used as a shortcode, it doesn’t display a separator when there are two sets of hours (shop closed at midday). Can I give you credentials so that you can check ? Thanks

Hi there, I am very sorry to hear that you are facing an issue. I do my best to resolve your problem as soon as possible. Please send me an email with the credentials and the page where you are using the plugin’s shortcode. Thanks

I think I replicated this issue on my end too, when you check “display hours using 24 hour format” both time sets are in a single line.

To fix this issue, please add this custom css:

.abh-body .hours-data .pull-right {clear: right;}

Please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions. Thank you

also please see this page for instructions on how to add custom style to WordPress themes:

I have installed the business hours into the footer of my theme. I’ve made sure the WP general settings reflect my time-zone (UTC+10), but it displays the wrong time – a day later. It is calling some other time zone. Where in the code can I find/fix this?

Hello, I am sorry to hear that. Is it possible to create a user for me and send me the credentials through my profile page to have a look? Thanks

sure – can you let me know an email to send this to, I dont want to post credentials on the forum! (sorry about the wait – time differences!)


first of all I want to thank you for this super easy plug-in. I am using this for a client who’s shop is open 1 sunday in the month, the other sundays he is closed. Is it possible to set this right in the widget? Or does my client have to change the opening hours on sunday everytime he is open on sunday?

I hope you understand my question. Best regards, Robin

Hello, I am glad you like the plugin :) , in your specific situation, I would suggest you use the holiday feature and add 12 days each representing the 1 sunday in a month.

Then you can have opening hours in that particular sunday with all other sundays in that month as closed.

You can check out this documentation on how to add holidays:

Please let me know if this addresses your question, thanks


I am receiving a 500 error on my website after activating the plugin on my website.

The website

Do you know what is causing this?

Thanks for the fast reply! At the moment, I am unable to open Wordpress because it is giving me a 500 error. Is there any other way that we can fix this? FTP?

yes, ftp access will work as well. please email me the info and will fix it asap :) thanks

okay I have fixed the issue on your website but as stated in my email, the php version on your site is 5.4.45. WordPress recommends PHP 7+ This plugin has been tested with version 5.6 and 7+. Please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions. Thanks

Hi, i have a problem with the plugin. If i have a same day with different hours (morning and night) the hours are nos line spaced,this happend in desktop and mobile. can you check here


can you please send me your WordPress credentials through the contact form on my profile? also as stated in the documentation, you have to follow 12 hours time format, you have 16:00 PM which should be 4:00 PM, then select 24 hour format in the view tab. thanks

great! fixed

Installed plugin and I am getting error. Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/content/64/8971564/html/wp-content/plugins/advanced-business-hours/includes/widget.php on line 240

Hi there, I am sorry to hear that you faced an issue when installing this plugin. I think you are running an older version of PHP but we can certainly resolve the issue. Please email me your WordPress credentials and I will fix the issue asap for you. An other solution is to ask your hosting to update the PHP version on your server (WordPress recommends 7+).

I just bought this plugin, but the header background color doesn’t work. No matter what color I set it to, it displays as that default orange. I even tried overriding the CSS, but my custom CSS defaults back to that orange too.

Now it’s not displaying anything but a white box with “We are closed for the season. We open on March 4” The only way I can get it to show any formatting at all is to use the shortcode [adv-business-hours id=”i”]. If I use any of the customized versions (i.e. id=”1” or id=”2” etc.) I just get the plain white box with no colors, formatting or anything. Also it doesn’t work at all on mobile. We’re hoping to launch March 1 so we need to get this fixed ASAP. is the home page at the moment.

Hi Chrisrashe, can you please create a WordPress user with ability to modify themes and plugins and I will see what is going on and can get this fixed asap :) you can contact me via the contact form on my profile or via my website contact form, whichever works for you.

Hi there, I havent heard anything back from you, please let me know, thanks

Can a site visitor look forward to see what the hours are? This is for an adventure park, and site visitors will want to look weeks or even a couple of months in advance to see what the hours will be. (Seasonal hours at this park.)

