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We want to sell ad by click counts and Impression. Does the plugin track both? Is there any admin demo please?

Yes, you can use CPC and CPM billing models. We don’t provide admin or backend demo but here you can se publishers side of MA add-on:

Hi team,

Few pre-sale questions,

1. If iframe code is generated how would that be displayed in another wordpress site. Any plugin needs to be installed in the other site to enter this code for that site to display ad

2. If the “site name” need to be updated in the main site where adspro marketing agency is installed.

3. I am just trying to understand but very confusing – do you have admin demo or documentation for the above ?

Thanks Aparna


1. You don’t need any plugin for the iframe option. Just you should paste the code.

2. Yes, publishers can manage their sites on the same site where the Ads Pro and MA add-on have been installed.

3. We don’t provide backend demo. Here you can see publisher’s side:


Pre-purchase questions – 1. Can Marketing Agency be used to place ads on a Squarespace site? Do we need to have Ads Pro installed on a Wordpress site to do this? 2. Can ads be sold with recurring billing i.e. $100/month?



1. Ads Pro and MA add-on need to be installed on your site then you or your publishers will be able use parser plugin with shortcode or iframe code on the their site.

2. You can use CPD (cost per day) billing model to sell ads for period time, for example $100 / 30 days. Advertisers can renew their expired ads.


Hello, pre-purchase questions: 1) I have an Ads Pro license, do I have to buy an Ads Pro license for each site where the advertisements are displayed? That is, will I have to install Ads Pro on all the sites where I show the advertisements? 2) Many clients comment that the plugin is difficult to use, do you provide a manual with the plugin? 3) I see the latest update is from March, is this plugin compatible with WordPress 5.5? 4) How often do you release new updates? Thank you

Sorry, I forgot a question. I need to use the plugin in Spanish: is it possible to translate it into that language?


1. You need one license to each site where Ads Pro has been installed and you can display ads on unlimited sites and pages.

2. Yes, we provide documentation and all comments comes from customers which didn’t read the manual or they send it before get an answer to support question.

3. Yes, it’s compatible with the latest version of course. Currently we are working on the new huge 5.0 version.

You can translate all frontend sentences to your native language (to Spanish for example).


Hi, Does it have a functionality of creating “passback tags”? Is there “click macro” functions?


Currently we don’t provide functionality of creating “passback tags” and “click macro” functions.



When will this be updated so it’s not a security threat and also compatible with WordPress 5.5?


Is the next update going to include emojis?

For example, right now emojis show in the Ad Live Preview, but will not save or publish.


Currently we haven’t such plans but I can take a look at this case in the future.


hello, is this add-on gdpr-ready? any cookies? saved data? thanks


Yes, just we don’t use any more data of standard wordpress page like: username, email, ip address.


Pre-sale questions: Can I do the following with your plugin?

I have a WP multisite and each site has the same templates with ad spaces built in.

So here’s what I want to do:

1. New user creates a new blog on my multisite network. 2. The new blog and its ad spaces would automatically be add to the global ad network created by your plugin. 3. The blog owner would also be able to set his/her own prices for the ads on their blog. 4. The ad spaces and pricing would be automatically added to Woocommerce as a payment gateway.

Basically, I want the ads spaces already setup for new users and they only have to add their pricing for the ads spaces.

I’m sure this would take some custom code but I don’t see any developer documentation on your website so I don’t know if you have an API or any hooks that can be used to easily do what I want above.

Looking forward to your reply.


Currently we don’t provide option to create new ad spaces in automatically but it’s good idea so I will consider it in the future.


This is really really super urgent. We already used Ads Pro on one of our sites and have many ads. We moved Ads Pro to an another site, installed MA, and configured everything properly (checked 20 times so far – I am a dev). I removed license from previous site and added that same license to the new site. When I add iframe code to one of the sites where I want my clients ads to show up, banners are visible but redirections to correct URL’s are not working properly.

All links are leading to page where this notice is visible: Success. API Page configured correctly. Use the Parser Plugin or Iframe option to display Ads on external sites. Learn more about Ads Pro.

Whatever I do, links are not working properly. Just to clarify, I want to use MA as a banner engine along with iframe posted on external sites.

Please check what’s the issue.


Does the Ajax shortcode on MA suporte ajax like normal ads pro shortcodes?

Thank you.

Ajax shortcode can be used in the main Ads Pro plugin only.

Hello, I have 2 other drawbacks:

1.- I have created a space of 970px x 90px, and it shows the size of 728px x 90px

2.- I have placed a different link to each element created, however all are redirected to this link:

Can you support me about it?


Send me a link to sample space on your site. Contact me via the support form to get directly support.

1. Here you can create new standard templates: Ads Pro > Standard Ad Creator

2. Here you can see how to configure the order form and redirection url.



ADS PRO – Marketing Agency Parser Version 1.0.41 is not working. For example, the widget shows on the backend but not the frontend.

It was working before, but is now broken. Why?


We didn’t provide any changes in this case so all should be fine. Please make sure that all files are updated and try again otherwise you can renew support service then I will check it for you.


Dear, Please add Ads Pro Add-on – WordPress Marketing Agency plugin in Black Friday offer 2020 list. I want to buy it.


Yes, such options are provided. Here you can try it and see, how it work for users logged in as publishers:


i visit this link. but one thing is unclear that is – why Billing Models (cpc, cpm, cpd) option add in publisher dashboard. i think publisher cannot controll this. it is control only advertiser.

Publishers need to set up to 3 different contracts for each billing model (CPC, CPM or CPD) then Advertisers can choose one of these packages.

Hello, I already have Ads Pro installed and I am analyzing buying this addon: will you have any new updates? on what date? Thanks


All features are compatible with the newest wordpress and all works fine. Currently I have plans to release new features for Ads Pro main plugin. Still we are ready to add new improvements for MA add-on also, just now this is no need.


hello can i use my adsense code so user (publisher) can promote my ad code but i think adsense will block that i using the ad code to multiple site what do you think

than how can i earn money i don’t have advertiser

you say you can earn money by adsense using ads pro

We provide tools so Advertisers and Piblishers you need found yourself. Yes, you can use adsense in the Ads Pro.


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