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Hello, how is the match made between ads, websites, campaign ? Wich ad is shown where ?

Hi. 1.Create advertising campaign. 2. Add in her ads. 3. Add website in the system. 4. Create a block for of the site. 5. Place code block on your website. Profit!

can we just add an image and url, not need title

Hi. Yes

i tried on demo, but can not, i just want add banner 300×250 or some standard size , just images and url . can you show mi how to do that. i wait for your answer to buy this item

You can add an image 300 to 300 and it will be proportionally adjusted to 300 by 250. The system was originally developed for announcements with square images. But I added functionality. Now you can choose any size (not necessarily square), for example 200 to 100 and the image will be proportionally adjusted to this size. The only limitation is that the image dimensions can not be more than 300 by 300 pixels. Now I’m working on a major update. It will provide full support for banners.

Is there a way to adjust/make larger the description character limit for ad description?

Sorry my support lapse and I couldn’t delete post :(


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good work buddy. can u do some customization if i buy it, for a price


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can it be installed local host say (xampp)

Can. But why? The script is designed to host ad units on sites. And at localhost, except you no one will see the advertisement


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okay cheers buddy, yes i know but I will prefer to install it on local host, make few changes to the design before setting up on a live server. Will but it now. cheers and good work

author you have done a great job please can i use this system for academic project purpose ?

Also Author can the system be installed using localhost because i just want to use it for project purpose

Yes you can.


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buddy i am still waiting for your respond to these questions; 1: Can it be installed on localhost(Xampp)

2: Can you have custom sizes for the ads say i want an ad of 728×100 and a different one of 400×300

3: Is there any feature to monetize the ads with this script? example , set a price for an ad that can only be completed after payment is done by the user or a user system where users get free ads.o ads can only be inserted by the admin?

4: and Lastly, will you be available for any freelance hire just incase i need get some things changed on the script? I don’t want to be caught up with a script where if i need some adjustments you can not be available.

Over all, wish you luck on the script, it looks like you did a great job here. please elt me now

In the subsequent announcements, payments, accounts and roles, banners (not sure about custom sizes) will be implemented. At localhost will work. Specifically on Xampp, I did not check. But I’m developing on localhost, I’m using Openserver, vertrigo is Xampp.


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Just bought the script now, it doesn’t install on xampp. After opening the adflex ie localhost/adflex i see the install page but it doesn’t display well and i already see The installation successfully completed! that i have not even entered any DB details.. 1. PHP version must be 5.3.7+[installed 7.1.8: OK] 2. File “config.ini” must be writable! (chmod 666 or 777) (?) [chmod 777: OK 3. Folder “images” must be writable! (chmod 777) (?) [chmod 777: OK 4. MySQL server version must be 5.1+ [will be checked during installation] 5. Extension GD must be installed Installed! : OK 6. Extension fileinfo must be installed Installed! : OK After that, All i see is the DB boxes, and below that there is a completed. no image)issing image placeholder. looks like the page is not even styled.

You sure this product runs on local host? let me know.

What fraud detection and prevention features does this have? What stops someone placing ads and running a script to keep hitting them for false impressions? This was a problem with a previous script I had.

In the new version of the script will be protection against cloning. In this version, there is protection from inserting a block on other sites.


How to get the Adds in my Site? It doesn’t working like your description in the Docs… Can you help? Thanks.

balambasik : Hi. 1.Create advertising campaign. 2. Add in her ads. 3. Add website in the system. 4. Create a block for of the site. 5. Place code block on your website. Profit!

  1. doesnot work…

Hey. Sorry for the lengthy delay. I took a vacation. Do you still have problems with the script?

yes, please, and I hope u had a cool and relaxed vacation ;) can u help me with my problem?


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buddy making this your script work is one hell of a job and headache. documentation is really poor, with no direct explanation. The campaign link. What exactly do we insert there/ on the video you just barely copy what is in the input placeholder and it off course disappears when active, how will people remember all the long codes there?

Do we actually have to insert things such as [BLOCK-ID] with a number? and the other ID’s? Your tutorial vide barely copied these and put there [CAMP_ID] – Campaign id [BLOCK_ID] – Block id [AD_ID] – Ad id [SITE_ID] – Site id [TIME_CLIcK] – Click date in the format YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS (2017-06-15_10-35-15)

Does all the above mean we have to do something like this? presuming that 1,1and1 are campaign id, block id ,ad id and site id,. what about the date thing?

I did the same, nothing happened. plus you gave no explanation how to display the ads on a website, where to insert the scripts(header or body) Plus the codes are all combine with the style. what is that?

You need to show a working example where you insert the id’s and show it work else your tutorial and documentation does not help at all….

I have been on this for over 3 hours now and nothing is looking easy.

Secondly, the script does not install on local host(xampp). I had to get a domain, and hosting just to try it n a live server .

You should explain in simple terms how you inserted the ads into a website.


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sorry buddy, Ignore the above comment, i had it working now. I was trying to display the ads on local host, figure out that the script does not really run on localhost. The ads display well on alive website. Good work and great piece of code.

Do you plan to add other options for ad placement in blocks, such as html code, flash and Google ads?

Still such a moment, do you think, from experience, is it possible to integrate the code that gives the system into the application for Android and IOS?

Незнаю. В разработке мобильных приложений не силен. Как там интегрируется реклама незнаю. Но думаю вряд ли там используется javascript.

О! По-русски!)))) Супер! Вот я думаю, что скорее всего да! Сегодня хочу прикупить ваш скрипт, для полного счастья мне форматов не хватает, ну может еще пару, тройку плюшек, пока не до конца понял каких)))


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Привет. Купил скрипт, но не думал, что в нём нет многих стандартных размеров, например 320×50, 728×90 и т.д. Есть вариант добавить эти стандартные размеры?

Прошу прощения за задержку. Просто я осуществляю поддержку по электропочте (это указано и в профиле и в документации). Сюда редко заглядываю.

Не может никто взломать. Доступ к конфигу закрыт в настройках .htaccess (взломают только если получат доступ к серверу / хостингу)

На счет размеров: это тизерная система, с возможностью гибкой настройки рекламных блоков. Баннеров в ней нет. Баннеры будут в следующей версии скрипта.

Статистика не очищается на вкладках “Campaigns”, и “Sites” – так как это не статистика, это просто общее число показов и кликов для сайта / кампании за все время.

Статистика находится на вкладке “Statistics”. Там можно получить очень подробную статистику. Как раз эта статистика очищается.

В любом случае если вы остались недовольны – можете сделать возврат средств.


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.htaccess не работает при использовании nginx :) Мне возврат не нужен, я написал сюда ошибки и недочёты, чтобы можно было их поправить для улучшения продукта. Подожду баннеров.

Рекомендую apache+nginx. Без apache скрипт работать не будет.

Отписал вам в почту, но увы, ответа не получил(((

На почту ничего не приходило. пишите сюда

Отправил повторно!

hello, will you have slider option ?

Hey. No slider. You can simply customize the appearance of the block.

Hi, I go through your script. Kindly Clear two Questions before purchase ?

1. Is there any User Login / Signup for Website Owner ? 2. Do you provide customization ?

Hey. Single-user system. Multiuser will be added in the next version of the script.

Hi, I am facing issue with ads setting If I play one ad in block it works fine. but if I play two ads in a block both ads don’t show. But I noticed views are increasing. please assist in this.

Hey. Send me an email


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