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I use cloudflare on my site, this plugin block the cloudflare ip address instead of the user ip address.

It has to find the user ip address and block that.

Do you have any solution for that?

Hello indrar1984,

Please check your e-mail. I’ve replied to your support request.

I use cloudflare on my site, this plugin block the cloudflare ip address instead of the user ip address.

It has to find the user ip address and block that.

Do you have any solution for that?

Hello indrar1984,

Please check your e-mail. I’ve replied to your support request.

Respected i interested your script add gurad can you tell me please adsense secure or

my three question plesae

1. this use only wp plug in or any php website also

2. if php website allow ho we set the click from one ip set for user

3. if wp plug in have the admin set the ip of banned automatic after 1 click shure or not please if shure the after one click ip baned for 7 days or 5 days

4. if i purhcase which code put on the page and also put in adsensece after and before or any code only put on header

some confuse help me i thanksfull to you plesae

Hello aimanamjad,

Thank you for your interest, let me answer to your questions fast;

1. This is not a WP plugin. It can be used in any website which supports PHP & MYSQL.

2. Once visitor clicks, it sends the IP address information to PHP part of the item and it records it to the database.

For your questions number 3 and 4, I’d recommend checking documentation which is located here

Hi, great product. Before buy it i have a few questions:

1. If i have two sites using only PHP & MySQL i have to buy two of this??? i.e. your product is activated for one and only one site per product??? or if i buy it once i can install it on all of my sites???

2. It guards adsense ads pretty well???

3. This product is adsense ban safe???

Hello feltoxXx,

First off thank you for your purchase.

1. Yes, if you buy single license, you would have to buy a license for each domain / website you use. I guess Extended license should cover multi-site usage depending on your usage though. The license terms are defined by Envato, not the authors though.

2. & 3. Yes, I have tested it on different websites, different AdSense accounts. Some of those sites are tested even before I published the item here. No problems so far. Also no real ban issue from buyers so far (not that I know of at least).

However I can’t really guarantee it will be ban-safe for all Ads codes and / or it will stay ban-safe forever.

It doesn’t modify the ads code you add to your web pages which makes it safe to use.

Hi still the script is working ?

Hello creatorkarthik, Sorry for the delay, Monday being Monday I guess. Yes, it still works. You can check out the demo / live preview.

Hi Welego , Hope you doing gud , i have custom modification can you able to do ?

Thanks, I hope you’re doing good too.

Please send us an e-mail about your needs through our profile page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We wish you best of luck with your projects.

Hallo nice to meet you and your product :) I need it for my website that support Mysql and PHP … my question is : How to install it ? it is easy ?


Hello, nice to meet you too. I’d say it is really easy to install. However you can check out the documentation and decide for yourself (if it is easy for you or not).

We wish you best of luck with your projects

hallo thanks i have installed the script but how can i verify if work ?? I cannot click on my google ads !! :)


We’ve replied to your e-mail, let’s continue over e-mail.

I have same problem with CloudFlare!

Hello besartcana,

Please send me an e-mail. I’ll have to send you altered version for CloudFlare.

This error?

Couldn’t check the data! All ADS will be removed for security reasons

Hello hitman13,

You either couldn’t show the right path for the data or PHP part can’t access to your database (such as wrong credentials).

Could you send us an e-mail via our profile page and let us know about your website please?

We wish you best of luck with your projects.

is it still working fine, cause I see it’s last updated in 2013. I Have a application or script that generate qrcodes and I would like to put adsense in there, so does this script does the job for my qrcodegenerator script and site to protec my adsense account against invalid impressions & invalid or repeated clicks etc?

Hello 666666,

Yes, it still does work. If you’d like to use it for Google AdSense, I’ll send you an updated JS version which works better with it.

It should work on your website just fine. All you need to do is to follow instructions.

If you get stuck anywhere, just drop me an e-mail. I’ll help you out.

I’d like to add that just one thing to avoid any possible misunderstandings; please note that Envato Item Support does not include free item installation or customisation.

I wish you best of luck with your projects.

Hi Triple Bits, Recently my adsense account was blocked stating invalid activity performed from google. Can your plugin solve this problem. Thank you.

Hello Lattiners,

Sorry by mistake I have replied to the e-mail notification yesterday, didn’t notice it was a notification for comment.

ADS Guard will protect your ADS however it won’t unblock your Google AdSense account. What ADS Guard offers is to make it harder both for people and automated programs to click spam on your ads thus provides protection.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

My questions 1 – Can I edited the code 2-  Can I use it on more than one site

Hello arageh,

Thank you for your purchase. Let me answer to your questions fast;

1. Feel free to edit the code however please note that it can’t be resold after the editing.

2. If you have purchased “extended license” then yes, you can use it on more than one website.

how are you sir i ask about this problem

I use cloudflare on my site, this plugin block the cloudflare ip address instead of the user ip address.

It has to find the user ip address and block that.

Do you have any solution for that?

Hello arageh,

Sorry, I guess I’m not getting e-mails for comments. However I guess you have sent an e-mail and everything is OK right now about this issue.

hi sir i have big problem with Google AdSense and

when i make my code example

<script async src=”//”></script> <!- auto -> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script>

and when click the ads not blocked also when use your text example its blocked and work fine

so I want to strongly use my code with JavaScript like this

<!- My Google AdSense Code ->

Hello Arageh,

I have sent you an e-mail today (yesterday we had national holidays so I wasn’t working). It seems you had a problem with opening the e-mail. I’ll send zipped file today.

your script is working?

Generally speaking yes it does. May I know what would you like to use it for? I can at least say when I tested it for that type of ADS last time.

I would like to use it for adsense, but I would like it to increase the limit that ad delay appears to the same ip that already made the click, is it possible?

I have tested with AdSense few months back. Generally speaking it should work with it. Increasing the limit of clicks is also possible.

If it doesn’t work and I can’t get it fixed, you can always ask for a refund I believe. As for my part, I’ll approve the refund request if that will be the case.

Why is this script not receiving updates since 5 years? Is this script still working fine? Does it support latest php versions? Can you discount this item’s price for cyber monday (50%)?

It should as it is JavaScript base code really. What PHP part does is to save records to the database.

However, I’m planning to re-check and update if necessary in close future :)


Lokmana Purchased

I have installed adsguard get blank page settings dont work


Lokmana Purchased

I use cloudflare adguard block cloudflare ip how can i solved


Lokmana Purchased

If i click on ads going not to ads url but ads is hidden how can i solved is problem with adsense tos

Hello Lokmana,

You’d need to replace `$_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]` to `$_SERVER[“HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP”]` as CloudFlare is hiding this IP.

I am not sure if I understood your last question right. Perhaps you can e-mail me?


Lokmana Purchased