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Hi, I see that Demo version is 5, however download version is 4. Can you please upload latest version?? Thank you.

yes, it is under beta testing. it will be soon live on codecanyon.net. if there is no bugs or issues.

hello. presale q: can be translated easy in any language? thx!

I’m asking you for help with instalation via Email few days ago. Please reply asap. thank you.

i did not get any email from your name, Please send the server access so that i can install it for you. it is very simple process. you just need to upload all the files and it will run. please send the email at zincksoft@gmail.com

Send it again, please check.


Nice work on your product. I was doing some quick testing and I noticed that after you add a new intermediary route to the route planner and click “get shortest route”, you can’t swap the order of the intermediary destinations and have the map update appropriately. For example, say you have main route is going from location A to D, with stops in locations B and C. The map updates properly the first time showing locations A -> B -> C -> D, but if I swap locations B and C using the up/down arrow button, the map doesn’t update showing the route from A -> C -> B -> D, it still shows the first order of routes. Any ideas on a fix for that? Thanks for your time.

Apologies, I think I misinterpreted what that calculation is (get shortest route), I figured it would re-draw the map based on the user-submitted order, rather than just the most efficient route in distance. Disregard the last question, thanks.

thanks for your interest.

Is it possible to Enter a Beginning Address or location and two or more destination points and the Miles will be calculated for each destination and the total miles from Origin to final destination? Thanks!

yes, you can customize it as per your requirement or contact me for customization’s.

Thanks for the reply I think it is already present in the current feature, sorry I did not notice it. anyway, have you ever tried using Devexpress xaf framework in creating asp.net apps? Hope you can show how to integrate it. Thanks!

It is very basic jquery Plugin, you can use it in devexpress by adding this plugin. as i can see you did not purchased yet, you can buy from here and appreciate if you provide Good ratings and comments. if you have any query contact me via my profile page.

does google have a 23 address maximum ?

Yes, Currently Google have limitations of 25 max Way points.

curious is you’re still supporting this. If so, your demo is down.

I have checked it, it is working perfectly fine. Please send me screenshot what is the issue you have so that i can resolve it.

Safari shows a redirect error, it works fine in other browsers.

ok thanks, i will check with Safari.

Hi, I am interstwd in your script to estimate the best time to go somwwhere from A to B. How does the traffic api work? Is this from Google?

Yes, it is directly form Google via MAP API.

can is imply create my own form with Gravity forms and add classes for the form to work with your code?

our plugin is purely written in Jquery with Google Map API, if you want you can attach it anywhere and call it as per your need. if you need any customisation you can contact me with extra customisation cost.