Advance Point of Sale System (POS)

Advance Point of Sale System (POS)

Point Of Sale System

(POS 8.3.2 Code Project + Apps) is C# based Desktop application.
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This is suitable for any size of businesses/organization specially

  • Super-Shop
  • Mega-Shop
  • For Restaurants with kitchen display
  • Sales Management
  • Inventory System
  • Stock Management
  • Small store
  • Restaurants Management

It is Very Useful for Super-shop management.

Item Quantity increase when Same item add

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Main Features

  • Add User, Manage users
  • Add Customer and Biller info
  • Stock Items, Items List
  • Sales Register with barcode scanner
  • Restaurant kitchen display
  • Return panel
  • Inventory with barcode scanner
  • Receipt Print
  • Invoice Print
  • Sales Reports
  • Payment Report
  • Graph chart
  • Profit/loss chart
  • Pie chart
  • Bar-code creator | EAN-13 and UPC-A
  • System Configuration
  • Data Backup
  • Due Management


Demo 8.3 | Demo 7.1 | Setup creator


admin/admin [admin privilege]

Changes log

    =Vs 8.3.2    =24-06-2017
        *Item Quantity increase when Same item add
        *Kitchen Display with print token/receipt
        *Add Minus button, and category list into Sales register panel
        *New Barcode machine
        *Customer Due payment history

    =Vs 8.3.1    =30-05-2017
        *Kitchen Display - for restaurant
        *Customer purchase history
        *Multiple transactions synchronize 
        *Counter/Overall Discount

    =Vs 8.3  = 28-03-2017
        *Top Sales Chart
        *Add new Bar-code creator
        *Fixed Return calculation
        *Fixed Adobe dll error
        *User Block

    =Vs 8.2  =  14-02-2017
        *Add dynamic category , Add, Edit , delete category
        *Expenses module
        *Return calcuation fix
        *Return figure into Report summary
        *Data Reset
        *Data ReStore 

    =Vs 8.1  =  11-01-2017
        *User Can Create Shop Terminal/Branch  
        *Multiple user and multiple branches support
        *Item wise discount and VAT/TAX/TPS/TVQ
        *Add New Summary Report        
        *Export Excel Save as
        *Data-backup Save as

    =Vs 7.1  = 23-09-2016  
        *New Stylish Sales Register with Item Image
        *New Receipt with Crystal Report
        *Crystal Sales Report 
        *New add Item with Image 
        *Create New user with User picture
        *New Bar-code creator Crystal print

    =Previous log Vs 6.2.1, Vs 6.2, Vs 6.1, Vs 5.1.1, Vs 5.1, Vs 4.1 =