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hi, we would like to buy this script. quick question: are there endpoints to connect to SSP’s with openRTB specs?

Hello. Unfortunately, there is no such functional.


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Hi, I cannot install this script on my hosting. Nothing happened when I install it on website.

Hey. Write to me at adflexsystem@gmail.com

It looks VERY good, but I don’t see how the customer orders ads from the front end or where it then takes him to pay for the banner ad he creates. We use adpeeps right now, but it doesn’t work on php 7.x

This is a single-user system. In general, it is designed to arbitrate traffic in the CPA network. And advertising their own goods and services.

is it possible to make this a free tool on my website?

Single-user system. It does not provide for user registration

Is this script work for internal network. Site have intranet access not internet access

I do not know exactly. Most likely will work. The intranet uses http, https like the usual Internet.

i m not able to install script in vps hosting

please check this link : http://spyds.xyz/ads/


when i m trying to install in many way its not working even no error msg and not even clicking install button

please check and give me a solution

Hey. This script can not be installed in a subfolder. But you can install it on a subdomain. If you want I’ll fix it to you. For this, I need access to the server.

It will look like this: http://ads.spyds.xyz

But I do not have any use in the name of the subdomain “ads, ad, advertising, banner” Since the plugin “adblock” will block this advertisement (by the list of words). It is better to use for the name something neutral. “adflex, system, site”

write to me at adflexsystem@gmail.com I will do everything for you.

i’m facing a problem, ads keep disappearing example : http://shite.al/ads.html sometimes the ads are ok, but sometimes they not showing at all.

Hey. I found the problem. It will be fixed in the next update.

The problem is that at the end of some announcement headers, there is a line feed character. ”\r\ n” This symbol is invisible.

for example in this header this symbol is “Shitet Printer Fotokopje Skaner ne gjendje shume te mire.” Boja gjysem e perdorur. “

You can delete all these characters from the end of the titles and descriptions and the problem will disappear.

just send you the email.

Is have responsive ads?

can you make this script user registration

Hey. This is a single-user system.

hi, i try to add your ads script to a page but I get empty page.

This code dont work at HTML:

<script type=”text/javascript”> (function() { var code = document.createElement(“script”); code.type = “text/javascript”; code.async = true; code.src = “http://www.testmyads.blbsk.com/view/ThcRQUYGQF4QQVsBEkZIEhZcRgRsDF0VWRBQABsdEEcLFQBnXF0OUg8LEVsaVhtXWENdBEMeAFxSVVEdHVdZVBYJHlYMXxEbQVMIWlQPOV5WG1xAAVcbRQ/” + document.domain + ”.js”; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(code, s); })(); </script>

Hey. In order for the code to work. You need to add your site to the system, here is https://adflex.blbsk.com

Then, in the system, create an ad unit. Then place the code of the ad unit on your site.

Each ad code is valid only for a particular site. And on the other site will not be displayed.

Give me the address of your site, I will add it to the system and give you the call code

yes I now how it works. Thansk

but if you check at https://adflex.blbsk.com/sites/ and select Blocks from valejo.tk, with have 2 blocks. Then select Bloque (2×3) with give code: <script type=”text/javascript”> (function() { var code = document.createElement(“script”); code.type = “text/javascript”; code.async = true; code.src = ”//adflex.blbsk.com/view/ThcRQUYGQF4QQVsBEkZIEhZcRgRsDF0VWRBVABsdEEcLFQBnXF0OUg8LEVsaRQJaUFleT0RYQxQWW1gKUF5qXwFAChdWChFK/” + document.domain + ”.js”; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(code, s); })(); </script>

That dont works.

write to me on the post. Let’s try to understand. adflexsystem@gmail.com


1. Is there any update coming on this item.

2. Did you also plan to ad any new futures to this script?

3. Any chance that you are going to make the ad blocks responsive and mobile friendly?

Regards Levtcreative

Hey. Sorry for the delay in answering. What new features would you like to see in this script?

Hi Balambasik,

1. I would be nice if it if the ads would be responsive and would pass the google amp validation.

As you know google ranking is going to be mostly based on mobile, amp and page speed validation.

2. Client registration.

3. Clients payment possibility to publish an ad on a certain ad block/website.

Regards Levtcreative


Love your work, hope you will bring much more new products to the Envato market!!


I think it would be great if I could create a specific “template” in the admin, with complete access to the HTML code and CSS code. This way, I have full control over the ads. Do you plan on making such a functionality?


When developing, I did not pawn such an opportunity. Now it will be extremely difficult to implement it. All code generation of the block occurs deep inside. It’s easier to add your own CSS to the ad block ID.


Is there a way to have blocks just to show standard banner like 468×60 and 728×90?

Regards LevtCreative

Hey. You can create blocks of any size. But the images in them will still be square. There is also no guarantee for height. If the ads do not climb, the block will be stretched to the height. Here is an example of 728×90 http://examples-adflex.blbsk.com/example.html


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I have pirchased this but not able to install it. Can you please help me out with this

Hey. I apologize for the long response. I was away. Email me at adflexsystem@gmail.com

Very interesting. I am looking for software to advertise my websites and those of my clients. How does this connect a separate website with ads? Ie, once installed, I would like to place an ad on another separate website using this software. Am I correct that this will do so? I will purchase if it will.

Quite right. You can place ad units on many sites. And adding ads to the system, they will be shown on all sites added. Just note that the system is single-user. Only the system administrator will have access to the system (that is, you)

why are my ads not displaying in a third party website(external websites?) this really sucks

You have added site into the system? You have placed code ad block on the site?

Have you changed the ability to create custom size images yet?

Hey. How do I understand you do not need square images? Do you need rectangular? 16×9, 4×3?

In the next update, this function will be implemented. I promise! I already work on it.

Hello i’m interested in your Application however, i’m looking for something that can track QR code clicks…

Hi. This is an advertising system. It can not track qr codes.

how do place ads on other site?

1. Add a site to the system 2. Create an ad unit 3. Place the code of the ad unit on the site.


can users register and add them sites ?

can u make it for wp