Advance Mall/Apartment Management System

Advance Mall/Apartment Management System

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CriTech Advance Mall / Apartment Management System is a powerful user-friendly System designed as per user’s perspective with multiple MIS reports & multiple logins.

Advance Mall / Apartment Management System” or “AMAS” is a web-based responsive application for apartment management. You can manage your whole apartment system through this web application.

This system is the best software for managing highly customizable apartment, flat, building or any kind of real estate properties. It will help you to control whole apartment in your hand at a glance.

This Application has five steps dashboard like Super Admin Dashboard, Admin Dashboard, Apartment Owner Dashboard, Employee Dashboard and Renter Dashboard. Super Admin can controll all including the Admin and Admin can control order people under him/her and owner can Monitor Renter all. Employee can Check his Info. Renter can also check his all information.

If you manage an apartment it will give you full flexibility. It can handle all apartment calculations and reporting with all flexible settings.

Our Advance Mall / Apartment Management System is built by using PHP, Mysql, Javascript, jQuery and Ajax. Fully Responsive Application.

CORE FEATURES: Critech Advance Mall / Apartment System provides 4 users login :

   Managing User accounts (employee, owner, tenants)
   Managing tenants attendance & information, including their end of contract
   Managing Payment Information & Records
   Managing Mail Sent by other user
   Managing Mail Received from other user
   Managing Apartment per Floor Information with each Room Detail
   Auto Send notification via sms to remind the tenants about the Payment date in Advance
   Managing Occupied Rooms
   Managing Available rooms with their details
   Managing Committee Information
   Managing System Maintenance Cost
   Super Admin to Assign duties to Employee and the Admin
   Managing Bills
   Manage Payment Reports
   Manage Tenants Attendance Report on Daily/Weekly/Monthly Basis
   Managing Available & Occupied Room Report
   Managing Paid and Not Paid Tenants
   Lock System Screen
   System Global Configuration (general, sms, etc)
   Bill Setup
   Employee Salary
   Management relationships between different type of users.
   SMS Gateway Settings
   Reports generator.
   SMS Alerts.
   Backup Database
   Messaging between other users
   And many more …
Manage Tenants Information with their end of Contract.
Assign homework.
Lock Screen Features.
Manage Payment Records with tenants receipt/invoice.
Manage Salary Report.
Manage Mail Received from other user.
Manage Room Status.
Available Room
Occupied Rooms.
And many more…
Get Payment Due Alert via the Dashboard for your apartment
Managing Rentals List
Manage Tenants Attendance
Lock Screen features introduced
Message / Mailbox
Manage Bill Information
Manage your Apartment Information
Manage Payment records
Manage Maintenance Cost Info.
Get payment invoice,
And many more ….
Get payment due alert via sms & dashboard
Lock Screen features
Manage Your Payment
View Payment Invoice
Message Employee Internally
View Received Messkages
Manage Apartment / Floor / Room you Occupied
Receive SMS
And many more …
All Users Default Login Details:

Super Admin username : super password : test

Administrators username : admin password : admin

Employee username : emp password : emp1

Owner username : timi password : timi

Tenant username : Babatunde password : rental1