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May I kindly ask if this is a POS? From what I know it is, and can be used for Grocery, Pharmacy , Restaurant Right?

Yea your are. Now we have another Resto POS for specially Restaurant.

Is your pos capable of adding items from supplier with many different prices, for example, a supplier delivers an item called Pineapple, they come in different weights and they sell it at different prices, do I need to enter every item description for an item with different prices?

yea sure you can. you have to add separate two item with different description and price.

hai, This software can use hardware store..

Any store u can use.

Hello Sir , are you have POS for “motor bike sales and services ” for multi shops ? Regards

what is your skype id ?

1. Does this support Customer Reward Card promos? 2. Do you have a version for Mac systems? 3. Does is have an online version?

1.It was now it’s unComment 2. No 3. It’s Desktop software but you can use it via LAN.

Highly recommended! Good communication, super support, 5 out of 5

Thanks for your excellent comment. but we need real review. Here you can leave your Review please https://codecanyon.net/downloads

How can I hold my items added to cart if I open any other page or option?

Ok but how do I make my database compatible with new version as I have added some new fields & made several other changes to the code?

Just update database using attached script. you may find log changes text file under table changes log which table update or which one new added.

can you explain a little more?

Hello, i really love your work. how to import old database into new one version. please help. i really love 8.4 version. i`m try to import item through excel, but its not working

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‘Sorry You have to Check the DataIncorrect decimal value ’ config mysql

Where ? please specified. send email to support citkar@live.com

Hi, I like your app, I have some doubts before I buy, does this supports 3 decimal point? Can I use the customer display with it?

Yea any decimal point you can declare. By default is 2 Decimal(18,2) in db and Math.Round(123.3444, 2) = 12.34 so you can change as like as ur decimal point in db or code. yea it’s support Pole Display.

Hi, I already purchased software, I want your help for making setup file.

Please follow this link to make Setup.exe file – Every things explain

Hi i am interested in this system please contact me on mtahir.rahman1@gmail.com i will like to ask u few questions and do a run down with you please

Thanks for your Interest.

Hi May I know if you provide full source code (c#) so we can customize it?

Yes you are right.only installer to ur client. you can customize, modify whatever and complied and customer will get ur installer/setupexe

thank you. sorry I have one more clarification. I have mentioned on “many installer for different customer”, does it apply when I buy 1 regular License?

yea u can. Thanks.

is this GST enabled ? (Indian Tax System)

Sir i have purchased your software. Source Code ?

Sir how to add Tax Item Wise

Please Contact to Support email

Are you providing this with source code or only providing exe files without source code , I want to customize many tings in it according to my requirement .

we provide full source code and Database script (SQL, MYSQL, Sqlite DB Script). so you can customize as ur requirement.

please dos your pos support hardware devices iike pole display ,thermal printer,cash drawer

yea it’s support Pole display. any printer and open cash drawer when print receipt.

can it be saving to a normal mysql like the mysql of xampp ?

No it’s now working with SQlite. Sqlite is Cross platform support Database u don’t need to setup any things. But u can also use SQL server or MySQL DB server with this application you have just create database as like SQlite DB.

Hi, 1.This source code have stock transfer, stock in option 2. do you have tutorial guide for MS-SQL sever db connect via lan . Thanks

1. you can assign Stock Location/Branch/Terminal.
2. We have MS SQL BD connection to application setup video. LAN IS same as other setup.

I want to have Coupon feature where i will get coupon voucher from my customer and they will get discount for sale. Is this feature available in your system ?

We have Product wise discount and Over all in counter discount. Currently Coupon is not available. but u can add this feature because full source code.