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Noted that the plugin is updated. Wasn’t able to find the changelog

Here it is. The last changes was a simple fixes of the last version.

Will this work with buddypress?

I answered you via the email.

May I know does the script contains the link for all the templates?

Can we changed it to our own domain name or at least obfuscate it?

Of course that you will use your domain of API page. Just you should create new page on your site.

Using the AdsPro+MA add-on: 1. Can the spaces be populated with Google Adsense, or similar until a direct buy is made for that specific spaces? 2. Is there a functionality already available for using adsense or do we need to be technically savvy to add the adsense code one-at-a-time to each site?

Yes, your users can use AdSense if the main space is empty. I recommend to use it with CPD or CPM billing models and Parser Plugin (with WordPress sites). Anyway publishers decide if they want to show AdSense or another ad spaces on their sites.

Thanks for response. What is “parser plugin”? Is is MA plugin? Also the adsense code can be added to multiple sites at the same time for an ad-space or one-site-at a time?

Hello, does this plugin support ads in videos on our partners’ website?

Will this plugin also geotarget the ads for our partners’ visitors?


There is not possible to use geo-target and ads in videos.


Just updated to the newest version and now all the MA is missing but all the testing site are still there? please help

NVM I’ve got it

Hi again, I was able to get it to work but it’s not loading the whole ad just half. I’m not understanding.

Basically your support expired so I will not be able to help you in the future because of the new rules on Codecanyon. After renew your support service, contact me via the support form to get directly support.

Hi dear Scripteo,

I am already using the plugin. there are no marketing agency’s that will sell my ads spaces BUT, I have WP and No-WP parts under my same domain.

So in my case, the seller and the site owner who gets the commission are the same person: ME :)

And here’s my question…

I have a website with wp and non-wp subdomains, like this:

I can sell my add places in all the wp parts (as they are all in the same domain. But… For the non wp parts of my domain, I was wondering if I can use this add-on ? I mean, if install your add-on in one of the wp subdomains, will I be able to sell banners on the non-wp parts, just like I do on the wp parts of my site ?

Please correct me if I’m wrong. Coz I dont want to buy the wrong plugin…

If I understand correctly, I will place a peace of code in the non-wp page. Exactly where I want the example banner to appear (with ‘Click here to place an ad’ written on it for example.)

Then, when a user clicks on it, he/she will be redirected to the wp subdomain, where I have installed the add-on. After the user pays and get admin approval from the wp payment page, the banner will appear in the NON-wp page.

So I will be able to sell ads from both non-wp and wp parts of my website. And user will be redirected to the wp part only to make payment.

Is that correct ?

One more question.

After user did purchase for placing his ad , he will be able to track the statistics from the wp part of the site right ? Just as he is placing the add from the wp part of my website. I am wondering if the buyer will buy from the non-wp part will have all the priviledges of another buyer who buys from the wp part (woocommerce payment options, automated e-mails, admin approvals, discounts, etc.)

It’s been a little long to explain but I need to be sure before I buy :)

I hope I have been clear enough :) Thanks a lot and GLWS !


Yes, you can use Ads Pro with MA add-on to show Ad Spaces on both types of sites (wp and non-wp). Whole order process is realized by WP site.


Excellent ! I am very glad to hear the good news. I will buy the Add-On today. Thanks a lot dear Scriteo :) Have a great day.

Hi dear Scripteo,

I have embedded the iframe code in the html part of my site as you described. The ads are showing fine in Iexplorer and Firefox browsers. But when it comes to Chrome, unfortunately I am recieving this error on screen precisely:

“(error 705) No access to the API. Invalid Id Param.”

Can you please suggest a quick fix for that?

Most of my visitors are using Chrome :(

I have sended you the primary and remote urls of my sites in private message.

Thanks in advance.

This problem is fixed. Dunno how, but it shows the ads fine now.

Hi dear Scripteo it’s me again :) When I go to the Add-on dashboard and try to add new space, the “display options” field does not appear… It appears fine on the plugin’s add new space area though. But in the add-on dashboard, this display option is not shown. I can only select the template, grid system, etc. But not the display mode. How to precise the display mode of the ad, when creating an ads space from the Add-on’s dashboard? I would like to create a corner peel displayed ad, in my remote html website. Can you please tell me how to achieve this ? Maybe I have to add a piece of code in the iframe codes, in order to set this display option? But dunno what to change, beither how to achieve this. Please help. Thanks.

Thanks for the support ! All is perfect now.

If the remote site is also WP, can I set the display option ? For example, if I want to set a corner peel for my add that is placed in the remote wp website (where only parse plugin is installed), then how must I proceed ? When I head to Addon’s “add an ad” settings, there’s no such option… If I go to Plugin’s options, there’s a display option, but this add is only possible to display in the main site not the remote one I guess :\ Then how can I put a corner peel ad in the remote wp website ? I really dont get it.

Any chance to get a reply please? I have also contacted you via email and sended you Admin pass, web url, etc.. If you can check and get back to me with a solution, i would be so glad. :) Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the support ! All is perfect now.


