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1) Good plugin but I see it only supports fixed rpice, would be great to support also percentages (%).

2) Also, would be great to add extra costs/discounts depending of the payment method.

3) And also, not to only support extra costs, also the same thing for discounts and put an minus (-) before the number

This way we can configure extra costs or discounts ni the same plugin, both fixed amounts or percentages. An All-in One Plugin

Thank you for your valuable suggestion. We will implement all your suggestion in our next release.

Hi bundyflavour,

Great news for you.

As per your suggestion, we have introduced two new features in extra cost plugin as below.

1. Now, you can charge extra cost percentages(%) wise (It will calculate on cart subtotal)

2. you can charge extra costs depending on the payment method.

3. Plugin is compatible with WooCommerce 2.6.2

All above features are available in latest plugin version 1.1. If you wish you can purchase it from codecanyon website. click here

Thank you for contacting us.

Hello. This is a pre-sale question. When I’m buying something, I need to add two percentage units. One is the subtotal of the engraved products with the 10% of the VAT and another is of the products with the 21%. In addition, this just has to happen with only a number of customers (those who point it out). I’m trying to apply the spanish RECARGO DE EQUIVALENCIA. A special system of VAT, obligatory for individual merchants who sell retail products. Attach image:

@juanfranbrv, Thanks for reaching us. We have gone through your query and understands your concern. It’s looks likes your requirement is site specific requirement and will required to do customization for the site. We are working on giving a percentage base extra cost functionality in our future release and will update you for the same. For achieve your requirement will required to do customization. We are able to do that but that will not be included plugin customization it will be only for your site specific so please let us know your feedback for the same

Hi, do you plan to allow to setup a fee based on shipping method ? Thank you,

Hi Kirigu,

Thank you for reaching out us.

We understand your point you want to charge extra cost based on shipping method.

For this requirement, you will purchase “Advance Flat Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce plugin” With this plugin, you can set different shipping rules and condition for extra fees as per your requirement. It is a very user-friendly plugin.

Kindly check this link –

Thank you for contacting us.

Thank you but what I am trying to achieve is a flat fee on condition of a shipping method + a specific product in cart. I dont want to use shipping class, and your other plugin is based on them from what i read.

Thank you

Dear Kirigu,

Thank you for reaching out us.

We understand your point you want to require ” extra cost based on shipping method” features.

But currently this features is not available in our plugin but we will implement this features in upcoming plugin realize.We always welcome user suggestions.

Please do let me know if we can assist you further.

Thank you,

I purchased your plugin and works (almost) flawlessly. Everytime I made a small change in the settings there will be automatically a row in the “based on country” setting. Before saving I have to remove this row. Otherwise the system won’t save.

Nice plugin. But the plugin does not save the settings after changing something in these settings. I am using the latest woocommerce and wp versions.


Hi Navnak,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin.

I understand your point. Please remove the blank row and closed all pop-up form and then click on save the setting. It will work fine.

For more information, you can view this video

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Pre-sale question. We are using a shipping plugin from wooforce – WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label. It dynamically retrieves rates from UPS. Will this plugin work in conjunction with dynamic rate based shipping plugins. Two, is there a way to hide the extra fee from the customer at checkout? Thanks!

Hi Meanrabbit,

Thank you for contacting us.

Extra coat plugin can not charge extra cost on dynamic shipping value.You have set extra charges in plugin admin setting then it will display on front side.

Regarding hiding extra fees, This features is not available in this plugin. But you can hide fees by css.

Please do let me, if we can assist you further.

Thank you, MUltidots

Hi there, I have a pre-purchase question: I need to add extra costs based on user role, and you plugin looks perfect for that, but is it possible to add the extra costs per single product or just on the total. For example, if I want to add 2$ per product.

Thanks and regards

Hi Dino9,

Thank you for contacting us.

Yes, you can add extra costs based on user role but on cart total,You can not add extra cost based on a single product total.

Please do let me if we can assist you further.

Thank you, Multidots

Hi, this is a pre-sale question. Does your plugin support multilanguage? For example Italian?

Hi LukeIT,

Thank you for contacting us.

The Italian language does not support our plugin, but we will introducing this language in upcoming plugin release.

Currently, Our plugin supports below language:

German : Deutsch French : Français Spanish : Español Polish : Polski

Thank you, Multidots

Hi LukeIT,

Good News for you,

Now our plugin is compatible with the ” Italian language ” As per your requirement. So Please download the latest plugin version from code canyon.

