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What type of ad should I choose from the list in order to use background ad on a WP site? Is it Block 1920×1200?


BTW, why is ADS PRO – Marketing Agency Parser plugin loading all the ad type scripts when I only use Facebook1? This really wastes page loading time… Is it better to use iframe on WP sites too?

Yes, we use all css templates because there are small (few KB) files and it’s better and faster way than run few conditions to check which template are using.

Thanks, although it’s faster, it lowers down google insights score. I’ll test with autoptimize plugin to see if I can keep the good speed and score.

Bug report: When users delete a space with more than one ad, ad information remains on user control panel. When users try to edit the ad, following error shows up

“Ad Spaces are fully or doesn’t exists! Go here to add new Ad Space.”

Suggestion: Deleting spaces should also delete ads assigned, or give users option to assign to available other spaces.

>Of course you can delete ads, but firstly you need to block them.

Under blocked ads section, there’re only two options (unblock or edit). I’d like you to consider adding delete option here, so that I won’t see non used ads.

>All statistics you can see in the Statistics Module (on the same page as the order form installed).

I followed exactly on the setting page, where it says “Order Form you can display by shortcode [bsa_pro_form_and_stats]”, but I ignored this and set the order page of marketing addon to fix my problem.

Buy Ads Now+ button target link problem also fixed. You should advise market agency add on users not to use [bsa_pro_form_and_stats], but use [bsa_pro_agency_form] to make everything work fine.

Great to hear from you. Of course you are right. I thought that it was problem in the Agency Form. Thanks for your feedback!

Hi do ads pro work with adsence


You can use any HTML / JS (adsense also) code via HTML ad template.


what’s the current version?

Current version: 1.8.31

What if the nain site goes down or downtime of the main site? What will happen to the ads on other site?

Am i right to assume that i have one main site to handle ads while it display all my ads to different site?


Basically all you ads will shown fine because the plugin is installed via plugins networks module but I recommend to make sure that the main site will fine otherwise you will not be able to manage ads as well.


I just want to be sure as we always have a downtime.. so to be clear the other site ads will be fine even if the main site is down for awhile? It wont affect the ads?

Yes, ads will be fine, just you will not able to manage ads because admin panel will be unavailable. Of course I mean about sites in wp network. If you mean about external sites, of course your are will not available to show if the main site will downtime.

Hi. I see the using the agency add-on that users need to go to the backend to add their site. It´s too bad there is no front-end dashboard for publishers.

1. Also, it´s easy for people to sign up to buy ads, but how do publishers sign up? Do you need to add publishers manually in the backend (add user) and give them “seller” role? Is there anyway for them to signup in the front-end?

2. When I add users manually and give them “seller” role they can access many parts of the admin panel which are traditionally reserved for admins. For example, they can add pages and posts. How can I restrict what they see?

3. Most importantly, publishers see ads pro but they see many confusion options. For example, what do they click on “marketing agency” and they can see all ads (pending ads, last sold ads) and orders. They can even edit the orders.

4. When I log in as a publisher I can add my site, but when I try to add spaces it doesn´t work. It keeps saying no spaces are added. However, when I login as the admin I see my attempts to add spaces there but they are showing up as inactive.

Maybe I´m missing something but the dashboard for publishers seems a bit confusing compared to the other parts of this plugin.

Overall, I´m super happy with this pllugin. It´s amazing and super powerful. Thank you for creating it!!


Basically you don’t need to set users as “publishers” because their can add their sites and manage it themeselfs. Here you can see how users can add their sites and ad spaces, it’s really simple guide: http://adspro.scripteo.info/agency-order-form/

For sure I don’t recommend to set for users admin privileges because of protection reason.

Thanks for your kind words! :)


How can the php echo format work in other websites? I mean, the script is not installed on the other site, so how will the shortcode work? When I use the iframe it works, but the php echo do shortcode never works. And I want to display popup ads, I can not do that with the iframe option?


For external sites (non-wp) you should use iframe option or you can use shortcodes if you will use it for wp sites (with parser plugin – then you will be able to use pop-up ads). Currently there is not technically ways to show pop-up ads via the iframe option.


Hey couple of quick questions.

Can you code in wordpress dashboard updates for the plugins so we know when updates are ready.

Is there a way to set up a “Group” purchase. eg client wants to advertise on all sites related to dogs. They can select a group site package.



Currently I’m working on other improvements and features. I hope all changes for 4.0 Ads Pro version will be done and tested (it’s the major task for me) in 1.5-2 months and I will be able to start working on next update (like group for the sites) but now I can’t confirm any date. I have a bit support tasks everyday also. And I need to make any tasks / improvements one by one.


I bought this to show ads on all sub domains of my current site. Is there a way to import the current ad slots and ads to display on all sub domains that were bought before I installed the Marketing Agency?

I replied via the e-mail. Please keep one way to contact me because you will get support faster. The support e-mail is the best way to get fast and helpful support.


You went out for dinner 14 hours ago with a promise to fix the speed issue. You replied to my upgraded feedback from 1 star to 3 stars with 2 screenshots from different wordpress installations. Lets face it, I can prove it, your plugin slows page loads down by 7 seconds plus. I paid for this and I will not use this plugin on my sites because it will destroy them. Are you gonna improve the speed? People who buy this, please test page speed with un-cached pages and then with cached pages. The first visitor to your site is the most important, if you have this installed, page takes 7 to 12 seconds to load, second time they visit (if you have a good cache plugin, will be fast. I have ran many tests and I will 100% say, this plugin kills your site page load speed. It needs fixing. When it is fixed, it will be one of the best things you will ever buy, but at the moment, it makes pages so slow, it will kill your traffic. FIX IT.

I replied you via the e-mail.

hi there, i have a little problem … i’m tested the plugin … i made an ads space for sidebar … and i put 2 ads gif animated 300×250 but i saw the images little and down the image i saw the number of views … i don’t want see the number of vies and i can’t understand why the image are little … :( here you can see live: https://smart-notizie.it the ads are in the bottom… any suggestions? best regards

i there sorry I have resolve the problem … :) now i’ll try to understand the schedule … what u mean with “when repeat”? if i understand in schedule if i set when repeat for 30 days … after that the ads disappear ? right?


Just if you choose repeat action (blocking ad) for 30 days, that’s mean your ad will be disappear after each 30 days, for such (repeat) tasks I recommend to add second task which make this ad visible again.


Avoid this plugin, it kills page load by around 7 to 12 seconds. You can test this here http://britishtvchannels.com/testarea/ A fresh Wordpress install on a dedicated server. Developer will show you wrong pages when testing and is in total denial that his plugin is fast when infact, IT WILL KILL YOUR WEBSITE. DO NOT BUY THIS PLUGIN AND ENVATO, SEND ME A REFUND RIGHT AWAY.

It’s response time of your server so please don’t write untruth. Look at TTFB value: https://pasteboard.co/Vv85Y4wQ.png

No it is not, it is a really badly written plugin. Stop blaming my dedicated server and fix the plugin!!

Have you fixed the speed issues in this update?

I wish you would look into it because I tried it on 2 servers from 2 different providers and the parser is trying to GET data that is not available. I really wanted this plugin but it needs not to slow down my website. If you can work on it, I will gladly buy it.

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Please do not publish my email address or my email account in public comments. I asked for help, your plugin slowed my website down, I got angry which I am sorry for. Your plugin would be worth its weight in gold to me if I could get it to work without the GET of unused resources or resources that do not exist. If that could work, I would purchase it again and leave 5 stars. We all get stressed at times and I regret my words. Your main script is amazing, this plugin I really want and I want it to work on my site.