ADS Guard PRO with Database and jQuery Plugin

ADS Guard PRO with Database and jQuery Plugin

ADS Guard is a stand alone add-on for your website.

You can protect your Google Adsense account or any other Ads publisher account from click frauds.

ADS Guard comes with jQuery plugin so you can protect your website without refreshing the pages.

Important : This item keeps ip logs.


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Change Log

Version 1.0.0 (02.06.2013)
  1. iframe* support added.
  2. Initial release
iframe support
Please note that for security reasons you can’t actually listen clicks on specific element(s) when iframes source is another website. This support is a work around. It just listens to click inside the iframe element.

Text advertisements it will count as a click even if the link directly isn’t clicked. When there will be a different, better solution to this problem, I will update it with newer approach.

Looking for a light version without database?

There is a light version which doesn’t use database. Check ADS Guard with jQuery Plugin out.

Looking for a WordPress ads protection plugin?

I recommend Adsense Click-Fraud Monitor by renehermi. Great piece of WP plugin with similar functions like ADS Guard with jQuery..