Hi there, no, unfortunately it is not possible to show the hours in advance. I file a feature request and will implement this if possible. Thank you

Hi! I would like to know if it’s possible to display multiple opening times in several widgets. I need one for my restaurant and an other for my bar… Thank you in advance!

hi there, yes, you can have two or more widgets with different hours. You can check different view formats in the demo page. Please let me know if you have more questions. Thanks

Your plugin looks great! Does it also work with WP Super Cache? And do you support markup?

Hi there, there is an option which allows you to load the widget via ajax call which works with caching plugins.

Hi MrBeaver, I have a business with daily opening hours that are spread into “regular hours” and “appointment only hours”. I can’t figure out a way to show that with the calendar. Another question is : I have today opening hours set to show, but still (we are monday today) and Monday shows in the calendar. I would like for Monday not to show since Today is set to show opening hours and so on and so forth for Tuesday, Wednesday… Thanks for your help.

Hi there, at the moment it is not possible to add a text for business hours, it should be time. However, please check this demo:

For your second question, the data shows the entire week if you select show entire week data. I will add the option to hide the week day on the table when the weekday is today.

Thank you

Thanks Mr. Beaver. I’ll add some custom css for the 1st problem then and can’t wait for the update.

Great, I am planning to release an update at the end of March and will address your request. Also some major changes are coming by the end of summer :) so if you have more feature requests shoot me an email or dm me through my profile :) have a great day

Hello it’s a pre-sale question. I have a place with 4 or 5 different opening hours, depending on the time of year. Is it possible to have differents “sets” of opening hours for one place? Sorry for english… Thanks

Hi there, you can set regular business hours, for example from Monday to Sunday, you can also add holidays but you can’t have certain hours for certain months. A new version is coming up this summer which will include this feature :)

I just installed this plug-in on a new website. The language of this website is dutch and although the translation file contains translations for the days of the week, these are not translated on the frontend. How can I fix this?

Hi there, may I know if your website language is set to Dutch as well in WordPress dashboard? thanks

Oh, I see. The language of the site was set to Dutch (Belgium), which seems to be a different translation file. I just duplicated the Dutch translation file to Dutch (Belgium) and now it’s fixed. Thanks!

awesome, glad you got it working :)


daso123 Purchased

Hi, can you send me the translate instructions? Is posible to set and show message: ” were on holiday from 4.april to 20 april ” ?


daso123 Purchased

Thanks, it would be nice to have the option to select multiple vacation from x date too x date and display the messages on diferent locations. Like this ( person 1 is on vacation from 1.4.2018 to 18.4.2018) (person 2 is not availible fom 3.5.2018 to 12.5.2018…)-displayed on frontpage with code…


daso123 Purchased

When i translate with loco translate, the plugin stops showing current date status?

hum, that shouldn’t happen during translation. I actually used Loco to translate the plugin as well, can you contact me via the contact form on my profile and send me your WordPress login details to take a look at? thanks


Vizuelli Purchased

Hi, there are some errors in the plugin. Sometimes when you make changes to the plugin you can not save afterwards. And if you have several hours the same day, the plugin shows the clock like this: 16:00 – 21: 0006: 30 – 08:30.

Please help me or give me back the money. Diddent like this plugin. The first time I’m sorry I bought a plugin

can you please contact me using the contact form on my profile page and send me your WordPress credentials so I can investigate this issue? thank you


Vizuelli Purchased

Is it possible to give me back the money? The plugin has to many problems. Dont have the time to wait for fix.

Sorry I have to investigate what problems you are facing, no one else reported the issue with saving the data when modifying the widget so it is most likely something at your end. You said “The plugin has to many problems” can you please let me know what problems? just because it was not setup correctly doesn’t mean it has “many problems”.


daso123 Purchased

When is the relase date for version 2.0? Allowing you to add holidays or vacations from one date to another? Thanks

Hello, I am planning to release version 2.0 this summer, very excited :) version 2.00 supports holidays with date range, locations, schema support, and many other good features.

Feel free to email me if you want to request a feature :) thanks