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Hi there,

I have a lot about 4 websites. I want to do a website that will serve the ads for all those website, is that possible for this?

Can I setup to sell ads on an individual post or a page? If so, will I have to create different campaigns within the dashboard and select the page? Is this possible with this plugin? I want the different clients to advertise their services on different page.


I’m looking for a plugin that can let me create call to action for my own website. So, I want a tool that can add a call to action onto my blog post that redirect to my product page. And I want to run A/B testing and get analytics of conversion.

I won’t use it for ads / adsense or external ads service at all, only for call to action for my own product.

Is it possible to use you’re tool for that usage?

Thanks for your help and best regards, Nicolas