Please do let me know if we can assist you further.

Thank you, Multidots

Hello, I’m looking for a plugin that can set up an extra cost per product only for a certain country. Example : - T-shirt A : extra cost of 3$ for USA only - T-shirt B : extra cost of 5$ for USA only

Is it feasible with your plugin?

Hi lyonbeton,

We apologies for such delayed response. Unfortunately, our current plugin doesn’t allow such conditional product fees setup. But, we are currently developing another plugin with extensive conditional features to add extra fees/cost to the cart. We will update you as soon as we release that plugin.

Thanks in advance.

OK. Great. I hope it will solve my issue.

Dear Sir,

Recently, We have launched our new plugin” WooCommerce Conditional Product Fees For Checkout ” It will give more option to set different conditional fees in your WooCommerce store

you can buy from here:

if you have any query and any query then please create the support ticket here:

Thank you, DotStore

Hello, I have just now bought this plugin but I can’t find any option to apply extra fee to a specific product category. However, it was mentioned in your item description that we can apply extra cost on a product category.


‘Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 16777216 bytes) in /home1/myser88/public_html/ on line 1780’

Please help. Its urgent.

Dear Sir,

We apologies for such delayed response.if you still face any issue then please create support ticket here.

We are here to help you.

Thank you, DotStore

After 5 months you are responding me and do you think it is useful for me now? I had already bought another plugin and my requirement was fulfilled. I talked with your support guy that time and he was unable to resolve my issue and the actual issue was with plugin.

I want to add $20 to all orders going to Hawaii and Alaska can I do that with your plugin?

Dear Sir,

Thank you for reaching out us.

With our plugin, you can charge Extra Cost based on country. But you can not charge extra cost based on state wise.

Please let me know if we can assist you further.

Thank you, Multidots

Our client sells digital magazines and they want to add the following option in the cart page:

1. Deliver Hard Copy: USD XYZ 2. Subscribe Magazine for 12 months: USD XYZ 3. Add extra 5% if PayPal is chosen 4. Discount of 5% if Bank Transfer is chosen.

Let me know if this is possible. I need the above logic/costs to be automatically added to all the products in the cart.

Let’s keep it simple. I just need two optional costs to be visible in the cart / checkout page. If the customers want it, then will click and the final amount will update. If not, the final product value will remain the same. Customer should be able to check both or one of the boxes. Possible?

and i need the optional cost to be same for all the products by default. There are more than 2000 products and i cannot edit and add extra cost for each of them

Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing well.

Q Assign extra cost for 2000 product :

- you have to create a new category and assign all 2000 product. After that, you can use category based extra cost features ( select that category and assign fees ) Or you can assign individual fees for a particular current category.

Q just need two optional costs to be visible in the cart / checkout page.

- This is not shipping method. So It will not show selection option on the checkout page. This is extra fees so It will compulsory apply to check page as per condition. ( It is not choosable option for customer).

If you still have any question then please share with us.

Thank you, Multidots


Pre-sale question:

in paid version if I will select 2.Display fee as single unit Add Extra fee as a single unit with sum and for each category add extra fee in percent, it will show in the front the modified price of product?

EX: For category 1 I have Product NR 3 with price 10$, and I will apply for category 1 extra fee of 100% the product will have price of 20$ in product details? or it will show me additional tag as in free version?

Dear Sir,

Thank you for reaching out us.

We understand your point, Plugin will charge extra cost based on cart total, not product price.

Eg: if your cart total is $50 and you charge ( set in admin side) 100% extra cost then. Extra fees will visible = $100 ( cart total * 100% = $100).

If you still have any question then, please submit ticket :

Thank you, Multidots

I am using a weight-based shipping calculator with custom shipping “rules” defining the different shipping types based on weight, country/zone etc. The different shipping types offer different kinds of insurance, and have different ways of calculating the fee. Based on the country the buyer selects at checkout, as well as the weight of the order, they will have different choices in shipping method. Once they select I would like them to have the option to opt in or out of insurance for their order, depending on the method chosen and the value of their order.

I need to know if the plugin will be able to understand my weight based shipping rules and conditionally apply the insurance calculations, or if I need to add shipping classes or zones directly in the woocommerce settings. Also, that the plugin will allow conditional logic, for when the buyer selects a shipping method that allows insurance, to their country (not all countries allow insurance through my ship provider) and calculated at 1% (eg for EMS or Priority) or 5% (eg for Economy or Registered Post) of the cart total.

