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i don’t know why but this is not working on my website: www.modmydroid.net

i tried both sincrono and asincrono adsense ads and all alignment… it doesn’t display :/

It looks like same, but both the codes have a small difference of quotations. Which are conflicting with the script. Use the ad code exactly in the same format as I have mentioned above. I have checked the plugin with your ad code, it is working fine. Please add the code I have given above, and let me know if you are still facing the problem?

yes, i’ve copy pasted the exactly code you gave to me but the same thing happen! if you would like, we can continue the disccussion on google talk? here is my mail giovanni.rocca.90@gmail.com

5 star to you meanwhile for the support!

Sure, Invitation sent. Thanks :)

is it possible for you to offer more ad slots? I would love to have 16 so I could go 2 ads side-by-side for 8 rows or 4 ads in 4 rows

Of course, I can extend the number of ad slots for your copy as per your need. After purchasing the plugin, kindly shoot me an email.

Hello, am interested to buy your plug in if it supports those options:

1. support multisite?

2. suport w3tc?

3. The authos will have the option whatever ad they want in every site

4. Depending on how many posts the author is writing, his percentage will increase. (for “x” posts the author takes the “X”% and the admin the “x”%)

5. Option to show an ad automatically before and after the post without the use of a shortcode. And show an ad after a “x” number of paragraphs.

It is delayed much but be sure, it will be released within few days.

hello again, any news?

Hi, i need a plugin for ads, what i want is to be able to add ads in widgetized area with shortcodes but in one place to have ads that rotate , i mean i have a widget in a sidebar, i pu a shortcode inside and in the same widget space to have rotate in refresh with other ad, so in the same place i have add for product 1, in refresh, ad for product 2 etc, can i do that with your plugin…?

Kind regards, xrisxal2000


You can add ads in widgetized area using short codes, but this plugin does not have feature of switching ads on page refresh. However, I like the idea, and noted down for the next release.

Thank you :)

Yes, it’s cool future and very important for a lot people because they can have their clients happy and not saying, he is first, i am second etc :-) and another cool feature that i have not find anywhere is to be able to have ads rotation via groups…i have 20 ads and 3-4 places in a sidebar, and the ability to switch over. I have very basic knowledge and i don’t know if this is doable, but if you manage you will have something unique!!

Have fun! Kind regards, xrisxal2000

Please check the plugin got its new version.

Hi, does this plugin support multiple authors? I have more than one writer, and want to differentiate what ads show on which article. Can I specify, show these ads, on this authors post? Then show these other set of ads on another authors post? Is that possible? Thanks!

No the plugin doesn’t have this feature yet.

I just purchased this plugin and want to put a google javascript ad below my main page content on this page http://www.halloweeneventsusa.com – The drop down box on the front page post does not show this option – only ad 1, 2, 3 and 4… so now what? HELP please

You can use ad shortcode after main post loop.

Hi, I like this plug-in . How do I update on a wordpress website to the newest version? What do I do – delete it and reinstall the latest version? That would mean resetting up my ads?

Are you wishing to update the plugin or your WordPress Version? Whatever you are wishing to do, First make a saved copy of the ads, as you may be need to configure it after update. However you will not loose any ad data.

Hi, I still have not updated this. Yes it is on several of my word press sites. By a backup of the ad – you mean copy the code from the plug-in bakend dashboard? Do I uninstall this plug-in then and reinstall it (with the new version? And paste the code back in

As this plugin doesn’t create any database, so if you uninstall the plugin you will lose all the saved ads code, so you first make of save copy of them then uninstall it. Yes, you will have to do so.

This plugin appears to be broken, it doesn’t even load all the slots in the available Ads Adder+ widgets and it doesn’t save slot 2. Even if I add the code in a different ad slot, slot 2 still doesn’t save (even if empty). Some code doesn’t work in some slots and the only slot that appears to do anything in slot 1.

All in all, this plugin is a bit of a mess disappointingly and shouldn’t really cost anything until it works better…

There could be conflict with any other plugin. We checked it is working very well. The most possible conflict could be with your site jQuery version. Please let us know your site url, we would help with the possible conflicts.

Unlikely. Modern and maintained theme. URL is designhaven.co.uk. The only Ads Adder+ slots on the page are the one in the left sidebar displaying Adsense.

There could be problem with your installation. We have rechecked the plugin there is nothing broken, Its working perfectly. Also make sure if you are using any plugin which uses jQuery ui. Try uninstalling other plugins and reinstall this plugin. Also if you need we can arrange a real-time support to analyze and fixed the error on your site.

Hi there,

I purchased this plugin hoping it would load the ads via AJAX which is what I’m looking for in the particular project I’m working on. However I found it’s just a straight shortcode thing, like a template, which is nice and simple, but too simple for what I’m looking for at this time.

I wont be using your plugin and I would greatly appreciate if you’ll be kind enough to understand and give me a refund for it.

Again, there is nothing wrong with the plugin, it’s just not what I was looking for and I wont be using it.

Thanks in advance!

We understand that, but in such case can’t process refund. Please let us know what feature you are missing? Or looking for? So we can work on that and add in upcoming version.


stooni Purchased

Hello i will insert the ads but nothing siee i have the Shopkit Theme!

I inserted with Shortcode, with normal WP Content – Text View or with Raw Java Script from JS!

i do not see any here https://bio-oeko-fairtrade.ch/ Second Row on Right Side under Title “Werbung”!


Hello, we are sorry to hear that, are you using any caching plugin?