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i want this for magento but only for a single category. Can you support us witht this?

regards Henk

Sorry, I somehow missed this. Yes, this is possible however I can not provide you instructions / support for this method. You’ll have to interface with Magento to accomplish this.

Hi, can I use this with a Joomla 2.5?


Where do I change the wording “I Agree” I disagree I’m Older.” I want to reword it and add buttons but can’t find the code?

That text can be found in the following file: adults-only/includes/adultsonly.language.php, and under the following definitions, AO_AGREE and AO_DISAGREE.


Got this installed easy enough however the page doesn’t seem to be picking up a theme?

I have all the Text and Verification method but no styling at all?

Can you please point me in the right direction?


By default Adults Only will try and fetch everything from the base of the domain. Please try moving it there. If that doesn’t fix your issue please email me via my profile and I’ll personally fix the problem.


I left a comment about some styling issues with the Adults Only script.

All seems to be working however it isn’t fetching up the styling.

Can you please help?

Did you see my previous reply? If not, see the below;

By default Adults Only will try and fetch everything from the base of the domain. Please try moving it there. If that doesn’t fix your issue please email me via my profile and I’ll personally fix the problem.

I did see the repy and I did email via your profile but didn’t get a response. I’ll email again right now and hope you get this one.


Email received, and replied.

Hello, I purchased your age verification system and seem to be having the same issues as user jdenny70. I have added the include <?php require(‘adults-only/adultsonly.php’); ?> to the first line of index.php and placed the folder adults-only in the root directory but it seems to ignore it. I have received no errors. Is the age gate still commented out? If so, which file is this located in?

Hello, Please ensure you’ve enabled Adults Only. It requires a small set up (add the code, set up the config and you’re done) before it’ll be displayed.

I can’t seem to find any comments by someone called jdenny70 so if you still have issues can you please provide me a link to said comment for reference?

Hi, I intend to integrate this with Magento 1.9, can you tell me a bit more before purchase: - Does the pop up/ modal trigger once per browser session? ie, if a visitor come tot he site, he will see the pop up once, verify and then as long as the browser is open he can visit any other page on the site without being bothered again.. - I also want it so that after browser is closed, and next time re-openned, the popup shows up again. - Can the popup protect ANY landing page on the domain? ie, if someone uses a direct link to a product page, would the popup still work?

How about using session? And prompt user to close all browser windows and start again? From a UI design point of view we’d like to cause as little annoyance to visitors as possible so closing browser and restart isn’t ideal. Since you keep 2 cookies, one for success and one for failure, what if I modify the code so that it only checks for the success cookie and if it’s not present, just launches the modal and verification form again? I don’t mind having a go try to code this myself but would like to hear your advice if this is possible first. Much appreciated.

Sessions work much the same as a low duration cookie. (not 100% but close enough)

If you want to manually disable the “invalid” cookie you just need to comment out the appropriate setcookie() (the one that makes mention of cookie_name_underage)

Thank you!

Hello, i want to buy this but i have 2 questions first. 1. Isn’t it bad for seo to show different content to users and different to google? 2. will be the background of the site visible but with shadow or it is another page like verify.php and when user click yes it redirect to homepage?

1. Technically. However you’re not showing the age gate not because you don’t want it indexed (who cares) but you want your site indexable. I’ve never had a report of people having issues with Google over this however if you want to play it safe, use the overlay theme.

2. Overlay with shadow; nothing like a “verify.php” as I feel it would be more “worrying” for Google to see that. Not showing an age gate vs redirecting people is a huge difference.

Thanks for the reply. How do i set the overlay theme? also how to set how much time i want the cookie to expire? Can i add the same plugin to wordpress? i get an error do i need to buy the wordpress plugin too?

Those settings are controlled via the config file. (really simple so it’s super easy to edit)

If you’re interested in using this with WordPress I strongly recommend getting that version as it takes advantage of certain WordPress functionality that makes it the superior option. Obviously this means you would have to buy the stand alone version if you wanted to use it outside of WordPress. I can’t decide for you so you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons and decide.

Whatever you do, you’ll get the same level of support and quality product.

Hi, is it possible to ask for a new feature? It would be good to save in a logfile or database basic informations such as: -IP address, browser, time and what brithdate was inserted, if they clicked they are adult or not, etc.

In case of troubles this log can be useful

Consider this very feature very likely for the next version.

It won’t be enabled by default though for obvious reasons.

Sorry, didn’t know support was only via comments.

I’m having trouble getting the plugin to work. I did not know before purchase (no documentation) that I had to somehow write the ”<?php require(‘adults-only/adultsonly.php’); ?>” as line 1.

