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is it compatible with Ads pro affiliate addon if yes!! then how ?

Yes, both order forms are compatible with affiliate add-on.

hi do you know why price for ads anytime zero we never use selling ads but now we try we can go to agentur page where can select all ads form all websites but whatever we do if per day click or view order form show anytime 0€ we make cost per day 1€ and 10 , 25% discount


Contact me via the support form to get directly support.

Your support expired so you need to renew your support service firstly.


ADS PRO API in video seems to be missing. Both AdsPro and Agency plugins are installed. Please advise.


Contact me via the support form to get directly support. Please use the buyer’s account because now I can’t see your purchase.

P.S. I’m out of the office now so I will be able to respond after the weekend.


Is it possible to allow a search or sort for the front end when people are ordering advertising for a specific site? For example, if we are selling for 200 sites you don’t want to buyer to scroll through 200 boxes (as in your demo) to find the one they want. Is there a way to let them sort by location or search by name etc?

Currently it’s not possible but in the future we have plans to release similar feature. I think that we will provide around 10 categories to filter sites.

Will you update for 5.0 soon?

MA add-on works fine with WP 5.0.

When I use iFrame, its cropping my ads, for example if I place 336×280 ad, it will show half of that picture/ad

I answered your via the support email.

Hi, can I show ads just for certain countries? Using iframe


There is technically not possible via the iframe so this option is not available in the MA add-on.


I just want to make sure that you’re aware.
There’s an affiliate selling a product online and giving your same ads pro for free as a giveaway. It’s currently in youtube.
How could I tell you the link in private. I don’t want the affiliate to have more visibility. But if you had authorized somebody to give it for free then disregard this message.

Thank you!

Hello where do I have to change the texts to translate. I want to translate Frontend Order Form

You should make changes in /wp-content/plugins/bsa-plugin-pro-scripteo/lib/BSA_PRO_Ordering_form.php and /wp-content/plugins/bsa-plugin-pro-scripteo/lib/BSA_PRO_Model.php files.

P.S. Note that our support exclude fixing custom changes.


how can i use oder form in non wordpress site?

There is not possible.

If at Marketing Agency Settings I made Private for who can add sites to a marketing agency, how i can assign website that I or administrator created to the specific agency?

You as admin can add new sites and manage ads anytime and doesn’t matter if you using private or public mode.

Your demo site is showing “Error establishing a database connection”

It’s working now…

how to install this in single site? when i try plugins manager its getting failed, cannot install

i have send email to support

I still have 2 issues 1. I use iframe on external wordpress site, instead of ad, its displaying full website 2. MA plugin when click “Buy Ad” its giving Sorry! This page not founds.

Send me temporary admin credentials via the support email then I will add some example for you.

How the publishers can view the statistics?

I don’t view statistics for publishers, only view advertiser panel :S

You don’t have publisher panel, sure?

Publishers can see their spaces and stats in the backend of course.

When creating adspace in MA addon, its not showing display type why is that?

I have added external WP sites to MA plugin now want to create Ad Space for those sites. But Display Type is not showing under MA Plugin> Adspace

Hi, all ads are displayed in one iframe, how can I fix that?


Contact me via the support form then I will check it. Of course that you can display one random ad also.


I don’t find the way to use the API page template to activate the MA plugin… and the way to add the other WP sites where I installed the parser. Using WP 5.2.2 is it possible?

Thanks, Matteo

You should upload files to the main admin-ma folder where Ads Pro has been installed.

Okay, thank you. I solved the issue installing the plugins and the addon again from scratch. :-) Just a second question now: how can I remove the “Powered by AdsPro” link below the banners…?

[SOLVED] Okay, the “Powered by AdsPro” link is for affiliation purposes… once I removed my Envato Username from settings, it won’t appear anymore. :-)


PseT Purchased

Hi, After activate the Parser Addon, my website is broken !! No problem if deactivate this addon.

I answered you via the support email.

Hello, I am unable to locate the page template API, when I create the page does not appear in the templates field. What I need to do? Thank you

I see from the comments that people are having problems using the parser. Please give me 123 steps of installing the parser on the sub agency site (seller of advertising space). Does the parser create a menu on the sub agency website to enable management if not how does it work. I understand creating the API and using the shortcodes.

I get this error after installing the parser plugin in the area where I placed the ad shortcode: Success. API Page configured correctly. Use the Parser Plugin or Iframe option to display Ads on external sites. Learn more about Ads Pro.

Also do you have custom fields and api to update the clicks from other software platforms, if not what would be cost of customization


Contact me via the support form to get directly support.


My pre-sale questions on here from few days ago were deleted??

1. Does the Footer floater ad or any ad for that matter, support a close button? if the user wants to close the ad instead of seeing it floating on his mobile screen the whole time.

2. Can we hide Ads based on specific rules? (example: Hide Ad for -> Logged in users, User role, Custom Taxonomy, specific page, specific Tag, etc.)

3. Marketing Agency: it says you can paste a shortcode or an iframe (non-wordpress), unfortunately iframe is not SEO friendly and It was deprecated in HTML5, can we embed Php code to display the ads in the external sites instead of iframe code?

4. There’s a little glitch with the ads interaction on this demo: I have to double click the link for it to work

1. Yes, floating, pop-up etc display types can be closed by the users.

2. These filters are available in the main Ads Pro and you can’t use it on external sites with MA add-on.

3. Currently we support iframes only. AdSense still use iframes also ;)

4. I don’t see any relation to MA add-on.

Sorry about that, I wrote this comment thinking I was in the Ads Pro section, thank you for the update


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