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Your demo site is SUSPEND..haha :)

Demo suspended and poor description. What is this script for?

I don’t understand your script. What is this script for?

I argue to update codeigniter 3.x.x and over all great job.

These extraordinary job

Hi, can you explain ? is it code igniter with template aminLTE with database connection ? regards

do you mean there have some data for display ?

thanik you for your poor support

This template is not with database connection, but you can connect with your own database using the functions already available on CodeIgniter :D sorry we’re late reply, best regards

nice one, but i wish if I’ll know CodeIgniter , are you willing to teach me and i can pay you ? i want to design lawyer database

thank you, you can learn CodeIgniter on its site and it’s free, best regards

is this html?

yes, but it is written in PHP

is this a module for codeigniter or Css files for skin ?? also what about the php files? does it make an automatic generation of the files?

not, this is a template that has been implemented adminLTE with CodeIgniter, best regards

Hello, I have a script in codeigniter which want to adapt the adminlte, you may help me with this work

hello Blaconnect, if we can we will help you, best regards

That price would have this integration and that time might have list , Greetings

Hi frameborder, can you help me. How to use controller in AdminLTE Integrates With CodeIgniter. I created a controller with name is Testcontroller.php in front/controllers folder. But i can’t use url: http://myurl/Testcontroller or http://myurl/index.php/Testcontroller, and when id submit data, where do i use $this->input->post(‘submit) to get data. Thanks alot!

Hello, i buy the template Codeigniter + Admintle, but any link does not work !!!

if only the home , of course, that’s not what I expected much less

Can you tell me anything about it?

Thanks you.

Hi! I need an integrated adminlte codeigniter , but really! . What will you offer? Thank you.

The support is null in this plugin and the plugin is nothing more than codeigniter with folders moved . A fraud! Luckily , I paid by paypal . Start paypal dispute .

Hello, this AdminLTE which integrates with CodeIgniter, the folder structure is changed it is described in the description of the item should you read it. Best regards

Hi, I just need a little bit more convincing. Codeigniter is free. AdminLTE is free. So why should i buy it from you, when i can download both for free? I’m not being sarcastic here, don’t get me wrong. I just want to know if there is anything special added to it. Thanks

Hi, yes you are right, in this product you get adminLTE that has been integrated with CodeIgniter as described in the product description. Also you can save time not to integrate it from the beginning. Best regards

Nice ! GLWS!