Admin Engine - Laravel Backend Management With CRUD

Admin Engine - Laravel Backend Management With CRUD

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Admin Engine is a multifunctional Content Management System. Thanks to a very powerful news, articles, and users management system, Admin Engine is designed primarily for the own mass media websites and blogs creation on the Internet.

Post And Articles Publication Powerful post and articles publication system with plenty of options

Multiuser Engine Flexible configuration of users and groups, as well as their access rights

Performance It provides maximum performance with minimal server load

Social Networks User authentication on your website using social networks accounts

Comments Powerful and convenient comments system for articles

Flexible settings Engine features settings system allows you to optimize the engine to fit your needs

Other… Lots of other features of the engine, which cannot be covered in the brief description…


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Key Features

  • Install wizard included
  • Use same blade template for add and edit section
  • Choose between login by username or email.
  • Ajax login by facebook and google.
  • Very easy to change url structure (we are using route() instead of url every where).
  • Allow to take the site offline (admin and users with permission still can access backend and front end to maintain)
  • Separate backend, frontend route and view


  • Add, edit and delete news
  • Use fully customizable Administration Panel for different user groups
  • Use Anti-Virus which scans the file status for a hacking possibilities
  • Edit users
  • Use emoticons and HTML code
  • Create user groups with fine-tuning of different access rights
  • Ban users
  • Use tools to create and edit templates directly in the Administration Panel
  • Adjust publication date
  • Publish the article automatically at a specified time
  • Fix news (to be always on top, regardless of the date)
  • Disable visitor registration
  • Upload images for each news article (when removing news, pictures will also be removed)
  • Use convenient uploaded images manager
  • Automatic temporary suspension of registration when the maximum number of registered users is reached
  • Users who have not visited the website for a specified time are removed automatically
  • Optimization, backup and restoration of the database can be made directly from the script
  • Site settings – Configure script (use the navigation to access sections)
  • Email template – Easy to create, edit and send email use email template.
  • SEO Metatags – Manage meta tags on the website
  • Categories – Create and Manage article Category with awesome nestable category
  • Post – Add, edit, delete post with featured image
  • Plan – Example subscription plan for your site, Paypal and Stripe payment are also included
  • Order – Manage all orders
  • Reports – Rich info report about orders and plan
  • Users manage – Manage user with avatar, banned use, you can also set end time for the ban …
  • Usergroup and Roles – Roles permission manage, you can set permission to allow use access admin panel, limit access at all part of admin panel. Very easy to add new rule.
  • Pages – Create and edit pages that are rarely changed and have a permanent address.
  • Comments – Management all comments on your site, allow to edit, delete, approve awaiting comment.
  • Media manager – Manager all media file in storage.
  • Backup – Choose to upload only database or the whole site.
  • API Tester – Just like Postman it help you to test your API
  • System logs – View all laravel error logs
  • Terminal – Several tools to help you in development

Sample frontend

  • Register on a website
  • Add comments
  • Edit and delete own comments
  • Add news
  • Upload profile picture
  • <liRecover password
  • Different information can be shown to registered users and unregistered users.
  • Full customizable access for different user groups
  • Multi theme support
  • User with permission can submit new article
  • Archive and nestable categories
  • Browse article by category or day/month/year
  • Comment system for details post and user profile page
  • Membership subscription (with paypal and stripe payment)
  • Static pages for page like term, policy, etc…

Sep 06 2019

### Release
Fix bug that not create email table
Improve signup and login
Fixes backend bugs when create new user and get user banned
Fixes backed report bugs

Sep 02 2019
### Release
 * Initial release