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This looks AMAZING.

On my buy list for May.

Can it be extended to WOOCOMMERCE products? Pages? Portfolios or custom posts?

If so, I know all of my clients will want this. Lots’ of licenses out there to sell. This could be a universally important too.

Great great job!


Hello Christhree,

As promised, we have just released version 1.3 which includes support not only for posts but also pages and custom post types, including WooCommerce products!

Hope this makes the plugin attractive to more of your clients.


!!!! yes! that is good news. I’ll be picking this one up on my next code product shopping spree. Probably this week!


Hi Christhree,

Got your email last week and replied right away, just wanted to make sure you were getting my messages.

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you.

I spend all day working on Wordpress sites and being able to see the actual post without the need to open it makes such a big difference. So simple and yet so effective. The plugin works nice and smooth.

I would also be interested in using it for my WooCommerce products, hope you upgrade this feature in future releases. Let me know and thank you again!

Hi martab22. Thanks!

Glad you are finding the plugin useful already. We will definitely keep improving it in future releases over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on your email notifications for new releases. We’ll also try to push the WooCommernce integration up on our to-do list ;)

Excellent Idea. But still a bit to crude:
  • In preview images are squashed and streatched. Looks kinda terrible. Displaying in masonry grid format instead would be better. Or at least cropped. Current streathing is the worst possibe option.
  • Option to view Either fatured image or content or both, should be configurable. Personally I find the content preview with scrollbar annoying and it steals mouse wheel scroll, so that main page doesn’t scroll on mouse wheel.

Needs some gui improvement and beautification. Uninstalled for now and rated 3/5.

Hello Emidel,

Just wanted to let you know version 1.2 is now ready for download.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi hoiol, Thanks for the superfast update.

If you want users to be able to preview post content, then seriously consider getting rid of the scrolling. This is a preview – no need to show the entire text and introduce all the caveats (including stealing of page scroll on mousewheel) of putting a scrollable field there. For me it looks messy, because I also have images embedded in the posts, which makes the post content preview area look extremely cluttered. That’s why I want the option to disable the post content preview (I guess most users would only only need featured image and post title to be able to navigate their posts, thats why I think it makes sense for you to make it user configurable).

Thanks again – keep it up. Really like the idea of this plugin. Rerated to 4/5.

Hello emidel,

Thank you for rerating us after the fix!

We have just released version 1.3 which includes support for pages and custom post types, including WooCommerce products.

As you can see we haven’t just launched the plugin and forgot about it, we are committed to its development and will continue to improve it in the weeks to come.

I can’t offer you an exact date for the release of these features, but I can tell you we are working on a settings page that will allow each user to decide what to show/hide on their grid, including the content and other useful information (for some at least) like categories and tags. Hopefully you’ll even consider rerating us to a 5/5 after this release comes out! :)

We’ll keep you posted. Thanks again for your feedback and patience.

This plugin solves a problem for one of my clients.

However, it lacks one feature they need that I hope you can add to a future version: filtering by Category or at least showing the Categories each post belongs to. Filtering would be better.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hi kingsnafu,

Glad you find the plugin useful! :)

As for your suggestions, a future release we are working on (not the one that will likely come out on Monday but a future one) will include a setting page were you’ll be able to personalize a few things, including what information you want to view for each post, posts per page, etc. that should allow you to see what categories a post belongs to. Filtering is something we hadn’t considered, but now that you mention it it sounds like something other people could find useful too so we’ll keep it in mind, thanks for suggesting it!

Keep an eye on the updates!

removed as you have already done :)

and maybe add this feature too for posts and pages in you plugin, https://wordpress.org/plugins/reveal-ids-for-wp-admin-25/

Hi designworks-group,

Thanks for the purchase, glad we could meet your first suggestion even before reading the comment! :)

As for showing the post ID, a future release we are working on will include a settings page were you’ll be able to personalize a few things, including what information you want to view for each post. We hadn’t considered including the post ID amongst these options, but we’ll definitely study the possibility now that you’ve suggested it.


Hello, is this WPML-compatible ? By this I mean two things: Does it pull the posts/products from the language the person is editing.. and if a post or product is deleted does it delete the other language version of it (inasmuch as WPML has been set up to function that way under its preferences) ? THX.

Hi lanstudio,

Thank you for asking before purchasing. The plugin hasn’t been tested with WPML at this point. Let us run a few tests and get back to you on this.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi Ianstudio. Just wanted to update you. We have applied for a WPML developers license so that we can test the plugin and make changes if needed to make it compatible. We are waiting on the WPML team to get back to us and will get to work as soon as they do.

Hi, do you think you might later add support for some type of quick edit feature like the normal Wordpress post list offers?

Hello NoahjChampion,

Thank you for your interest in my plugin. In all honesty I am working in a new release with some new features to go out in a few weeks, but quick edit isn’t one of them… it brings a whole new level of complexity to the plugin and I’m trying to keep it simple. So to answer your question, I don’t think I will be adding that functionality in the near future, but who knows, maybe in a couple of months or so!

Sorry for that.


Is this plugin still supported and is it multisite compatible?

Hello Youglobalize!

Yes and yes. Yes, this plugin is still supported, and yes it is multisite compatible.

Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions. In the meantime, have a great start of the year!

Hi, The plugin is compatible with wordpress version 4 and with woocommerce 2.5 version? Thanks

Hello verit01,

Yes, the plugin has sucesfully been tested with WordPress 4.4 and WooCommerce 2.5.2.

Please let me know if you have any further questions :)

Hi. I am very interested in this plugin because I think it solves the problem of my client. I would like to know if the post grid is filterable using post categories and tags. Thank you very much.

Hello Paconunez,

Unfortunately the plugin does not have a feature to filter posts by categories or tags, it’s just a enhanced view of the regular admin post list page and therefore only has the same features as the regular admins post list page.

I just purchased and installed this plugin on multisite 4.5.1 and the search posts input and field are missing on the grid page, which makes it almost unuseable when you have many posts. Is there a fix?

Hello everetts,

The plugin does not support searches at the moment, and although adding that feature is in my to do list I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to add it any time soon as I’m caught up with work. It doesn’t show on any of the plugin screenshots either.

If this feature is a must for you then I’m happy to refund you for your purchase. You will have to contact evanto in order to get the process started and I will accept the refund right away.

Really sorry I cant offer a better solution at this time.


Can you change the image ratio from 4:3 to 16:9?

Hello dessibob,

The current image ration is 1:1. In order to make it 16:9 you will need to edit one line of CSS code. If you are comfortable with that I can let you know which line to edit and what to change in order to make that happen.

Hello mirlostudio,

Your plugin is just what i was looking for since DAYS!! I would like to know it is possible to add filters on the top of the page?

Thank you very much.

Hello Momosampali,

Thank you very much for your kind words! Updating this plugin has been in my to-do list for weeks I must admit, however I don’t have an ETA as for when I’ll be able to do so… Unfortunately at the moment there are no filters.



jcmlny Purchased

Hi I have a problem, now when I check to view the post shows that http://soloremediosnaturales.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Problem.png I tried to reinstall the puging but didnt help, please help me, thanks :)

Wow! that’s weird… unfortunately I’m in the middle of a big project right now and don’t have time to troubleshoot this. If you want to apply for a refund I will happyly accept it. Really sorry…

hello, are you still working on this plugin? It seems last update is 2 years old and certainly not compatible with latest WP 4.9.2.

Hello Eluvial,

I have not updated the plugin for a while, but as far as I know it’s still working well. I use it every day on several of my sites which are up to date and it works as it used to on my end :)

If something comes up that makes it incompatible with the current WP version I’ll work to fix those bugs.