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I can´t login.

Apologies, please try again with the new credentials.

Apologies, please try again with the new credentials.

Apologies, please try again with the new credentials.

Can this be used as a personal book also other than being on the server?

Hi Viperay,

Thank you for taking an interest.

You could use this for personal reasons if you would like – just don’t create other accounts. Being as it is created with PHP and MySQL, you would need some form of a server.

It doesn’t have to be paid hosting though, you could install a program like WAMP or XAMPP which would allow you to run the application locally on your computer – meaning only you could access it.

All the best, Novum Code

Well I have my own server is why I was asking. Actually I have a mail server and a web server so I guess I could put it in either right?

Hi Viperay,

You would need to put the application on the web server.

All the best, Novum Code

This can be a useful script, GLWS! If I may suggest:
1) add user email field to the registration process and make the user to verify his/her email before accessing their account
2) add some kind of captcha to registration and signIn page to prevent bots from creating fake and automated accounts
3) change the frontend design, make it appealing and modern
4) add advertising fields/space to the top/bottom of the pages since this is not a paid version or you can add paypal IPN option for users to pay or have a free version.
5) add category feature to categorize the contacts like: companies, friends, family, industries, etc.

I’ll buy it as soon as you have implemented the above suggestions.

Hello Yamon,

Thank-you very much for your feedback.

i can’t preview

greetings NovumCode,
question: how difficult would integrating your product into another script be? i have some SQL knowledge and am not afraid to play with something to make it work. is there any chance of you posting a basic form of the sql user tables at all? namely user table only
thank you

Hello DuCarlion,

Anyone with a knowledge of PHP and/or MySQL will be able to modify this script into another script. Here is the user table written out as an SQL statement to create it for the database. Let me know if we can be of any more assistance.

CREATE TABLE users ( id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, username varchar(255) NOT NULL, password varchar(255) NOT NULL, level varchar(255) NOT NULL, security_question varchar(255) NOT NULL, security_answer varchar(255) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id) )

Kind Regards, Novum Code

thank you for the info NovumCode
ill let you know how i go ~( =

live preview not working??


The username and passwords are case-sensitive.

Can I have a public index without login or register options???

Only for display public phones of my city


hi i have this error during the install.. Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user ‘user’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) in /home3/user/public_html/agenda/setup/index.php on line 19

all the fields are correct. i have hostgator..

server is : localhost ?

i solve the problem.. btw do u test under a subdomain ?

Nice and simple app. But, it would be better if the design was responsive ;) Think about it ^^

the link does not work …..

multilanguage support is there?

I just bought the script and I am NOT able to LOGIN!! :(

Hi, Is this script still working, if so let me know i am interested


Vito227 Purchased

Will you be updating your software?


Vito227 Purchased

Hello, can you tell me when your next major update will be released?


Vito227 Purchased

It’s obvious this is a DEAD script!


Vito227 Purchased

When is your next major release/update?