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I think this is a great script and a must-have! I will definately wait for the DB version.

Hey Pixalax, you can count me in for buying it when it gets released! Thanks for the reply.

Hello rianvisser,

Thanks, I will let you know when it is ready & approved :)

1. Does this work with any ad code on a site or is it specific for Google Adsense? I’m interested in including this feature in my website.

2. Is there a time limit I can adjust for how long the ads are gone for the user that clicks?

3. Is it possible to adjust the clicks to 1 and the ads are removed?

4. I’m assuming some code needs to be placed around my ads, so that the script knows what to “disappear” for return visits?

5. Can the message that notes “Thank you for clicking” be set to not disappear until it’s clicked? When I tested the demo and used the new tab/window ads, when I closed them, I only saw the “thank you” message for a split second before it disappeared. I’d like it to stay until a user clicks the box or the shadowed area.

Great script, very interested.

Hello Gutspiller

Firstly thank you for your interest.

1. It works with any ADS code, it removes the wrapper and any content in it. That’s why it is not just Google Adsense specific.

2. Yes, you can set-up a time limit. By default it is 1 Day. You can change it to 30 seconds, 6 hours, 7 Days, 1 Year and so on.

3. Yes, you can set-up maximum allowed clicks. It can be 1 or 100, it is all up to you.

4. Yes, a wrapper element around your ads code is needed. By default it is removing HTML tags which has following class ‘as_ads_guard’. However you can change it, remove it, or use your own attributes and selectors. jQuery plugin allows it to be used with any selector.

5. Current version doesn’t not to disappear until itis clicked. However you can set up a time limit. This way you can set when you want it to disappear. I can add this feature with the next version.

As for displaying the message for a split second for new tab (_blank) a new tab opens and it is set to 3 seconds. 3 seconds later it disappears.

The same window ads (_self) just like Google Adsense it is a completely different story. Once it is clicked, after recording the IP, it directly redirects to clicked ADS’s page. Not much of a chance to display / show a thank you message.

I’m sure, interupting and manipulating such ADS codes would be against the user agreement. However I will check a work around for such cases.

Maybe upon a new visit to page, informing the visitor that he has supported the website for today (or within given time limit) and (s)he can enjoy ads free site.

Once again thank you for your interest.

Awesome idea. Have you tried it with adsense yet?


Thanks for the purchase bakerman.

DB version would be more suitable for websites which has a lot of visitors & clicks. It would work faster.

Let me know if you need any help with integrating it to your website.

Thanks mate. This works as expected and really easy to integrate. I highly recommend this script to everybody who wants to protect their adsense account. Somebody below commented that this script is against googles TOS. It is not as the adsense code do not have to be modified.

Thank you for sharing your opinion and information about Google TOS bakerman.

This is a wonderful idea, bookmarked for now wanting on database. Keep up the great job :)

Thank you Ace47 :)

Awesome Script

i dont have wordpress can i implement this on blogger ?? or any html

Hello there scripten

This is not a WordPress plugin (by the way, if anyone needs a WP plugin for ADS protection it is is here).

This file requires a PHP file to work with. If you run PHP 5.x and above you can implement it on HTML pages as well like I did with some extra examples.

I have never had to deal with blogger before. I really don’t know anything about it at the moment.

New Update;

1. iframe support added.

Please note that it just checks clicks inside the iframe. It doesn’t actually checks if a link is clicked or not. Considering the source of iframe is another website for security reasons we can’t directly listen clicks on specific elements.

Update is being submitted.

Update has been submitted and waiting for approval.

Against adsense period but nice script if you get banned dont ask why ;)

Hello Chl?tzxer,

Firstly, thank you for the info. Could you be more specific such as where exactly it is stating such script is against Google Adsense’s user policy?

It doesn’t do any clicking to Adsense. It just removes the codes from the page. This way you will have less trouble about getting banned due to fraud clicks.

Considering it doesn’t directly do any clicking or any manipulation to the ads code, it should be safe to use.

