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How do I set this up so that people can verify their age on the home page, and then visit all the other pages on the website unhindered?

At the moment, you have to verify your age on every page you visit from the homepage menu.


it sounds like you have a cache plugin active. Please enable compatibility mode by navigating to WP Admin > Settings > Age Verification, and then open the Advanced tab. Please enable the Compatibility mode and then save the page. Once you’ve done that please clear your cache.

Hello! I see my problem in comment, but i not see how it fix. When user confirm age, page redirect with parameters ?ao_confirm, how delete this ?

Basically, you can’t. That’s required for the links validation.

Hi, I’m having a problem with a conflicting plugin “PDF viewer for WordPress” https://themencode.com/pdf-viewer-for-wordpress/ On my page https://hogtownvapor.com/canadian-e-juice-and-e-liquid-testing/ The iframe isn’t loading when your plug is activated. I have enabled compatibility mode. Any suggestions? Thanks

Oddly, the iFrame is being set to hide – I don’t remember the exact reasoning for why I did this. :S

Please navigate to WP Admin > Settings > Age Verification and open the design tab. Add the following CSS:

iframe { display: block !important; }

That worked! Thank you!! 5 Star coming up

Hello! When i try insert svg code in plugin editor and click save, my svg code delete. Help me please .

I’m not too sure I understand. Could you please elaborate? To clarify is this related to Adults Only? If so, could you please reply via the account you used to purchase this plugin?

I’m having a lot of issues trying to configure this plug-in, here is what I am facing.

1. session based does not work, after closing the browser, the user is stuck on the “You’re not old enough to visit this website” even after the cache and cookies are cleared

2. Redirection is permanently forced regardless if cookie or session base is used, the user is unable to enter the site again if they accidentally enter the wrong age.

3. overlay and hide image does not work also, when checked or unchecked the result is the same. in fact most of the settings barley make any difference after spending some time toggling through the settings.

4. drop down seems to sort of work, but when using input box, i’m unable to enter the date which is very annoying.

Please contact me for a skype screen share if possible to resolve the issues, thank you

Hey mate,

I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re having. :(

1. According to your markup, you have compatibility mode enabled. Compatibility mode doesn’t allow for session based tracking due to the inherent limitations it’s trying to solve. To clarify, do you have a cache plugin installed? If not, you should disable compatibility mode – it’s only really intended for website that have caching present.

2. I’ve sent you an updated version that should include a fix. Please install that version and let me know if that resolves this issue for you.

3. This is due compatibility mode. Compatibility mode is a very limited version of Adults Only. The plugin is forced to make simple changes as to prevent further issues due to the changes being cached.

4. That’s actually a theme issue. You’re able to input changes but due to how large the padding is on that inputs, you’re not able to actually see them. I’ll make a change to prevent this in the future to prevent this. In the meantime, please navigate to WP Admin > Settings > Age Verification and open the Design tab. Add the following CSS to CSS textarea:

.ao_form input[type=”text”] { padding: 0 !important; }

I can’t comment on any of the drop down issues due to it not being present.

new vaping laws have different ages for different states in america. Could this be used to change the age required based on where the user is located?

It can with a few modifications to the Geolocation system, yes. With that said, there are currently no plans to add this support in the base version (without you editing it) at this time. It’s definitely going to be considered for a future version though.


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How can I center (Top-Button) the box on the website with no logo? Is there some CSS I can add?

Could you send me a link to your website? The CSS is dependent on the theme you’re using and how it’s setup.

The plugin was working great but then had some issues come up.

Regarding site https://ngr-sf.com/

1. background images do not show. 2. setting dropdowns to inline no longer works either those are the 2 main things 3. is there is a setting to remove all settings and start fresh or where are the settings stored in the options table or another table and i’ll remove them and try to reconfigure

Thank you!

Very sorry for the delay.

1. Seems to have been resolved.

2. This is happening due to your theme CSS. Please add the following CSS to WP Admin > Settings > Age Verification and open the Design tab. Add it to the other CSS field:

.ao_fields .ao_field > select { width: auto !important; }

How does that look?

There is. Please navigate to WP Admin > Settings > Age Verification and open the Advanced tab.Scroll down right to the bottom and click the remove settings link.

Redirects are not working for us which is the only reason we purchased this plugin. We need our project done by tdoay and nothing on this plugin seems to work.

Handling via refund request.


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Hi AG Soft

How do I change the font of Adult Age Verifier?

All the best

Sure, I’m willing to provide the CSS in this instance.

Could you tell me what font you’re trying to use? Also, what elements would you like the font to be applied to? Could you please send me a link to your page? As you’re having trouble applying the CSS it’s quite likely your theme is overriding your CSS. A link to your website will allow me to write a selector that will work without issue.


dwchp Purchased

Thank you.

