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How to install AdPress?

There are two ways to install AdPress:

1. From WordPress, Plugins-> Add new -> Upload. Select the file that you downloaded from CodeCanyon and activate the plugin.

2. With FTP, first you’ll need to unzip the file that you downloaded from CodeCanyon. Then, upload the unzipped folder to your WordPress plugins directory.

Where can I find the help files?

The help files are located in the “help” folder in the same folder as the plugin.

After you download the ZIP file from CodeCanyon, unzip it and you’ll find inside it a “help” folder.

Is AdPress responsive?

Yes and No. This will depend on your mainly on your theme. However, usually you’ll have to make a few changes to the CSS to make the ads fully responsive.

AdPress provides a way to inject CSS code and target your Ads.

How to get support for AdPress

If you have difficulties, found a bug or purchased the plugin and have a question, please use the Support Ticket system:

Does AdPress work with caching?

If you have a caching plugin that delivers static pages (without running WordPress), then AdPress won’t function properly. A work-around this, is to use PowerAd ( and display Ads with HTML/JavaScript instead.

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