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Hi, may i know this plugin can be use to create voucher?

So, this is what this plugin do, I didn’t understand what exacly you mean with voucher, but i understand you now.

With this plugin you create and ad with a coupon (For example: 2×1 in pizza) you put an image, description, restrictions, etc. Then the ad is published and people can see the ad, when someone is interested in it, they will click, they are ask for an email, they put it, they recieve an email, they redeem the coupon and they go to the store to make valid the coupon, the announcer can see who redeemed their coupons and how many. This is the way this plugin works. :D

ya…correct. That is the plugin that i looking for it. it is better that user can ads their own voucher design then they only need to pay for publish fees

Yes, if you have any additional question you can ask me :D, regards


I have three questions:

1. Does the admin get the email address? I mean, once the visitor submits the email address, can that address be captured by the admin?

2. where is the image uploaded hosted? If in the uploads folder, can the image be uploaded to external places – most specifically Amazon S3?

3. Can you add Stripe payments to this?


yes, in the stats you can get the emails. :D

thank you for your quick answer…

I did “edit” the original question. Please see number 2 and 3


2 – The image is uploaded in the uploads folders, to be uploaded in an external place the modification should be done by the main plugin “Ads pro”. 3 – The main plugin “Ads pro” should add this, not me.


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Several months since last update – is this plugin still supported? If not can someone recommend a similar working coupon plugin (emails code to visitor) for wordpress?


Yes, it is still supported, Regards

Hi, Demo link doesnt work here ?

Hi, sorry, yes we have some problems with the website, we will fix it soon, you can see the add-on working in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JpY2QajlIs&feature=youtu.be

If you have any question dont hesitate in asking me. Regards

why can’t i see the free field in the marketing agency add-on?

This add on works only for ads pro plugin, doesnt work with marketing agency add-on regards

Does this plugin still work? When will it be updated?

Yes, it still works. Now we have not had any problem, will be updated in any case we have problems with the plugin :D Regards