AdManager - Manage and Track Your Agreements

AdManager - Manage and Track Your Agreements

Admanager is a web application that allows you to manage and track your agreements and your other types of agreements. It is user friendly, easy to use, fully responsive and written in PHP Laravel framework. It has an advanced membership system and has multiple user roles. With this application, you will not have difficulty following the agreements you have made. The application has an email reminder system and you can see days remaining and days passed for agreements. You can send mail to the registered users and customers at any time.


  • Fully responsive design
  • Built using Bootstrap
  • Totally secure system
  • Add, delete, update agreements
  • Agreement details
  • Widget: Agreements will expire soon
  • Widget: Agreements expired in this week
  • Add, delete, update categories and sub categories
  • Add, delete, update customers
  • Customer profile
  • Send email to customer
  • Secure user registration and login
  • Delete, update customers
  • Two different user roles
  • User profile
  • Send email to user
  • Password reset
  • Change Password
  • Email Reminder System
  • Export tables as Excel, CSV, PDF
  • Detailed documentation
  • Easy installation using installation wizard
  • Runs on PHP 5.6.4+ (and PHP 7)


  • CSRF Protection/Cross-Site Request Forgery (XSS)
  • Session Protection
  • Password Hashing
  • Avoiding SQL Injection


  • PHP >= 5.6.4 (and PHP 7)
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension


  • Demo Link : Demo

    Username: admin
    Password: 123456

    Username: user
    Password: 123456

Project Updates

2017-05-11 v1.1

- Added Upload Files(docx, pdf, etc.)
- Changed User Role(User can only manage their own agreements)
- Fixed Some Bugs