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Is it possible to configure the plugin to let https://gtmetrix.com/ through to the site for optimisation tests? At the moment it only sees the age gate.

GTmetrix appears to be using GTmetrix in their user agent so you should be able to have them bypass the age gate by adding GTmetrix to your bot list. The bot list can be found at WP Admin > Settings > Age Verification and then open the Advanced tag.

Hi AGSoft,

I just purchased, installed and configured the plugin for a website and all was working well, until I just started seeing a WP error related to the geolocation feature of the plugin. The error is:

Warning: file_get_contents(http://ipinfo.io/MY_IP_ADDRESS_HERE/geo): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 429 Too Many Requests in MY_HOSTING_DIRECTORY/wp-content/plugins/adults-only/adultsonly.wp.php on line 186

I didn’t find anything in the comments/documentation that indicated that anyone else had this type of issue. Could you help diagnose what the issue is, and help me fix it?

Thank you!

Sorry I just saw your note about ditching geo-location when it hits the limit – that would not be ideal (see my previous comment for what would be optimal for the situation) but it would be helpful as a short-term or temp. solution – if you can help with that I would appreciate it. Thanks!

To follow up on this, as a temp. solution we purchased the ipinfo.io subscription – so if you can help with modifying the plugin code to use the API key we purchased from ipinfo.io, that is our main priority at the moment. Thanks!

FreeGeoIP actually looks much better. I’ve made the required changes and will be submitting an update shortly. Can you please email me by my profile? This will allow me to send you a copy of the file so you can test this yourself.

Is there a refund policy for ipinfo.io? I ask as, honestly, their paid plans can’t compare with FreeGeoIP and that service is free.

I am having a problem with your adults only plugin. At first it was working great and now it keeps bringing up a white page after clicking the verification. I really need to fix this and I’m not sure if it could be a plugin compatibility issue with something else but I’m barely running any plugins right now. Any ideas? Thank you.

This sounds like a caching issue. Are you using a cache plugin (please contact your hosting provider if you’re not sure)? If so, please navigate to WP Admin > Settings > Age Verification and then open the Advanced tab. Tick Compatability Mode. Now please clear your cache. Does this issue persist?

Hi there, I can’t seem to get the ‘Links’ option working. I expect to see a ‘yes’ ‘no’ option but instead I still see the date dropdown. Is this a known bug or are there any setting I may have misconfigured?

Have just sent through a pastebin link via your profile (will be in the second message if not the first)! Thank you :)

Hi there, if you’ll check the site now you’ll notice that I’ve found a way around. The only problem is that the url now has /?ao_confirm on the end when you click confirm. Is there a way around this at all?

Oh awesome. Unfortunately, no that’s not possible at this time. Sorry mate. :(

I am interest on the plugin but I only need the terms & conditions + Agree button to be click before user can enter the website. Can this plugin done the job? Thanks.

Yes, but you’ll need to alter settings and wording (which is possible through the settings) to reflect this.

Pre-purchase question: can i restrict woocommerce category with this plugin? Thanks

Yes, you can age restrict a category but at this time you’ll need to also restrict the individual products also.

please visit my site http://www.call2cum.com I cannot seem to get this to not show my heading? Any suggestions?

Very sorry for the delay. Can you please enable the Adutls Only layout so I can inspect what you’re seeing?

When attempting to upload and activate the plugin for the first time, we receive a fatal error. Please let us know what we can do to get the plugin working.

That’s odd! From the sounds of things, this might be a plugin conflict. Would you mind running a quick plugin conflict test?

You can start by disabling all plugins but Adults Only and see if this fixes the issue. You’ll need to clear all your caches after disabling your plugins. So just to confirm, double check if the issue is coming up while all other plugins are disabled.

If it does fix the issue, then try re-enabling your plugins one by one until the issue comes back. This procedure will help diagnose which plugin is causing the issue. Once we know that, we’ll be able to look at what might be causing the conflict and either solve the problem or help you find an alternative plugin.

You could also try temporarily switching to a default WordPress theme like Twenty Sixteen. Default WordPress themes are generally very light weight which lowers the chance that they’ll conflict with plugins, so they’re a good way to test if your original theme is the source of the issue.

If the above doesn’t help, can you please enable WP_DEBUG and send me a copy of the error?

hi can you give me some assistance – I dont understand how to use the shortcodes – I want it to work on a woocommerce category fooshoppa.com

The problem is that the plugin does not remember if the user enters an underage and asks for the age repeatedly when navigating to any other age gated page.

For example, going to the newsletter page will prompt the age gate form. Entering younger than 13 will direct you to the appropriate “not allowed” page. However, immediately navigating to another age gated page will bring up the form again. It shouldn’t do this. After entering an under age, the plugin should redirect you to the “not allowed” page every time and for every gated page (until the cookie expires).

This sounds like you’re using a cache plugin or something that prevents Adults Only for regenerating the page. I would recommend running the plugin in compatibility mode to avoid valid users from showing up as unvalidated as what you’re describing is definitely not how the plugin was designed.

Hello, Overall this is a great plugin but I have two things: 1) Just so you know, we added a bot to the list of bots that skip age verification. We accidentally ended with a comma and because of that, a bunch of header code showed up on top of our website on mobile. You might want to check for that extra comma in the future. 2) As soon as we launched this website, a large chunk of our organic traffic started being counted as direct traffic. Is there any way we can get this back to be the way it is before so ’/?ao_confirm=’ is no longer a referrer?

Hi Katie,

1. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll resolve this in the next update.

2. I would recommend changing to a different validation method (away from links) or adding your tracking code directly to the age gate itself by adding it to the editor under the general tab.


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I have the ability to select which pages the warning will appear on? if i have sensitive content on www.mysite.com//groups/movies/forum/topic/ and on www.mysite.com//groups/erotic/ and www.mysite.com/etc

Yes. You’re given the option of selecting specific pages to apply the Age Gate too when the site wide setting isn’t enabled.


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How can we combine base URLs with URLs that add on the variable: ?ao_confirm, so that our Google Analytics is more accurate?

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible at this time. Sorry mate. :(

can not add multiple pages to be restricted?

not works, I put blocking a group page in buddypress and nothing

I’m not too sure why you aren’t able to restrict the pages you were attempting too, but I can however state that BuddyPress isn’t officially supported so the page, category, etc (basically anything but site wide) is unlikely to work. You’ll need to use Site wide instead. I’ve logged BuddyPress integration as a feature request.

it would be nice for me as a user if I want to create a group to have the option to select whether the group is 18 years old, and other users to be alerted with a message. Is just a suggestion :)