I’m trying to integrate this with the gallery software PIWIGO (php driven) and I am only able to write the line in the header section (I have checked and it is there). And I think this is why it’s not working at all.

Not being a programmer I’m really stumped at this point as to what to do next.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Managed to get it working! But ended up having to edit the adultsonly.php file.

After discovering where in the index.php I should change and place the “require” ..

{ require(PHPWG_ROOT_PATH.’adults-only/adultsonly.php’); }

I had a series of AO_PATH errors occur. Notice 2nd warning message has messed up path name.

Notice: Constant AO_PATH_DIR already defined in /home/web_site_name/public_html/adults-only/adultsonly.php on line 19

Warning: require(/home/web_site_name/public_htmladults-only//includes/adultsonly.config.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/serendipity/public_html/adults-only/adultsonly.php on line 20

Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ’/home/web_site_name/public_htmladults-only//includes/adultsonly.config.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php’) in /home/serendipity/public_html/adults-only/adultsonly.php on line 20

I corrected that by adding a backslash before the “adults-only”

define(‘AO_PATH_DIR’, realpath($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]) .’/adults-only/’);

Now it started working (YEA) but I would see this message at the top of the page.

Notice: Constant AO_PATH_DIR already defined in /home/web_site_name/public_html/adults-only/adultsonly.php on line 19

I fixed that issue by commenting out the next line.

  1. define(‘AO_PATH_DIR’, dirname(FILE));

Everything seems to be working all OK. But I am no programmer!

Could I have broken something without actually knowing about it?


That looks fine. You shouldn’t have any issues.

I understand the Author is busy and he has responded to my email. I have not received a answer to my Issue, but I am sure the author in time will be able to fix it. I am on a deadline and don’t know if others read this message board and might be able to help me resolve my issue a little faster. I am designing a site in a sub folder on my server. I cannot put these files in my Root directory due to I am designing this for somebody else. does anybody know how I can call the theme, where the line of code is that I can change the path it calls in the theme. I get no styling when I hit enable.

I’ve replied to your email with more information. Again, I’m sorry about my delay in responses. It’s due to the time difference between us.

Wonderful that fixed it. thank you so very very much.


robjc Purchased

Hello, i cant seem to get it to work, i have followed instructions etc. Please contact me!

Please send me an email via my profile with a link to your website, and ideally, FTP details so I can inspect your config file.


I would like to purchase your script but I have no clue how to implement it in Prestashop. I am using Prestashop with an SSL certificate. Is it easy to set it up?

If possible can you answer to my email

Thank you.

Prestashop is a simple installation and will work by using the generic installation instructions outlined in the documentation.

Hello, Just purchased and installed. Am unable to add hyperlink in the agreement field. I select the text, add url and click “add link” and nothing happens. Please advise.

I’ve found and corrected this issue. An update is processing now, if you would like the updated file before CodeCanyon has finished processing it please send me an email via my profile with a user account that has a Adults Only purchase associated with it. Very sorry about this!

How do I install this?

Ok thanks.

I have one last question. How can I change background colors? I want it all white with black letters and outline…. Is that possible?

You’ll need to use CSS to do this. The following CSS should get you started:

.ao_content { background: #fff; } .ao_content, .ao_content p, .ao_terms p, .ao_terms li { color: #000; } .ao_content { border: 1px solid #fff; }



Tradely Purchased

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

What am I doing wrong? I just upload the zip file I got as download. There is no other zip in it?

Edit: Ok got it. No idea how I got to the PHP Files site… God this market. Can you somehow switch me to Wordpress or refund?

Ah, glad you worked it out mate. Please request a refund via this link.

I bought this because i have a deadline project and this plugin is only acting as a glorified page refresher. I added custom redirect URLs for successful and unsuccessful age verification neither work. I attempted debug mode and other settings to fix this but nothing is working only page refresh once i submit age.

Hi there, I’m looking to change the text on the two buttons “I’m 18 years or older” and “I’m not 18.” Where in the code files can I find to edit this text?

unfortunately, I’m not allowed to answer users without a license associated with their account. Can you please log into the account you used to purchase Adults Only?

My purchase code is a578fabe-2453-41ca-97d3-d4c97f6b1f2b from October 6 and I am logged into the same account used to purchase this plugin.

Unfortunately, I can’t verify order codes. To clarify, are you posting on the right product? To clarify, these comments are the standalone version, not the WordPress version. If you are, please get in contact with Envato as for some reason there’s no orders associated with your order that I can see.

Very sorry about this!


I tried installing the plugin, and received the error below. Any ideas? Thanks!

Error: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.


Unfortunately, you’ve accidently purchased the standalone version of Adults Only. Please request a refund, then please purchase the WordPress version.

Sorry about frustrations this may have caused you!