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Hello Everyone,

I would like to thanks all our customers for 180+ sales! Ads Pro is growing really fast thanks to constant updates and all your recommandations. :)

Please remember that we provide a directly support for all customers.
Support is available Monday – Friday and sometimes in Weekend.

Kind regards,

Hi! I bought your plugin, but I have not worked statistics due to improperly working link. Can’t remove the error. In the link added an extra parameter.

Clicking the Full statistics under the seat, opens the 404 page. Then I realized that the wrong link is generated. What could be the reason? Where to fix?

Here is a link formed http://belive.ru/ordering_form/%20%E2%80%8E?bsa_pro_stats=1&bsa_pro_email=konigsstein%40gmail.com&bsa_pro_id=48

But this should be: http://belive.ru/ordering_form/?bsa_pro_stats=1&bsa_pro_email=konigsstein%40gmail.com&bsa_pro_id=48


Sorry but I can’t see your purchase badge. Contact me via the form to get directly support.



krs1760 Purchased

Hi, I’m in problem. I purchase Marketing Agency addon. I found 2 zip files named 1. bsa-pro-parser-scripteo (509KB) and 2. bsa-pro-scripteo (27 KB).. But When I tried to installed the bsa-pro-scripteo.zip files, it said,

“Installing Plugin from uploaded file: bsa-pro-scripteo.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugin Installer”

as http://prntscr.com/drhk2j

How can I get the files and setup MA?


I replied you via the email.


Sent an email earlier today but perhaps you can help me here real quick. My install apparently didn’t come with the actual page templates. I cannot create and use the API page template because it doesn’t appear in the drop down list of templates when creating a new page. Running latest version of WP. Very few plugins. Everything else in the Ads Pro plugin works (both marketing and Pro) just don’t have page templates to complete the process so as to be able to embed externally.

Just wanted to reply here and say support took care of my issue right away. Very pleased with the experience. Didn’t get an immediate response but didn’t have to wait for days either. Great plugin. 5 stars.

hello, when i try to display an ad on a third site than the ads are cropt in the height. this happens when i use the iframe code but when i use the shortcode in the installed site it works. i try with 300×250px and my own size 120×200px. ads seem to have a maximum height of 140px.


Send me an example on your site. Contact me via the form to get directly support.


It would be nice if we could center the adspace/zone and give them a description for advertisers. Thanks

I will consider it for the further updates. Thanks for your suggestions!

hi, pre-sale Q> I see a lot of options for formats and templates for the ads. Is it also possible to have an ad as big as the screen size, full screen? Thanks in advance.


The layer option is possible to show for wordpress sites. I replied you via the email also.

Thanks for your interest in Ads Pro items!

i ask support no answer


I replied you via the email. Remember that our support is not available in the weekend.


I installed one of the zip files. Other wont install. You need to add some documentation to this plugin. There are no instructions on how to install or use it

NVM I found it

Having a minor css issue with your plugin. See attached image. The link that goes back to the websites is to close to the other text http://imgur.com/a/rvDou


Send me a live example on your site then I will send you custom css. I think that your css overwrite something.

Please note: I will be unavailable until 21 February so my next answer may take longer.


Will carousel by iframe be a future feature?


For sure it will not available for the iframe option but I think that we will provide js option in the further updates. Currently I can’t confirm estimated date. Just you can follow us.

Thanks for your interest in Ads Pro items!

Is there a way to change up or cloak the code on different websites. If we were to use this across one of our networks im a little worried Google would see a defining similar code and mark them as a Private Blog Network, De-indexing them instantly.

Im currently using Adbutler and the issue it the domain used for every code block. Basically the html links in every ad has the “Master domain” in it. Master domain in this case will be the one with your plugin installed.

Will every ad have a source code that links it to the Master domain?

Most people don’t think of this when they start putting ads on sites. Some are lucky some are not and some simply don’t notice but De-indexing and rank dropping is a major issue. If Google sees what they think is a PBN bam your business is wiped in seconds and will never return. Please note that under 30 sites managed may not get noticed but I plan on ramping the plugin up alot. Cloaking the referring URLs can help. Hope that makes sense.

Can you provide some technical ways to make it better?

Support will not available 6-7 March, so I will answer as soon as possible when I get back.


Great, that’s what I needed to hear. You care about improvements. Let me install and play with the plugin then ill find any weaknesses that may cause issues and recommend improvements.

Hi scripteo,

I got add manager pro and agency addon and need some help please, I have send you a pm using envato. Hope you can help me!

Regards Levtcreative

Hi, What do I do with the file bsa-pro-parser-scripteo there is no documentation?

Dont worry about it i figured it out. This plugin goes on the ad sites.

Hi! I’m having a problem configuring with my plugin … it was working normally, but it suddenly stopped working. So I checked to see if I had any configuration errors and in “Page Attributes” form the api page I can’t find the “ADS PRO – API” option. Can you help me?


I replied via the email.



acharyav Purchased

Hi, I can’t find ads pro API template in plugin package files. How to get api page template. Thanks


Please make sure that you are using the latest version of Ads Pro plugin (3.3.24).

Let me know if works after update.

i already have the main product..

how many sites can i install these?

also, ads pro plugin goes to where i will have all the control or these plugin? can i also change my domain