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Great idea, and Great App,

I have one question, how hard will it be to change the graphics, and the cars?

only change the png file included :)


Is this game available in the App Store to test it on a device?

is available.

is this compatible with iOS 5?

@onyx808 yes, it’s iOS 5 compatible. i bought it off the app store (.99) to see if it was any good. Cool game. Just search for “miami race” and you’ll find it.

My only complaint is that it advertises “Made for iPad” and i guess technically that’s true because you can play it on an ipad but there is no native iPad version. On my iPad 2 i had to play it @ iphone app size ;(

is not optimized for ipad… the screen and the image is small… change all the graphic for ipad resolution… X2

in the apple store…. for sell many app… you write what you want :)

When running it in xCode the build fails with this error

Sign error: The identity 'iPhone Distribution' doesn't match any identity in any profile

Any help on this? :)

insert your certificate in app setting

you MUST have an apple developer id

is only a wanrning is not problem for submit to apple store :)

also where did you get the cars from?

internet… reduce and photoshop :)

@chrisedwards Make sure your Code Signing elements are listed as iPhone Developer not iPhone Distribution.

Great app, is ever used in the app?

cut scene is only test file for video intro not implemented

Hi. Well i got the code and yes, its pretty cool. Only problem i see is this is a one level game of 60 seconds. When you have completed this 60 seconds, you can start again…

BUT , its the same exact game that repeat itself, no variations in cars position and speed. So after completing it, it get very boring very fast…

I hoped this would be worth the money and time, but i have to lok elsewhere.


when the race finish… you can add more street or more level in the code ..but you add and know a new code :)

any chance on a high score system that sends data about the user back to my site? Also I’ll need to add my logo at the start of the game.

yes.. you can send data at site, database,post,json etc etc.. but you insert another piece of code when race finish or when you crash a car… in this version is not included

seems to be a nice game :)


Hi, cool looking app!

How hard would it be to add extra levels to this of increasing complexity (with an angry birds style level menu)?

Do I need to have a mac + developers license to use this?

(phone dev noob :P)

is not present extra level the license is necessary only for pubblish on apple store

I’m going to buy this item! Just one question, do you have instruction document or something in there? I’m a totally stranger with cocos2d. Will it works on iOS 5?

is not created by cocos2d but native code and works on ios 5

I’ve tried to add Nextpeer but didnt work. It’s actually just add a few nextpeer code you can find it at Can you help me so I can make this game multiplayer? Please.. Tks

this game is not ready for multiplayer

is this updated for iOS7?