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Hello! This is URGENT!

I need to set up 180 cities for a product with different prices for shipping like this:

State > City > Up to 2 units > Up to 5 units > Up to 7 units > Up to 10 units > Up to 12 units >

With the plugin we can configure it?

Thank you very much!

Hello sir,

Yes, you can setup the 180 conditions for a product with different prices. You can’t directly add the city name for that you have to create shipping zones and in each zone, you have to add postcodes for that city ( You also have products for zone combinations also that WooCommerce provide ).

You can set the units based conditions for the product but unit calculations made on cart products unit.

So, you can make different shipping methods and set price for each shipping methods.

Thank you, DotStore.


russildi Purchased

Hi I already purchased your product, I made some shipping zones and shipping methods, when I am on the checkout of the purchase the methods aren display by default(to display the method i have to calculate it first and then it appears) How can I do to force it to appear by default


Hello, could you please create a support ticket here: (please include your site URL and wp-admin credentials so that we can troubleshoot the issue in your website) Thanks.


russildi Purchased


Question about features. We have already purchased the product, but our support period has expired. I’m not sure if what I’m asking is something that would fall under support or if it would be a customization request.

We have set up a shipping method using Product Based Shipping Method rule so that specific products will trigger a discounted flat rate of shipping. Only certain products in our store are eligible for this. The problem we are having is if a customer orders one product that gets the discount and another product that does not, the shipping system is showing the discounted rate for the full order. We can’t do that because when a product that is not eligible for this is present in the order, we must use the higher shipping price.

We need the system to ignore the presence of the discounted shipping if ANY products in the cart do not qualify. If ALL products in the cart qualify, then it is OK to show it among the shipping options. If 9 products in the cart do qualify but the 10th one does not, then it is not OK to show it.

Can you first let us know if what we need is a feature that is already built into the plug-in? If so, then we’ll renew the support on this and get you to help us set this up as needed. If it is something that will require customization or perhaps even another plug-in, then please let us know how we would go about getting this done. If you provide customization service, please let us know your rates.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Hello, Thank you for reaching out to us. We would like to review how you have created shipping rules with this plugin. So it would be great if you could please create a support ticket on our support panel: In the ticket, please mention your wp-admin details or screenshots showing how you have created the method which you have referred in the description. Thanks.


I have a presale question. I have 2 shipping options:

1. one is paid shipping and is the same price for every product in the store 2. there is free shipping for over a sum

My problem is that when the clients selects products that allows him free shipping, he still has to choose and select the free shipping from the two options available to him on the checkout page.

I would like to know if there is a way only show the free shipping directly selected and no other option when they get past a certain amount. (that is because many of them still select the paid option)

Thank you !

If you know another way to achieve this kindly let me know.


Yes you can create 2 methods using this plugin. In one you can set condition as order amount < $x.xx and fee = $50 and in another you can set condition as order amount > $x.xx and fee = $0 (which you can name as Free Shipping)

So for lower order amount, only 1st method will be displayed and for higher amounts only free shipping will be displayed.



Moreover, you can check out the live demo – you can configure the conditions as per your requirement in its admin for testing.