1. iframe ads are not showing on mobile or other devices under 1200px screen. Any suggestion to make them appear on all devices ?

2. I am still waiting for your answer about the shortcodes that are giving 706 Api error on my remote WP site. Sended you many emails to describe the problem. Also sended you admin pass. I hope you will have a minute to check this.

I dont have much time for this project so I really hope to get an answer from you as soon as you can.


Problem fixed ! Thanks for your help. It really means a lot.

If the remote site is also WP, can I set the display option ? For example, if I want to set a corner peel for my add that is placed in the remote wp website (where only parse plugin is installed), then how must I proceed ? When I head to Addon’s “add an ad” settings, there’s no such option… If I go to Plugin’s options, there’s a display option, but this add is only possible to display in the main site not the remote one I guess :\ Then how can I put a corner peel ad in the remote wp website ? I really dont get it.

Thanks for the support ! All is perfect now.

Are regions or locations supported? If i wanted to narrow down websites into areas to enable more local focussed ads… Can this be done?

Geo target option is not available in MA add-on. Just you can use it with Ads Pro main plugin. You can sell ads via the iframe by the order form (on your site, where Ads Pro is installed).

Geo Target is not an option…

Can I make the agency page (buy ads) only show specific websites?

What I want to achieve

Have an ads exchange for a city

When you select a Region, it only shows websites (clients) in that region.

A local business has no desire to sell their ad to a website on the other side of the city for example

I understand what you need but for now geo target is available for the main Ads Pro plugin only.

When you have multiple Ads Spaces in the “agency-order-form” , is it possible to change their order of appearence? Normally it shows the last added space at the top of the page and the first added space at the bottom. Can we re-order the ads space previews in this page ? Thanks a lot.

Currently there is not possible but I will consider re-ordering in the further updates.

Thanks for your suggestion!

Ok. Thanks a lot. This is a really awesome Add-On ! :)

Where to get the ads space iframe code? Already look on tutorial but not clear

hi, why marketing agency ads space setting different than the standard ads space setting? then, how to increase ads slot limit on each spaces?


Currently limits are the same 24 ads for each ad space (for Ads Pro and MA add-on) because of optimization. Showing ads on external sites are limited and part of features are unavailable for MA add-on.


Is that mean only 24 banner on each ads space can be purchase? Can it be increase?

I see that ads are created by shortcode and you can set the number of ads in a column/row fr the ad space.

I want to have 1 pool of ads but;

in a sidebar show them as 1 per row/column in another location show them as 2 per row/column

I want these to be sourced from the same pool. Can this be achieved?

You can create 2 different ad spaces (for 1 and 2 ads) then you will be able display 1 or 2 ads in different places.

So it’s not possible to have 1 “pot” of ads and display them differently in different locations?

What I am planning is;

Event Sidebar will display 1 ad In Listing will display 2 ads

I don’t want to sell either sidebar or listing ads… I just want to sell ads that appear in both locations, but either as 2 or 1 at a time.

Not possible with this plugin?

Currently there is not possible, just you can display all ads assigned to the space. Of course you can display it in static position or randomly but always all ads should be used.

“Users (seller) can sell and make money advertising on their WordPress or Non-WordPress Sites” love this part but only drawback is there is no frontend shortcode to show them.we dont want to send these guys to our backend.can you guys guve us a solution for this please.

Thanks in advance.

P.s- saw comments regrading this mater.if you can give it more sales for you :)

Users can use backend partly just they have access to MA add-on module only so it works similar to the user’s profile editor. Currently we haven’t plans to release it for the frontend.

Can not agree to this. Without a dought Your core plugin is really good.but inorder to buy this plugin we need to have the frontend short code for sellers.

Ok if its not in future plans can you guys give us a workaround for thia.

Thanks in advance.

I can consider it in the future but now I have a bit other tasks in progress and I can’t confirm any estimated date for this point.

Where do I find the iframe code for an ad?

You can find it on the ad space pages (next to shortcode) but firstly you need to enable this option:
Ads Pro > Settings > MA Add-on > Allow displaying Ads for other Sites (non-wordpress) > yes

I turned it on in the settings but I dont see it on the ad page. I made this comment on the wrong thing. I want to see the iframe code on the main plugin not the marketing add on. Can I use an iframe code on the main plugin also?

Basically iframe option is available for MA add-on only but you can send me an example iframe code from your site then I will prepare some example for the main plugin and standard display type also. Contact me via the support form to get directly support.

P.S. Because your support expired so you need to renew your support service firstly.


hello sir, i set “Auto-Accept Ads” NO. when client order ads. i was “accept payment” and for option accepting ads it’s gone. how to i accept the ads?


All ads should be accepted on the Marketing Agency Dashboard: Ads Pro > Marketing Agency


when accepted payment site load and change status to last slot ads not showing option for accepting ads.

Contact me via the support form to get directly support.

I moved all the files from admin-ma to the admin-ma folder on the site but the API template wont show on my new page

You can send me screenshot of your admin panel and MA add-on settings then I will check it. Contact me via the support form to get directly support.


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