Or alternatively that the buyer can select how much they want to insure for and the plugin calculates the amount based on the conditional rules as applicable.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for reaching out us.

We understand you point, But Your requirement is site specific. So we have customized our plugin.

With our plugin, you can apply extra cost (fixed or percentage wise) as per condition.

Thank you, DotStore

Hi, i just purchased your plugin, and ia hev a question. I like to add extra box cost per product quantity. I mean if somebody buy one item it costs forexample 10 dollar, but if the customer buy two piecs of selected item, it adds the cost twice(20 dollar). but i cannot set up it because it doesn’t add more cost, just one time. So how can i set up extra cost per piece of product. Thanks

Dear Sir,

Thank you for reaching out us.

This feature is not available in our plugin. But we are working on it. Our upcoming plugin updates we will try develop this features.

Please do let me know if we can assist you further.

Thank you, DotStore.

I want to add “optional extra costs” for all of our products in the cart page. The buyer may or may not choose it. If chosen/checked, the cart will add the amount to the total value. This optional extra cost is not dependent on shipping as well sell virtual products.

Let me know if this plugin works like this.

I also want to rename the optional extra costs as I want to.

Is it possible?

Doesn’t save the rule… doesn’t work!

Dear Sir,

we apologize for the inconvenience with the plugin.

We assume that you are using updated WooCommercs 2.6.9 So that why you are facing this issue.

Note: Current version is not compatible with the latest version of wooCommercs. Upcomming plugin updates we will compatible with latest woo 2.6.9

Can you please share you WP-admin details with us. So we will do more troubleshoot for this issue.

Please create support ticket here:

Please do let me know if we can assist you further.

Thank you, DotStore

Great Support! Now almost works!

Thank you


Dvys Purchased

A couple of weeks ago I’ve send you an email with a question, but didn’t received a reply.

Can you give us an option to calculate if the extra fee has to be paid AFTER a coupon discount is added?

Dear Sir,

We miss your support email. Sorry for late reply,

we give a reply to your email address(old support). Please review it

Q. if the extra fee has to be paid AFTER a coupon discount is added?

This feature is not available in our plugin. But we will try to introduce this option in next plugin updates.

Please do let me know if we can assist you further.

Thank you, DotStore

Nice Work GLWS =D

Thank you


Dieco0 Purchased


since update the word press system I can’t add a any amount to “Remove all Extra cost based on max total” And I don’t know why. Can you give me an answer.



Hi Damian,

Thank you for reaching out us.

We are here to help.Can you please provide your wp-admin and FTP details. So we will do more troubleshoot for this issue.

Please create Support ticket here:

It will more help for to communicate with each other.

Please do let me know if you have any question and query.

Thank you, DotStore

Hello! I’m not able to submit support ticket – not able to create account in your system. I’ve received an email with a link to set password which after visited showing “Your password reset link appears to be invalid. Please request a new link below.” every time… It is kinda urgent cause shop is in production so I will drop it out here; Few days ago cloudways auto updated my WP to 4.6 after which “Advance Extra Cost Plugin” crippled my admin area.. all request are taking ~20+ sec while when plugin is disabled it’s around ~2 sec.. Please let me know how to provide you with details about host and stuff.

Dear Sir,

We apologize for the inconvenience with a plugin.

Now you can able to create support ticket from here:

Note: If you face any issue then please share your issue here:

Can you please share your wp-admin and FTP details ( by support ticket) So we will troubleshoot this issue.

Thank you, DotStore

Hello, thanks for your fast reply! After I sent my initial message I have checked the WP changelog and noticed that there were no changes made that could affect plugin functionality in this way so I did a brief check of the plugin looking for any external calls and fortunately I have found the issue with first search; your “check_version_store_aec()” function was calling your api endpoint to check for version and that call was hanging. You hooked that function to “admin_init” which made every admin page loading hang till timeout…. Since this plugin is discontinued now – disabling that function call fixed mine issue and I don’t need it fixed but I guess for the rest of your customers you should look into that version check.. BR Igor

Dear Sir,

Thank you for reaching out us.

Can you please share your wp-admin details on support system So we will troubleshoot this issue and get back to you soon.

Thank you, DotStore