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Add multilinguale support in your next versions. You internal translation tool is boring. Add WPML Please:

Thanks for your suggestion. I have this point on todo list but other tasks are in progress so I can consider it in the further updates.

Hi support, I purchased Ads Pro plugin.

Do I still need to purchase the Ads Pro Marketing Agency addon separately or it is already included in the Ads Pro plugin?


Do we have support team here atall.

Why is support so slow here?


MA is an add-on as in the name of the product name so it’s add-on for Ads Pro of course.

P.S. Contact me via the support form to get directly support.


Hi! Is there any way for the special features to work with the MA plugin? Like pop-up ad, floating, slider, etc.


Currently there is not possible use it with external non-wp sites.


hi this stop working broke our webseite we use ads and plugin for marketing agency where we add shortcode there broken webseite

we go t oads pro spaces but if we add new space or add ad to old spaces we read adds saved but no visible there is nothing marketign can add new space and new ads and visible on any webseite onli ads pro dont work

we try all check all number of ads image size check diferent image we can add spaces but no ads in space after save there is nothing

ok now work definitiv we deinstall this 2 plugin then install new

Hi, I’m interestted in yur plugin. Im managing a Wordpress website and a subsite using a custom CMS. I would like to add banners on my subsites. Will Geotargeting still works in subsites ?


Geotarget option is available for Ads Pro plugin only.


Does this plugin not track clicks to external URLS? The documentation is not clear.

We count any click.

I have a main site as wordpress. I want to sell ads from which is also wordpress. I want to set up zones that our company sells on , other subfolders and off domain websites we own. At the same time we want to allow others to set up their own ad zones and sell ad space using our agency service. Do i need to run the main adspro plugin and agency addon plugin on the agency site and add ourselves as a client and set up zones in agency service? or only install agency in subdomain and the main adspro plugin on the main wordpress site install? Where do I manage my own zones to sell to interested advertisers?

if I intall them both on the agency site . I would then create zones on the main site using the scripting and theme code etc. They would see all the zones being offered to advertise and the order form on . Is that all correct?

The answer for earlier comment I need clarification. Are you saying that geo targeting only works on the same site as the ads pro plugin? it doesnt work for any subsites that the code is being used on?

Yes, MA add-on allows you to display ad spaces on external sites lie Yes, geotarget can be used on the main site.

I just bought Ads Pro, thinking of buying this add-on as well.

With this addon, can Buddypress group admin sell ad space in their group?

My site has many groups, each group has a different admin.

You can use Hooks of Buddypress in the main Ads Pro plugin only.

When i click on the EYE icon to display the codes , and then when i copy and paste the code on the external site to show the banner , for some reason it shows the WHOLE website like an iframe of some sort of the Mainsite where i want to sell the ad space.

So Pretty much i sell ads spaces on SITE (A) to shwo on SITE (B), the code is showing the whole SITE (A) on SITE (B)


Contact me via the support form to get directly support.

P.S. Your support expired so you need to renew support service firstly.

no updates for nearly a year? Is this app still good to use?

Sure, still you can use it.

This plugin does not have frontend dashboard for users. don’t buy it

Don’t buy this plugin, it is not good. it will break your website, it does not have frondend for users, users will have to go through your backend which is horrible, the owner is no longer updating this plugin, that means is outdated and not compatible with current wordpress. don’t waste your money buying this plugin

I want to buy Ads Pro strictly for using the Marketing Plugin, however, there seem to be many issues which haven’t been addressed.

1 – There are obvious things that can be lightly updated, like new ads not showing on marketing plugin as stated above (was able to confirm after contacting them offsite)

2 – More than one user has complained about the frontend for users not working as seen in demo (was also able to confirm, twice)

3 – If Pop-ups, Layer adds, etc aren’t available to non-wp sites, then which formats ARE? This is critical information that is being left out.

Sadly, after looking at how long it takes to respond, It will probably take a month for you to reply. I remember when your support used to be top-notch.

1. / 2. Sorry but now I can’t confirm these points because I don’t know these problems. I need to know more details.

3. You can use defaut display type for non-wp sites.

Let’s say I have ad slots in the Ads Pro plugin running on my website, and I use this plugin to iFrame that ad slot into another non-wordpress website… will the AdSense fallback functionality still work on the external website?


Fallback option is available for wordpress sites only. Just choose in the settings which sites will be available to display ads.


Can you add the ability to run one add across the network of sites?

Currently there is not possible. Contact me via the support form to send more details about this point.

i try you sub demo and impossible to create ads on my website : Ad has not been saved. The buyer email, space id, billing model fields are required!

Send me screenshot of the form before click pay button then I will check it out.


rdudler Purchased


I have purchased the plugin and the add-on for marketing agency. It took me a while to find out how to display banners in other websites. It was not clear in the description – for me. So here are 2 more questions:

1. the Marketing Agency Parser must ONLY be inserted in the website where the banner is displayed (not in the main website) correctly?

2. how do I set that customers on my main website so they can independently enter their websites and define the banner places themselves?

(I have to send the Marketing Agency Parser to every customer afterwards – if they have a Wordpress website – to integrate it, right?)

If the customers has no WP website, how does they get the shortcode? Is it displayed somehow? (They would have to be logged in on the main website… which leads back to question 2).

Thanks for a quick explanation!

Great plugin by the way!

Regards, Raphael


1. Yes.

2. Here is simple guide how publishers can do this:

Here you can enable iframe option to display ads on external non-wp sites:
Ads Pro > Settings > MA add-on > Allow displaying Ads for other Sites (non-wordpress) > Yes


demo is not working, can you get if to work?

I can see that all works fine now.


rdudler Purchased

Hi, So you cannot delete ADs. At most, you can block them, right? But, more importantly: I can’t set my Merketing Agency Space from various websites to inactive, An idea?

Thank you. Raphael


Yes, in MA add-on users and admins can block ads only. It’s the best way to keep closed eco-system of ads.

Contact me via the support form to get directly support.


Can you tell me specifically what ad types are available for non wordpress websites?

Also can you tell me if geo targeting works on non wordpress site zones?

Does geo work for cities, states and countries?

Wordpress sites support all of display types but you can use only default one if you want to use it on non-wp site also.

Geotarget option is available in the main Ads Pro plugin.

is geo target available on off wordpress sites?

Geotarget is not available in MA add-on.

Can this Addon allow a customer to input their custom needs e.g clicks/views in a field and get a Total based on a defined rate, instead of getting a list of 3 predefined views/clicks by admin to choose from like in demo?

Sure, publishers can set 3 different contracts per each billing model.

I can see that, but can a customer buy custom numbers of Views/Clicks by inputting it in the order form without having to choose from the hard-coded ones? e.g. say if the rate per click is 0.01$ allow a customer to order their custom number of clicks by inputting it in the order form like the way it is at

Currently there is not possible. Just admin can use custom number of views or clicks. I have added this point on todo list anyway.


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