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Thank you for your valuable feedback. We have edited the documentation keeping in mind non-technical users and accordingly included instructions on how to use the plugin.


This is beautiful. Can you try this out with UberMenu to make sure there are no conflicts with that because it looks like there will be quite a bit of assets running in the menu page with UberMenu and Advance Menu Manager.

I can send you UberMenu to test if needed. #GLWS This looks like a great plug!

Thanks for pointing this out. Yes, we have checked and our plugin is compatible with UberMenu. Our plugin is basically updating menu object without affecting any core functionality of wordpress. So it should not have any conflicts with other extensions. We wish you to have a great experience and do let us know if you have any further queries.

Looks like a nice item. While this makes managing the front end menu easier, the market for dashboard admin menu managers is somewhat underserved. That might be an idea for another product. They exist but are not necessarily common.

Regardless of your primary language, using the (fake) word, “parallely” distracts from the overall intelligence of the marketing message for this product. I’d suggest replacing it with “in parallel”, ” in tandem ” or a simple favorite “simultaneously”.

Hi WPWiseOwl,

Thanks for sharing your point of view and comments. Your suggestion on the language makes sense and we have corrected the text. We welcome your further feedback.

Thanks again.

can we use different menu in different page

Hi abhi1246,

Yes you can do that. For this you have to create menu locations in your theme and assign each intented menu to each locations. Then you have to call respective menu from each page template. This may sound more of a technical part but that is the way you can do it. The menu manager gives you the ability to manage them with additional features. The rest fall more on developement part which requires tweaking your theme.

I hope that helps. Please let us know if we can guide you further.


Hi abhi1246,

I hope my answer was helpful to achieve what you were looking for. Please let me know if we can guide you further.


Heyas, I really like your tool – it’s amazing. Only thing i’m not so happy with currently is the way who you can add a 2nd menu into a page. Currently it just shows everything like in a tree form. is there any way how I can restyle that, so it uses the full page width and has some buttons, not just text likes?

Hi RazielKanos,

Thank you for your response & feedback.

Regarding your concern, we already have a feature to pass a class as a parameter(menu_class) in shortcode for updating the tree structure view. By using a css in the class, we can update the look and visibility for the tree. This change will only be applicable to specific shortcode menu tree structure and will not affect any other menu.

shortcode example : [amm_menu menu_name=”Primary Menu” menu_class=”btndesign”]

I have created a demo on the menu manager demo site for your reference. Please check the following demo url.


Hope it will help you !! Please let us know in case you have further queries.

Thanks again !!

Hi Razielkanos,

Hope you are doing well.

It is a humble request to you. if you like this plugin and our support services then kindly share your feedback and give us your rating.


can i bulk delete menu with this plugin

Hi Kanada,

Unfortunately this feature is not in current release. But we will surely consider to include this in our future upgrades. Thanks for contacting us.

I have pages published under different parents, that never got added to a menu, and wondering will the pages that are under each parent item show in the add menu option, so you can select the pages under a specific parent and add it to a menu item?

Hi thanks for adding this, just tested and it works much better thanks. Come across two issues. 1) I can’t get the menu to save after adding 112 items and 2) for some reason some pages will not sit as sub-menu items below another item if their is more than 2 sub-menu items directly under another item.

Hi Paidonresults,

Thanks to reaching to us.

We understand your point, we reviewed our plugin but we are not facing the issue. If It is possible kindly share screen shots of the issue and provide some information regarding the issue. So We will know where you facing a problem.

We will provide quick solutions to you in next release.


Hi Paidonresults,

Hope you are doing well.

It is a humble request to you. if you like this plugin and our support services then kindly share your feedback and give us your rating.


Great plugin. We have quite complex structure and this is life saver. Had some problems running it in multisite environment but support was quick and excellent in resolving issue.

Thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us…:). I am so glad to hear that you are satisfied with our customer support service.

Thanks for contacting us.

It is a humble request to you. if you like this plugin and our support services then kindly share your review and give us your rating.

Hi there,

I have found your free plugin, and I’ll test it. Can you please tell me which differences there are between free and pro version?


Hi Moxymore,

Thank you for reaching out us.

If you purchase pro Version then you will get below list of features.(This feature is not available in out FREE plugin)

Pro AMM version features list:

1) Track, compare, restore all your changes with Menu Revisions

- The Advance Menu Manager plugin keeps a revision for each change you have made in your menu. Also, it allows you to compare your current menu with a revision in the past. So, in case you made a mistake while editing the menu, you do not need to worry. You can always restore your entire menu back from previously stored revisions.

2) Put the menu anywhere on your site/blog with short-code

- Use this feature to copy your menu structure. Just copy and paste the code in the page/post where you require. The same menu shall appear in that page/post.

3) Menu Lock Functionality.

- Using this feature you can lock particular Menu for other users. This feature can be handy when you want to restrict other admin users from editing the main navigation of your site. If you have many admin users on your WordPress site, and you want sure that not everyone can edit the main menu. Only selected users can change the main menu. In that case, you can utilize the Menu Lock Functionality.

4) Create new pages within the menu without leaving your add menu item screen.

5) You can edit whole page/post from the menu.

6)You can see view page / post attributes

Note: If you want to see each feature of pro version the check this document –

FREE PLUGIN features list as below:

1) you can view, add, edit and manage your pages and posts to make your job easier.

2) Easy search option of page/posts specially when you have hundreds of pages/posts.

3) Detailed view of pages/posts including page id, slug, author name, template names etc.

4) Filter pages/posts which are already there in your menu.

Please do let us know if we can assist you further.


does this plugin speed up editing menu with large amount of items?

Dear Sir,

Thank you for reaching out us.

Yes, We have developed this plugin for website admins user to effectively create and manage menu for content-heavy WordPress blogs and websites. When the site has hundreds of menu items, it becomes complex task to add a new item, drag to top etc. AMM helps you to improve productivity and speed up while managing the menus.

Please do let me know if we can assist you further.

Thank you, DotStore

Clean and good, GLWS :)

Thank you

plugin compatible with qtranslate ?

Hello Sir,

Current plugin version is not compatible with qtranslate plugin. Upcomming plugin updates we will try to compatible with qtranslate plugin. We will update you. Thank you,

Would be great if there was an option to select a parent page to be added as a menu item and to then be able to see and select only child pages to that parent page.

Hello, This option is currently not available in our plugin. Although we provide customization services once you buy the plugin. (To be charged extra, depending upon the effort required to implement your custom requirement.) Thanks.

This doesn’t work for me. When I try to save it just goes to the main menu.

Hello Sir, We are still waiting for your reply. If you still have any doubts/queries then you can contact us at any time. You can create the tickets in our store. So, we can serve you in better way. Below is the link: URL: Thanks, Multidots.

Hi admin I’ve bought your plugin but it has some issues which I would like to be replied.

1. I’ve use your free version which was 1.6 but when I bought the full version on codecanyon it is still old version that is 1.5.

2. I’ve about 600 product categories which I want to add to the menu but when ever I try to add 100 or 200 categories in the menu then it did not save the menu.

3. In the categories menu it shows the hierarchy of only about 50 categories on each page when we choose to show 200 and not shows the other categories in a hierarchy.

4. There should be search function on product categories so that we can search all the categories to add the exact category in the menu.

please how can i solve these issues?

Hello Sir,

Thank you for reaching out us.

1. Free plugin version and pro plugin version is different.Codecanyon platform has latest pro plugin version 1.5.

We are happy to assist you. Please create support ticket here and provide your wp-admin details. So, We will provide quick support to you-

Thank you, DotStore