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Pre sale Question

can i change the UI of this? like Windows Modern UI or anything that can be cool in my eyes.. LOL


If you programing skill you can change to Windows Modern UI or anything. Just you have add mordern UI dll as reference.


opteach Purchased

I got error man…How to delete employee and his photo from IMAGE directory..i use database to delete the record but not deleting image from IMAGE folder then i create another record says already exists…why u not reply my mail..sorry for disturb pls solve this error.

This week.


opteach Purchased

I am really exited to use this but till now without some required i dont have permission to use this but hope next features is useful for me…thanks dynamicsoft.

Thanks Dynamicsoft…....but need comment every single items when we take order on sales time not whole order comment… it should be for kitchen display on each order comment…..also token only for order and same comment…not whole receipt print in kitchen display…

i need pos restaurant can you setup with deal options. user can add single item or deal. in deal we have multiple item like (code, burger). please email me at imfarrukhkhan@hotmail.com

Hello , can i have demo link @ thehealthylounge@yahoo.com


Check Inbox

What’s happen ?

This app can Be connected with a cash registrer?

Do u mean, when transaction finish cash register desk open?
Using this app when u print cash register open if it’s connected. More details support email.

Pre Purchase Question: I want to install this on my shop. it has 5600 products can it handle it. Also what DB is suitable for that load. Can the names be in Unicode for some other language?

Sure if u useSQL or MySQL server it’s easy handle millions of data.
it’s support SQL , MySQL and Sqilte DB server. when u buy it it’s come with all three DB script.

Where is MySQL for import to Database?

I found it allready.

Look this directory—>\POS_MySql\aposmysqldb_2017_06_21.sql

I have 2 Questions :

1) How do I delete Product Categories as I want to keep only 3 categories for my items & don’t want other categories in my category list?

2) How do I restore the Saved back up for my POS?

Did u update latest version? 8.3.2 – 24-06-2017
In this version you can easily add, edit , delete any category.

And also take data backup and restore option available. please update ur APOS from Downloads page.

I did but how do I transfer my old database to your newer version, getting error by importing it by excel file? Secondly, I am able to delete the Categories now but those deleted categories still appear on main POS page??

Please contact at support email for details solution.

Is the receipt printing like the old DOS font, is it possible to change it? the old DOS font is very fast in printing compared to the True Type Fonts, hope you can enable it. thanks!

NO it’s not Accounting system. How do u know that u can’t can’t change to DOS print style? Our Old version had that it’s was print from Datagridview. Did brought it or just asking Question(from last few years)?

It’s ok.


kiven7l Purchased

if i enter Qty 0 will not appear on sale registre , Sir help me please

open SalesRegister.cs line 173 remove
 and product_quantity >= 1 
this section from query

Can you add SMS and email based receipt in addition to print? Also customer birthday,..enable auto SMS trigger set or Manually. SMS sent for any promotion/special discount etc

All above features via thirdparty bulk SMS provider

For SMS you need SMS gateway.
Email you can easily integrate with gmail or smtp server.

Yes, i have thirdparty SMS gateway provider…Can you make it to enter that option? i can share you the API details..wish to use Indian SMS gateway

OK Shared me details to support email.

assalamualaikum brother,

1. i want to buy this system but need your suggestion that what type of bar code scanner will b best for our system EAN_13 OR UAPC. Also tell me what company will be best. thanks.

2. when i will scan the product using scanner and store it with supplier name info e.t.c in stock after that if i scan the product again will it show the me the product info or will it give me the same windows to enter the product into stock like first time also when i will sale that product i will just have to scan that product and it will show the product data and i will put it into cart and ready to print receipt.

3. can i get the demo at ””””””””””” mughalrules@ymail.com ””””””””””””””””””” thanks.

1. it’s support both and more option.
3. check email

What is the cost of the online version, Can the shop admin check sales and account reports online or from another location. Can u send me the full demo? My email is kaytush@yahoo.com. Thanks a lot

This POS is Desktop application but you can use for multiple PC with intranet/LAN. admin can access all option all sales report.
Please check your email.

1. can I change style ? 2. can I convert to Arabic language ? and RTL ? 3. can I write name’s categories and protucts by arabic ?

1.Yea u change any style color font what ever u want. because full source code.
2. Sure you can if u are developer/programmer and u have to know how to do it using google search, web resource etc.
3. Sure u can.

Do you have a feature to produce report of expired items?

yea everything included. Please try to download…

is the POS UI based on WPF and Prism Framework or just windows Forms?

Windows Forms , C#