Some people / bots / macro etc. could abuse your ADS just by clicking on your ads. I don’t think there would be another effecient solution for such problem for the time being.

whatever hidding ads is already against tos i dont wanna explain anymore good luck with sales i wont use something that helps getting banned from adsense ;) ask google yourself and put a screeshot of what they tell you…

Thanks Chlitzxer.

I’m on it. I’m digging into the subject. I will share the information I find.

Güzel, Tebrikler.

Tesekkurler, 1scripter.

Very useful, Yeah DB Version and wordpress plugin please :)

Hello 666666,

Thank you. DB version is ready. I will just check one last time before uploading it as a new item and wait for approval.

I recommend Adsense Click-Fraud Monitor by renehermi. Great piece of WP plugin with similar functions like ADS Guard with jQuery.

Wow that’s awesome :) Thank you very much for such a beautiful script! :)

Database version is ready and approved. You can find database version here:

Hello, I recently purchased this script for my website, and created a test page to test it first before implementation, but every time I open the test page, it gives me popup error, “Couldn’t check the data! All ADS will be removed for security reasons”. The database tables are empty, I wrote everything correctly in configuration file, so it can’t be that I did something wrong. What is going on?

Hello ggmustafa85,

It seems I forgot the add a reply here on CodeCanyon. Let’s continue via e-mail. Considering you shared some sensitive information with me, I don’t feel comfortable to further support on public as I believe you won’t be as well.

I wish you best of luck with your projects.

P.S. I replied to your last e-mail, waiting for your reply.

Hi… i think buy this Script. This Running?

Hello jcris1988,

I don’t think I understood you clearly. What exactly do you mean by running? If you mean if it works, you can check out the demo and see it in action.

It is also tested with Google AdSense code.

We also replied to your e-mail.

We wish you best of luck with your project.

how to put in blogger blogspot?

Hello diegocaetanop,

First off thank you for your purchase. In order to use the script anywhere, you need to upload the files to your hosting. I don’t know Blogger (I never used it) but do they give you any kind of hosting or FTP access etc?

Hi still this is working ?

Hello creatorkarthik,

Yes it still works. I’d recommend Pro version though.

friend I found a problem when I click some, but if I refresh the page which is inside the div class will reappear, and the document.ready function code is working.

Hello diegocaetanop,

Could you please send us an e-mail through our profile. We provide support through e-mail for the moment within our working hours.

It seems something not working properly. It might be about write / read permissions for the data it keeps since it doesn’t remove the ads from the page after you reload the page.

We can check it out for you, please contact us through our profile.

Got here, now other doubt, how do I work remotely, because I saw that works only on the same domain / site, I needed to know how kind I hispedo everything in site1 and I’ll use the src javascript to work on site2 it all remotely . thank you

Hello diegocaetanop,

Yes, it can be done although you’d need to modify the jQuery plugin a bit. By the way, if you are considering to use it on more than 1 site, I’d recommend PRO version as it uses MySQL database instead of keeping data in a file.

It would be much faster.

P.S. PRO version wouldn’t really require modification. You could just use the same database and upload the script on each of website. This way without modification of jQuery plugin, you can just use it on all websites you have. PRO version is exactly the same. The only difference is it is using MySQL database to keep the data.

please check your email RE: [CodeCanyon] Welego replied to your comment on ADS Guard with jQuery Plugin

Hello diegocaetanop,

Don’t reply to such e-mail as it is just notification e-mail and your reply won’t get to me.

You’ve sent me emails through my profile, I just received them. I’ll check it and get back to you as soon as possible.

Dear admin, can this work on blogspot/blogger? Can I uploaded this script somewhere else and link to my blogspot/blogger?

Yes, it does. don’t support php, I can only link javascript. Any solution? Can I host php files in other webhosting and link the javascript to blog. Will it work?

As I have mentioned in my first reply it will need some tweaking / customizing but using it in a similar way is possible.

This being said, it won’t work right out of the package for Blogger. If you don’t know how or don’t have any one to do required customization, you can always contact me through my profile.