Discussion on Addon Creator for WPBakery Page Builder

Discussion on Addon Creator for WPBakery Page Builder

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Does not work

Will the plug-in be updated and working? Blocks cannot be edited in VC.

its for wpbakery its not for vc if u have a problem u can open a ticket

Does the plugin have any security risk? and does it work with wpbakery? I know that wpbakery and visual composer have the same core but not sure if there are any disadvantage of using this plugin with wpbakery

works only with bakery – it does not have security risks

How can I use this plugin with visual composer “site builder” and not with “wpbakery” “page builder”. I mean the plugin avaliable here Thanks

no its just for bakery

Is it possible to disable the settings popup when no settings are avaliable? thanks

hey there, I have been looking for this a year. awesome stuff! But before buying this I need to know whether it will work on current wordpress version Version 5.2.3 and current wp bakery page builder version 4.7.4? Please let me know the answer before I invest on this tool. Thanks. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

were is the changes log? As i dont see them on the main page?

Hello, Questions before buying. I want to change the “name” class from “listingo” to another name. Did your plugin do this? If your plugin doesn’t change its name, what should I do (or what should I do, from the developer) to get your plugin to change it? Please check screenshot in link Thanks for your attention. I’m looking forward to your reply.

Hi, great Plugin. Will it also works with the actual WordPress(5.x) and WPBakery Visual Composer versions?

Hello, does here anyway have a problem with the mixed content? it seems like the plugin is forcing to http during the icon load in the back end. Therefore i cannot change the icons etc.

Can’t you open a ticket in the ticket system about this

done. credentials are attached #2014645

Pre-sale question. Is it possible to create the addon and the fields from your plugin, but to code the HTML and CSS normally with a text editor and upload them?

not sure what it means. there is a regular html and css tab in the plugin

Hi bloxthemes,

Pre-sales question:

I’m figuring out how to solve a couple of issues in the interface of a new website that I’m working on. It has to do with layers and I can solve this with a plugin like rev-slider, but that seems to be a bit of an overkill to me. So I hope you can help me out.

Issue 1: As you can see on this example (link: I’ve built in Photoshop there’s an image with in the top left corner an orange coloured partially transparent cell over it and on top of that a button (saying ‘INFO AVOND’). I thought with a WPbakery add-on I could fix the job easily, but I can’t find the right add-on to use coloured cells. Plus my client has to be able to edit the button content from time to time. So I encountered the Addon Creator for WPBakery Page Builder and was wondering if I can build this functionality with your plugin.

The whole issue seems pretty simple to me, but I’m breaking my head on it already for quite some hours now.

Can you guide me in the right direction on how to fix this?

Issue 2: Is about the image at the bottom of my screenshot. Same category, but now the row contains a video with a partially transparent orange coloured cell and text that comes over it. Can this be solved with Addon Creator for WPBakery Page Builder?

Hope you can help me solve this puzzle. Thanks very much in advance.

Cheers, Marc

I need to be able to change all items so that I can also use the addons on other places of the website

I will definitely buy your plugin then

open a ticket here with the request

Hello my friend I want to thank you once again for this standalone plugin. and I have a request. You must enable bulk substitution of URLs in the fields.

I always support my hosting and domain. after the transfer of the site I have to do a lot of work on the replacement. It is very uncomfortable.

Replacing the plugins in the database does not work for your plugin

please open a ticket here a support member will try to help you

hi my friend i web devloper i create website on my hosting6 then after my boss say ok i change hosting and domain. how i can change absolute url in you plugin? in databasa i make chane but it no change

Do it under unlimited addons and state what version you are using

support will answer you today or tmrw . he was on christmas holiday

Is there a place or community that shows off addons that they created and we can download an use as our own, or is the presets that you offer the only ones out there?

only our presets

Hi, Pre-sale question.

Can I make an addon from this zip file?

It’s in wordpress indeed. A theme has this build in their own wpbakery page builder. But i have an other website, running on a different theme, but with the original wpbalery page builder. And I want to have this button effect their.

So i guess it’s possible, but i only don’t know how. I’ve found the source code of the particular effect (see first link)

i will try to figure out how to make it

that will be nice, keep me posted please.

Hi ,

Presale Query :

We have services grid with background images and title with link on it. It is almost 20 items so we are using Load more button we also have ajax search filter on top of it.

So, is it possible to create such thing with your plugin ?

Hope to hear from you soon.

dont think so

alright thanks for the quick reply, we sorted this using combination of plugin .

now I have another query, we have custom post type and we want it to include in visual composer so that It can be easily added. We have already done css for the same.

is it possible to have custom post type with its custom fields (ACF)?

Hope to hear from you soon.

we dont support sorry


1. How to make an attribute optional?

Say, for Business Header we have a Button. But user might not want to use a button in the header always.

So I add an extra filed “Enable Button” type Radio Boolean. And moved the html code for the button in the True field


but its not rendering, rather showing the code!

any idea/solution?

2. For Text field if we don’t enable font option it shows “Font overrides are disabled for this addon. If you would like to enable them…” Can we just hide the font tab instead?

Thanks, Enayet

Regarding no 1. More clarification: If Button Text is empty it should render the button. As this is not available I tried adding a radio boolean. Thank you.

hi please open a ticket for each issue you have. its to hard to communicate in the comment system.


Is the templates are not available?

Regards, Enayet

Waiting for the templates. Thank you.

sent you now

Thank you.

Hi, Great extension. I just instantly purchased after viewing the tutorial videos! Ok, any chance of exporting created addon as in php so that I can use it in my theme without Addon Creator or Unlimited-addons plugins?

The auto activation feature for theme developers is also great!

Thank you.

Great! So is there any chance to discontinue provide support or update on Addon Creator, as I think you will concentrate more on your own builder? Thanks.

we will continue updating both



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