Advance WooCommerce Image Lazy Loader

Advance WooCommerce Image Lazy Loader


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Advance WooCommerce Image Lazy Loader

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The plugin comes with a great feature which allows to increase the speed of a WooCommerce Store by Lazy Loading the product images. The plugin also works flawlessly with all the images in wordpress. The plugin has high customization that can easily help you customize the output based on your selection. The plugin helps speed up woocommerce store and increase User Experience.


– Allows you to Lazy Load option for images

– Customization setting from Admin

– Allows you to Lazy Load Videos and iframes

– Enable Lazy Load for Images

– Skip Images Classes allowing you to skip for certain section

– Script Load Optimization (Header/Footer)

– Ability to control action for WPTouch/MobilePress

– Ability to control Loading Effect(Fadein/Spinner)

– Ability to control Loading Background Color

– Option for add custom Loading Background Image

Other Important Features

– Fully responsive and 100% customization

– Awesome after sales support

– We aim to response to every query within 6 hours except weekends

Version 1.1

New Feature

-> Plugin installation issue resolved.

Version 3.0

-Version Release : 3.0, Release Date    : 16/03/2017

-> Plugin Compatibility test with Wordpress 4.7.3
-> Plugin Compatibility tested with WooCommerce 2.6.14
-> Plugin Compatibility tested with PHP Version 7.1
-> Features are completely working with Latest Version of Wordpress(4.7.3), PHP Version(7.1) and WooCommerce(2.6.14)