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Can your POS be used in Multi Cashier, and does it update inventory in real time while the cashiers are selling items? Is it stand alone meaning can only be used by a single cashier? Thanks!

yea it’s support multiple cashier and also support real time inventory.

Hello, does this system support multi-owner?

yea it’s support multi-owner, multi pc


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may we use it as offline windows PC based software ( not thorough wamp server- browser local host)?

This is total offline Application. you don’t need wamp serve. if u have wamp server u can user Mysql DB. this app 3 Database server Sqlite, SQL server ,MySQL. any one one u can use


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we want a windows PC based software which can be installed directly ( like we install anti virus, photoshop ) with source code.

we want to re-develop it add some extra feature like fast billing, into it. and want to use barcode scanner with it. does your software have this all features???

yea it’s like that.
it’s have billing also barcode scanner support.

Can i see the full demo? My email is jeslava@hotmail.com. Thanks a lot.

please check ur email address.

Can i see the full demo? My email is jeslava@hotmail.com. Thanks a lot.

please check ur email.

can we sell jewellery products, by weight unit ,, like 14gram, 160.5 gram something.

yea u can do it very easily. Please see video preview. Details on citkar@live.com

I manage a print shop, more like offering services than selling products, I do not need a cash register and a bar code scanner just a thermal receipt printer. Can I use this app too?

please send me a full demo ogbeide08@gmail.com.

Thank You

please find ur mailbox

Please send me full demo link if yo have on pankajsaini5@gmail.com
i need to buy it urgently..
and did you provide source code so that i can change or modify things if i want.

Please check mailbox

Hello, When I enter the Barcode form, I get this error: http://i.imgur.com/T5qVdFt.png

Error Message: “The type or namespace name ‘Reporting’ does not exist in the namespace ‘Microsoft’”

Please close your VS 2010.
And Install Reportviewer.exe from 1.Support _files folder.
And open  Vs 2010 and Run project.

Still Error
To  remove the error
1. Add a new form
2. Toolbox ->Reporting – >  Drag ReportViewer control and Drop on new form. and Save then Press Run (Press F5)

Still error
Open SalesRegister > POSPrintRpt.cs  file
Remove reportViewer1
Drag and drop a new reportViewer1 from toolbox reporting tab in Reportviewer
1.       Select Choose Report -> supershop.SalesRegister.RptPOS.rdlc
2.       Choose Data Sources Instance -> pOSPrintPageBindSource
3.       OK -> Run

Thanks, it is solved, now I want to ask a question, when I change the name of the database, the dataset of SaleRegister, I get error, why ?, will always have to be that same database name , I am looking forward to your response. Thank you

If u want to change database u have change also app.config or project settings connectionstrings. But my suggestion is keep same database name.

Hi dynamicsoft, Can u make the customization

okay thank u.. i got source code and all but its getting SQLite error.

hi, I don’t know C# so that i purchased with Support.. Please help me for cusomization

Please contact via email.

Can I have full demo of this application? My mail ID Sankarums@gmail.com

please check

I want the Source code.. I have sent email but haven not get any answer. ::(

please check your email

hi, i want to purchase it with bar code scanner support system - can u provide demo pls - pradeepgupta.dabra@gmail.com

Please check


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I have some queries about your new update 8.1:

1) How to open General ledger in the new version? 2)How to view all Returned items using new version ? 3) How can I view my Best Selling item?

In new version General ledger has no link option. But still this page. you can see returned items and Best Selling item in sales report details.


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How can I open General ledger page if its still there?

Go to Report in Home page make visible = true;


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can i install this POS system more than 1 computer? or should i buy this system according to total computer that i want to use it?

is it support ALU? it means short word for product. for example, mineral water, i have done key in the barcode,description and the price, so if customer want to buy it just for one quantity, i just enter MW,and the item will displayed at POS system just like i have scan the barcode..

sorry my bad english…

Yea u can install more than one computer. That true. Please see the video demo. More details on citkar@live.com not in comment.

Hello, Can I see the full demo? I want to purchase this. Thanks a lot.

contact at our support email

I have an error of AxAcroPDFLib. How can I solve it? I hope there woill be an answer..

” Error 5 The type or namespace name ‘AxAcroPDFLib’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

F:\4-2\For final\APOS\wetransfer-6efd69_2\codecanyon-6317175-advance-point-of-sale-system-pos\POS_Adv_Project_8_1\POS_Source_Code\POS__SQLite\supershop\Inventory\InvoicePrintCopy.Designer.cs 66 17 Adv_POS”

Before support we need your purchase code. please contact at citkar@live.com we have to send .dll file to remove this error.


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how to delete all sales that been add in this POS system. i want to use “fresh” system on my shop…..thank you


syamada Purchased

the VAT percent still charge 14.975…i already change in configuration the VAT percent is 6.00

Please add new branch with VAT rate. and assign this location with user u want login.
ur location is New York and assign vat 6. and you have to assign branch as newyork with any user and login with this user.

For delete all sales please see this file “Reset Database.txt” in root directory. for more please contact at citkar@live.com

Can I see full demo. does it support database backup and restore? Do you provide full source code for app and database? my email kamel.mezni@gmail.com