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can you give a code for UserManagement.Models namespace i cant find this code


Thanks for purchase.

No write any code in UserManagement.Models. Check Models folder all code fetch from UsermNagement.dbml.


ok tq


can we setup user levels so a high user level can only see some items on the page.

yes you can assign page from permission.

Hi , I am looking for ASP MVC 5 with user/dynamic roles/groups GUI based management, like this or like this sample with dynamic roles at

We are now moving to ASP MVC 5. Since that author is no longer selling here, I am looking for an update to another Identity manager. I wish your items were cheaper :) (well atleast till you got it vetted out) so I could try them out. Security items in particular are a big risk, depending on the customization and the features you put in place.

I noticed you put up some information, I was wondering how hard would it be get single sign on as an extension.

Highest priority for me is 1- easy tenant management similar to the groups you talked about and 2- GUI with easy user/role management where I can add additional propertties to it. But there are like 7 different authors selling roles/user management… hopefully yours has the main features and you support updates.

Checkout site map provider its free for roles based menus.. I can share other libs that will help you.. that I implemented with others help. First though I need to understand what all I am getting with this and if its good fit. My web app is mostly vanilla with tenant management like others. Where the groups can only see their group information and their group users.

  1. Do you have ASP MVC 2.21 or 3.0 Identity?
  2. Does it have GUI management of user,
  3. can the super user set dynamic role and groups or vendors
  4. Can it work with store procedures
  5. Is it easy to add/extend properties to users
  6. Does it show the audit user activity like the sample?



it developed in Asp.Net

worked for mvc 5?

Developed in ASP.Net

Hi mega theme I was wondering if you could customize your Advance Login And User Management in Asp.Net to suit my needs. You may reach me at and we could just have a little discussion about what I want. Thanks


Send me your requirement on



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Hello, I’m trying to create a non-admin role that does not have the ability to update other users info.
  • I create a role and only give it access to the dashboard.
  • Then, I assign a user to that role.
  • I sign in with that non-admin user account and go to User Profile and click Edit.
  • I change the user ID in the url to one of the admin accounts and it lets the non-admin change and save the admin info.
By assigning the user to a role that only has access to the Dashboard, it shouldn’t allow users in that non-admin role to update other users (including admin) accounts, right? Not sure if I missed something…

i understand it you can convert it query string to cookie. store Userid im cookie.


desuyo Purchased

I’m curious. Why didn’t you publish it using cookies to begin with?

Thanks for review

can I use it with using vb, also can we create membership plan


No you cant use vb in this project. I am create web application in c# that why you cant use vb coding.


i want to buy but when i click on “user details” in demo i have this message ” Input string was not in a correct format.

when i make new role must be validate if role name added before


Issue fixed. Please wait for reviewer approve.


and i need to feature (activity log – and who add or edit or delete) and i will pay more thanks


Activity Log (Add/Edit/Delete) already include in this product.


hi, where is the registration public form for users ?

Can you tell me your full requirement on or skype hit.jariwala

i sent you skyp reqest

i have purchased your product, and found a bugs i think. so in my scenario. after i add role and then user and then assign user to role and set permission, another user still can access another page which is not the page own by the user by hit url directly on browser..can you fix this issue ?


I am checked project if you hit url directly on browser so page redirect to dashboard.