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Is it possible to setup a wildcard on the zip code? I’m looking to target Canadian Providences and believe I can only do this with zip code. Can I do “T5J*, T5K*”, as an example to cover all values?

Please advise.

Thanks, Ryan.

Hello Ryan,

Thanks for contacting us. Yes, Wildcard achieving. You can check our demo website and create one shipping zone. Inside this zone, you can add zip code like you want. And make rules using zone. That way you can achieve the functionality.

For Understanding, you can check this help document –

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require.

Thank you, Multidots

So i have several products that need to be shipped based off 3 fit in flat rate box, so if they get 4 or 5 cost add 1 more flat rate cost. Each product is different, needs to work up to 30 qty every 3 adds more flat rate but can still buy 12 or 22 or so on with correct rate

Sorry, but we can’t understand your exact point. Do you want to Apply shipping rate per qty? If yes, Then it’s possible using pro plugin version. You can try it on our live demo website. Demo:

no it is a concurring charge of 3 items fit in box so every addition box needed to fit 1 2 or 3 more items needs to show a charge of the rate

Hello Sir,

Yes, We understand your requirement. you have to create per quantity based shipping method – as per this screenshot


if customer add ABC product with qty 1 then shipping charges will be applied = $10

After that, if customer add another qty then shippin charges will changed = $10 + $5 = $15 in the cart

This way you have to set per qty based shipping rate.

If you have any question. Please create support ticket

Thank you,

I have a question about your product I’m trying to figure out how well it’ll integrate with a current clients site requirements. The site currently uses flat rate shipping on a per category basis based on 4 preset regions. Of course being woocommerce it add exponentially per unit purchased but it doesn’t need to. Where the products are fairly large more that one could easily fit in a box with only marginally increasing shipping cost and that’d in turn allow them to pass the savings on to the customer. Now I suspect this plugin could easily do up to X number from a category for one or nominal increase in shipping price. What they’d like to do is if you buy one of the larger category products you can get get discounted shipping on the other category items as they’d easily fit in the box. They don’t need a per products setup just per category. Basically if they purchase a large item in one category they’d like to be able to drop up to 4 of the other 2 categories into the box for just $20 more. is that possible?

Hello Sir,

Thank you for reaching out us.

Category A: All large product.Which required big box for shipping

Category B: All small product.Which is easily shipping with category A product.

What I understand that, If a customer adds “Category A product” in the cart and add other product from ” category B or another category(limited 2 categories with maximum 4 qty)” then. you can get discounted shipping on the other category items as they’d easily fit in the box. Then you want to charge $20 or more for that order. So the customer will save more money. Please correct if I am wrong?

For that, we have to customize our plugin to achieve your requirement.

Note: Can you please share client live website. If possible, give me live example, what type condition you want to set for above requirement like (how much discount for another category.)

Thank you, DotStore