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How can I insert “the search” to a specific page by simply pasting the code? Where can I find the code to copy? Thank you

YES! [aws] ;-)

I change the colors and I saved, however nothing changes. I don’t know why…

I done by css file.

Hello again.

Unfortunately the plugin is very slow on my site with 7K Products. I still need to upload another 8K Products.

Can you kindly please give a full refund ?


this plugin is not working on latest version on woocommerce, are you going to make compatible with latest version of wordpress and woocommerce or I should request refund?

This looks great, but our client has one requirement. Can the sku be displayed with the title in the results?

yes, that can be done


my website is and it is using YITH search, will you help me to replace this search with current search on same place ?

My Products are 5000+


Hi, If you have such a high number of products you’ll need the server resources and plenty of script execution time for the indexing process. So try it. If it does not meet your expectation we will always offer a full refund, :) To use it all you have to do is disable any other search plugins and put the short code [aws]

Hi, Is there a way to delete the advance filters so i get a clean search bar? I don’t need the button below for the advance settings.

Hi, replied to your previous email

hey there
will you make this thing to work?!!!it has been two months now and you are not answering my question!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make it to work or just refund me

hi there, Our demo is in the latest version of wooCommerce. And it works fine. You may have some problems in your wordpress installation. Maybe a conflict. Please send your web site and login information to our support email.

I have installed and the search form just displays ‘Populating Data…’ and has been an hour already. We have 1100 products. How long will this take?

No response and after 5 days this plugin is still saying ‘populating data’. Please refund.

Hi, We don’t monitor the comments thread as a means of after sales support. The support emails sent through the support form is what we monitor. Its unfortunate that you had this experience. The refund has been approved. Note that 99% of the cases we receive with this plugin is due to lack of server resource allocation. Which we have clearly mentioned in the description also.

Hi Author! Pre-Sale question.. your plugin works with woocommerce 2.6+ ? I want to buy it right now, so please if you can confirm me, you’ll have a new customer, seems like a great plugin. Tks in advance !

Hello, when I activate the plugin the wp-admin section stops working… Help?

Hi There, Please use the support email form at our profile to get support for issues.

It is possible to prevent this searching the Description – or only searching Whole words ? The reason is if we search for a – hat then if there is a word in description like – whatever then even if that product is car food, it will be found as a hat because it is finding the letters hat in the word – whatever – that is in the description.

After installing this plugin we are not able to add product in to cart.

Dear Bulkly, So sorry if we have missed your previous request. Kindly resend it to up via the support form and we’ll attend to it asap.

refund please

Please use the envato refund form :)