It is all of the text inside the box.

The font is “Iowan-Old-Style-BT”


Ah. It’s a premium font. Okay, so your provider would have provided you with CSS with the font files. Can you please upload the fonts to your website (you’ll need to use FTP – you may need to ask your hosting provider for help with this) and then can you send me the contents of the CSS file and the links to the font files so I can update the CSS.

You can email me via my profile. Please note I’m asking you to email me as posting this sort of stuff publically will be a violation of the license.

Please note that here may be a delay in my response.

the overlay works whenever it feels like it. Im using avada as a theme, tried all the options on the plug in and nothing. When i get it to work it just stops showing the overlay if i refresh after a few minutes. Note that i’ve not enter the age verification at all. I clear all the cookies and history browser and it happens whenever it feels like it. Tried diferent browsers and it happens on all of em.

It sounds like you have a cache plugin installed. Please navigate to WP Admin > Settings > Age Verification and then open the Advanced tab. Then enable compatibility mode. Then clear your cache so the compatibility mode can be cached.

I have a theme that allows you to set a page template to ‘Gallery’ and then specify which image gallery you want to display on the page. I’ve set the Age Gate tick option to ‘active’ on both the page and the gallery, but the Age Gate (challenge) doesn’t work. When I set the template back to Default Template, then the Age Gate (challenge) does work. Is there anyway I can get this to work when using non default templates?

Unfortunately, this sounds like an issue with how your handles the template. I would recommend getting in contact with the developers to see if they’re doing anything non-standard with how the template is set up. Specifically, not making use of the_content.


We are implementing a newsletter sign-up process that needs to be COPPA compliant. We have two different pages—one for people over 13 and one for people under 13. How do I set this up so that those who are over 13 go to Page A and those who are under go to Page B?


That’s actually unintentional – I’ve submitted an update that’ll resolve this issue. It can take some time for it to process so if you would like me to send you the file asap, please email me via my profile.

Thanks! I’ve sent you an email.

Replied. :)


I’m trying to help a customer set this up and we can’t get the redirect to work properly. Any idea what’s wrong? I can send you the website privately.

Thanks, Andrew

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to answer users without a license associated with their account. Can you please log into the account you used to purchase Adults Only?


We are interested in your plugin, but we wanted to make sure it fully supports our needs before making the purchase.

1. The verification will works with only links, like “Agree” / “Disagree” buttons

3. If Disagree, it returns the visitor to a specified address but does not prevent the visitor from coming back and answering the question again, even during the same browsing session

4. We can define the age targeting with geo location (it’s for a videogame website, and we don’t have the same age limit in Australia than in other countries – 15 in Australia, 18 in all other countries)

Can your plugin accomplish this as is, or with only minor modifications?


Sorry for the delay!

1. Correct – via the links validation method. 3. This isn’t possible at the time without editing a file. Basically, you need to edit adultsonly.wp.php and comment out each and every instance of setcookie 4. This is possible, but you’ll need to manually adjust geoage.php to suit your needs.


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I have site wide verification enabled and the Age Verification’s address is the home page of my website. upon clicking “agree” the user is taken to a URL that ends with “ao_confirm”. I don’t want any changes in the URL and in the demo of your plugin the URL doesn’t change. Can this be achieved through the settings? thanks!

Sadly, you’ll need to use a different verification method to do this as the links validation method relies on changing the URL.


wdlb Purchased

Do you mean that it is not possible using this plugin?

I’m saying that the links validation method doesn’t work in the manner you’re after.

To clarify, it’s definitely possible to use the links validation method, it’s however not possible to remove the variable from the URL.

can use only spesific post and page? how to set?

Yes.This can be done via post meta. Please refer to the documentation for information on how to do this.

I am using the litespeed cache, I have a web of videos and when I enable the Compatibility mode the video box collapses, is there any special configuration for the litespeed cache? My second question, how can I disable the plugin for mobile users, just use it in the desktop version, thanks.


AGSoft Author

That sounds like your video boxes are having an issue with the compatibility code. Can you please link me to your website so I can take a quick look?

Sadly, that’s not currently possible to do that but I really like that idea – I’ll make a note of it and introduce it in the next major release.

Had a lot of trouble after deactivating and reactivating the plugin. Even so, the setting was checked that the Google Bot should be allowed through it did not. Thus my rankings dropped hard.

So care guys! Solution: Just uncheck and check the box while saving in between…

Now to my question: Will Google count this as an intestinal Pop-Up? Google announced to rank sites lower using those…