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Hi there,

you made a very good product, thank you very much. :)

Could you please explain a bit more the Relation/foreign key usage on forms, because the example shown on https://gist.github.com/endihunter/1da38a45ac3de503721d7ea98289c31c helps to display the select box, but the values are not stored in DB (error caused by foreign key field, that it cannot be empty), how do I fetch the values overriding the CRUD just for this request and just for one Controller? DB Table references with foreign key (unsigned int field) to another tables ID field, form is displayed with “fieldname[id]” for name tag in select box, and the POST request contains the return value from simple select in an array. I’ve already checked the docs, the gist sources and the medium articles too…

Have a nice day, thanks

Hello, could you please share (maybe by a gist) a portion of your code that doesn’t work (Resource, Model & Relations). It’s hard to understand how it’s been used in your case. You can share me a gist by AA contact form. Thanks

Thank you very much, link for files sent with AA contact form. :)

Hey I just both Admin Architect for support any chance we can get the code for the demo admin / or a tutorial on how you are setting it up there are some stuff in the demo that I’m not able to recreate so a demo code will be nice :) Thanks

Hey Terranetmd any chance I can get an answer to this :) Thanks

Hi. Yes, sure, but we don’t think it will help you, because the demo is based on an outdated version and uses a bit different approaches. Let us know what module you aren’t able to replicate via email. Thanks.

I liked the (report recent page) but the new template has different structure then admin lte correct ? Any plans on releasing a new demo with the updated version (and demo samples)? Thanks