Advance PDF Tool

Advance PDF Tool

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⚡ Advance PDF Tool is simple, easy with wide range of options for android users. Where you can easily convert any file (Image, Text, QR or Barcodes, Excel) into pdf.

You can explore more features which is used in daily lifestyle.

Key Features:

  • User Friendly Interface
  • Easy to navigate each features
    1. Images to PDF
    2. Text to PDF
    3. QR & Barcodes to create PDF
    4. Excel to PDF
    5. View PDF Files & History
    6. Add Password
    7. Remove Password
    8. Add Text
    9. Rotate Pages
    10. Add Watermark
    11. Add Images
    12. Merge PDF
    13. Split PDF
    14. Invert PDF
    15. Compress PDF
    16. Remove Duplicate
    17. Remove Pages
    18. Reorder Pages
    19. Extract Images
    20. PDF to Images
    21. Extract Text
    22. Zip to PDF

How to use

  • Open advance pdf tool app
  • Navigate any functionality displayed on home screen.
  • Follow the instruction and create your pdf.

Smart Interstitial Ads Integration

  • Facebook
  • Google Admob

It’s fabulous and advanced features you can use in this app also that is helpful to your daily lifestyle.

  • Easy to convert and save in your local storage
  • Maintain history
  • Google Admob & Facebook interstitial ads integrated
  • Easy to share with your friends
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