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Is it possible to configure the plugin to let https://gtmetrix.com/ through to the site for optimisation tests? At the moment it only sees the age gate.

GTmetrix appears to be using GTmetrix in their user agent so you should be able to have them bypass the age gate by adding GTmetrix to your bot list. The bot list can be found at WP Admin > Settings > Age Verification and then open the Advanced tag.

Hi AGSoft,

I just purchased, installed and configured the plugin for a website and all was working well, until I just started seeing a WP error related to the geolocation feature of the plugin. The error is:

Warning: file_get_contents(http://ipinfo.io/MY_IP_ADDRESS_HERE/geo): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 429 Too Many Requests in MY_HOSTING_DIRECTORY/wp-content/plugins/adults-only/adultsonly.wp.php on line 186

I didn’t find anything in the comments/documentation that indicated that anyone else had this type of issue. Could you help diagnose what the issue is, and help me fix it?

Thank you!

Sorry I just saw your note about ditching geo-location when it hits the limit – that would not be ideal (see my previous comment for what would be optimal for the situation) but it would be helpful as a short-term or temp. solution – if you can help with that I would appreciate it. Thanks!

To follow up on this, as a temp. solution we purchased the ipinfo.io subscription – so if you can help with modifying the plugin code to use the API key we purchased from ipinfo.io, that is our main priority at the moment. Thanks!

FreeGeoIP actually looks much better. I’ve made the required changes and will be submitting an update shortly. Can you please email me by my profile? This will allow me to send you a copy of the file so you can test this yourself.

Is there a refund policy for ipinfo.io? I ask as, honestly, their paid plans can’t compare with FreeGeoIP and that service is free.


jasohall Purchased

I am having a problem with your adults only plugin. At first it was working great and now it keeps bringing up a white page after clicking the verification. I really need to fix this and I’m not sure if it could be a plugin compatibility issue with something else but I’m barely running any plugins right now. Any ideas? Thank you.

This sounds like a caching issue. Are you using a cache plugin (please contact your hosting provider if you’re not sure)? If so, please navigate to WP Admin > Settings > Age Verification and then open the Advanced tab. Tick Compatability Mode. Now please clear your cache. Does this issue persist?

Hi there, I can’t seem to get the ‘Links’ option working. I expect to see a ‘yes’ ‘no’ option but instead I still see the date dropdown. Is this a known bug or are there any setting I may have misconfigured?


AGSoft Author

Preface: This is not a known bug.

Do you happen to use a cache plugin or anything like that? I suspect the older validation method may have been cached which is why the drop downs are still visible regardless of actual setting.

I’m not using a caching plugin annoyingly! I thought that was the problem as well. I am however using an old WP version… 1.6.1. Would that cause an issue?

1.6.1? Do you mean 3.6.1? If so, that should be fine. Do you happen to have a safe for work public URL that I can take a look at? If it’s not SFW, can you please send it to me via my profile?