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This could convince me to show the admin bar instead of removing it.

Can you control the menus when a user is logged in, or does that just revert back to the default menu?

It reverts back to the default menu when a user is logged-in.

ok. Not so bad, oculd have all the login links and teasers on there :)

I am trying to use this plugin with the “Striking” theme which is available on Themeforest.

When I activate the plugin it stops half of my site from working. The homepage nivo slider doesn’t show any images and the drop down menus don’t work at all.

Pretty poor show really, on top of that the bar didn’t even show at all!

So yeah, not very good really.

are you integrate a login form( ajax) in the bar?

works with WP 3 .3?

Any (current) support for this product?

Is this running on wordpress 3.4.1? And is it possible to define a custom height in the CSS . For example to make the admin bars height 40px?

Why don’t the FB and Twitter buttons display? I have both those options selected.

When i am logged out the menu appears, but i need the menú to be visible even when i log in.

Is there any way to perform this?

Thanks in advance

Hi, I am considering buying this plugin but I have one question. I recently bought the Extended Ajax Login & Registration Bar plugin which displays a header bar login. Once logged in it then goes to the admin bar. You mentioned that your admin bar displays to unregistered users too. Is there any way to disable this feature? Otherwise the bars would overlap. After logged in then could it display this header bar? Thank you for your time!

This plugin work in multisite ??