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Can you look at this and tell me why it’s our of sync?
Try this:
.widget_pippin_advanced_authors_widget li { min-height: 36px; }

Beautiful! Thanks.

Great! Let me know if there is anything else.

I love this widget! It does exactly what I want it to do! There is one manual work around I wish I didn’t have to do. Is there a way to make it not list authors/contributors that have no posts? Right now I have to go in and manually hide authors that haven’t posted. When they post the first time, I then go and remove them from the “author ID to exclude” list.

Thanks for all the good work!

Great to hear you like it!

Sorry but no, that’s not possible.

How can I limit the author bio to a certain number of characters?

You will have to modify the plugin files. Is that something you’re comfortable doing?

Yes can do. Please could you let me have the changes I need to make. Thanks.

Which of the widgets do you want to change it on, Advanced Blog Authors?

Advanced Blog Authors, yes.

Also, can the widget rotate authors so that it shows (say) 6 authors at random?


Okay open the plugin file and change line 84 from:
echo '<div if="" echo="" style="clear: left;">' . get_the_author_meta('description', $author->ID) . '</div>';
to this:
echo '<div if="" echo="" style="clear: left;">' . wp_trim_words( get_the_author_meta('description', $author->ID), 40 ) . '</div>';

This will limit the number of words to 40. Change it to the number you want.

There is an option in the widget already to randomize the authors displayed.

Brilliant. That works really well.

However, even when I check the box to randomize the authors, I still get the same authors showing up in the same order every time.

Any idea how to fix this?


Can you give me a screenshot that shows your widget options so that I can see what the other options are set to?

Oh I see what’s going on. That is a bug, sorry. I will have to fix it but it won’t be until after the new year that I’m able to get to it.

Hi – any news on when this problem can be fixed? Thanks.

Not yet, sorry.

The problem I’m having with this fantastic widget is that I can’t get it to display the authors in descending orders of post count, which is what you’d think it would do by default. As a result, I have 100 authors with 1 or 0 articles and they are appearing and the authors with 20, 40, 50 articles rarely get shown. Is there a simple modification to show the top posters? This can then easily be limited by the number to show in the widget.

Sorry that isn’t an option in the widget.

Well, you should probably implement. I actually bought the widget not realizing that something this obvious wouldn’t be included as it is in several free versions. It’s a fantastic widget which this one exception which makes it impossible to leave alone and you will constantly need to track it to make sure the right authors show up. I hope you consider it going forward.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Can this be used on a page instead of the sidebar?

If you have a plugin that allows you to place a widget in a page. Combine it with this plugin and it should work:

would love to buy this if I could list my authors by the number of posts they have. Hopefully in a future release so I can implement it myself.

Not working right…will pm you link to our blog.

Is there anyway to add the author’s position info under their name?

How can I stylize the author name, make the font larger? I also want to add a space between the author name and article post count, so it looks like this: Author Name (12)

Where is the code to stylize this?


Are you familiar with CSS?

Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t understand if this is doable with your plugin. Can I have ONLY the info about the CURRENT post author showing up in the sidebar?


Hi. Pre-sale question: you’re plugin displaying the authors of co-author plus wordpress plugin ? Thanks for your answer. Best regards. math.

I’m not sure what you mean, could you elaborate?

Co-author plus plugin allow to add multiple author for a post. Some widget doesn’t display the number of post created for an author added with co-author plugin. The main author is only displayed.

No sorry, that is not supported.

As a developer I hate when people do what I’m about to do, so I apologize.

1. The plugin will not install from the ZIP file via Wordpress admin, you must FTP in to upload a single php file.

2. I’m using the default Twenty Twelve theme and the author icons are not stacking correctly, they’re staggered randomly depending on avatar size and left/right alignment.

1. That’s because Safari (I assume that’s what you used) automatically extracted the .zip file. Recreate the .zip and it should work fine.

2. Can you show me a live URL?


mcevoyn Purchased

Is this plugin still active? My download file seemed to be empty, and I see these comments are years old.