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How to I hide certain thumbnail and their functionality?

You have the ability to disable the displaying of all three thumbnail images. To disable a thumbnail from being displayed for that specific tab, simply uncheck the checkbox for that specific tab and that thumbnail will not be displayed.

Part of the Widget box is missing or overflowing outside my sidebar

You have the ability to define the actual width of the widget box. By default the width of the widget width is set to 250px. If part of the widget box is missing or overflowing change the width of the widget settings so that it matches the size of your theme sidebar. Try decreasing the widget box width size to say 240. There is no need to add the (px) pixels as this is added automatically for you.

The tab functionality is not working

If you click the tabs and nothing happens you probably do not have the JQuery library loaded in your current WordPress theme. The plugin requires the JQuery JavaScript library to be able to function. The plugin uses the WordPress built in function: wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’) to ensure that the JQuery library is loaded only once. If you cannot view the JQuery library in your source code you may need to add it manually in your current theme.

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