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is this for detecting web crawler bots?

Yes – It detects web crawlers/bots. Right now it supports 175 bots. You can extend the list anytime :) It is very flexible

You can even get the notification about their visit to your site.

If you want to know: Google Bot visits your site – You can get email notification :) and so on…

Hey bud, can this just display the total amount of bot hits… from launch of my site… So if implemented into my admin panel it could state to the user the total bot hits?

I look forward to your reply.

Of course – possible :)

Does the system logs the IP of those bots and have an IP blacklisting option?

IP logging is not a problem – Currently it only supports BOT blacklist. It will not allow blacklisted bots to crawl your site.

Is the list that comes with the script for search “crawler” bots, or for website ripping “crawler” bots?

I am interested in blocking website ripping bots, but I’m wondering if this is what your list already contains, or if I would have to add all of them manually for the type of bots I’m looking to block.

This is a script which supports 175 bots and can be extended – Let say you have found one new bot, you can easily add this bot to the list for different operations – as shown. Please feel free to PM me for more details. Thanks

Hey buddy got the script… how could i make is display the total number of bot hits on my site?

I look forward to your reply. Cheers

Thank you for purchasing mate :)

You wish to log number of unique hits? Please contact me via my profile. Thanks.

in block bot you example here $oBot->setBlackList(array(‘link’));

the link inside array is use lowercase the name of bot in list-bots.txt right? so if i want to block some bot i need to put name of bot replace of link?

Yes – Exactly :)

i’m test baiduspider by fake useragent with user agent switcher with this useragent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Baiduspider/2.0; +

and chage blacklist with baiduspider


after hit firefox browser with fake useragent and it’s not block?

so just wanna ask how can i test block bot? any solution?

Thank You

You need to check if it is block. using this:

$oBot = new clsBot();
    // do what ever you want to do!
    //Example: die('You are not allowed to utilize our resources');

Can this script modify the robots.txt server file? Is it possible to re-direct the bots with server codes such as 403 etc.?

It has nothing to do with robots.txt but yes redirection is possible.

how to install to my host ?..

how to use your script ?.

I use wordpress …

What actually you want to do with it? PM me please. thanks.

How does it check? User agent, ip, rdns?

User Agent

Hi, I have a warning:

PHP Notice: Undefined index: detection in clsAbstractDetector.php on line 192

A solution?



The bots visit my site, but I do not receive an e-mail of notification ! :(

Are you certain that your script works correctly?

yes. it does.. whats the issue?

I use :

$oBot = new clsBot(); $oBot->setNotificationList(array("googlebot", "yahoo", "ask", "bing", "msnbot")); $oBot->Notify('email1', 'email2');

“msnbot” visited my site, but I did not receive an email!

An idea?



is your PHP mail() function working?

try testing it against user agent and see. it should work..

>is your PHP mail() function working? Yes

>try testing it against user

Can you give an example?

My agent is: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64; rv:23.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/23.0

Do I have to use Mozilla, Mozilla/5.0, Firefox or Firefox/23.0 in array $_bots?

Thanks again!


It works with blogger? how to make it work via javascript

You can install it as long as you have access. Its PHP based script.

Hi , does it auto block bots..just wanna allow select few like google,etc…is there an option to whitelist specific bots and totally block rest of the bots ?

You have to write your own logic.. this only detects the bot

I want to count hits to my website. Can this script prevent bot hits? how proof is it? 90%? 100%?

it detects and you can also et notification but blocking part can be done if you know php. its 100% you just need to additional blackliat bots as it cimes with extensive list of bots


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I tried to store $bot_name = $oBot->getBot(); for some reason returns ‘bot’ or ‘obot’.. any advice?

Hi there,

can you share more details? How did you run the example?

Send me PM via my profile. Thanks.