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I’ve just purchased this plugin but after installing it on a MultiSite environment I get these errors in debug.log:

WordPress database error Table 'wp_addonlibrary_addons' doesn't exist for query select * from wp_addonlibrary_addons where is_active=1 and addontype='vc' order by catid
ordPress database error Table 'wp_addonlibrary_categories' doesn't exist for query select cats.*, count(addons.id) as num_addons from wp_addonlibrary_categories as cats left join wp_addonlibrary_addons as addons on addons.catid=cats.id  where cats.type='vc' GROUP BY cats.id

So, at this point I can’t use this plugin. Any hints on how to fix this?

Thank you


No problem with opening a support ticket, I just don’t know how that will help you, I’ve already provided all the necessary info here…anyhow, I’ll post one shortly.

No one in his right minds should install a theme or plugin on their live website without a prior testing, so I don’t have it on my live website (I don’t need it there, most probably on a theme I’m working on – depending on whether or not it will suit my needs – so far, it failed at WPMU, but I’m sure you will sort that out by the time I release the theme).

Thank you

Regards, Costin

ok. I understand. I’ll work on the issue today / tomorrow and release a new version that fits to wpmu.


Great, thank you!

Regards, Costin

responsive_testemonial_carousel This component ,The green line appears when the mouse is sliding!How to deal with?

.uc_quote_slider, .uc_quote_slider * { outline: none; }

seems to solve the problem

can you please recheck ?


jppv Purchased

where are your tutorial videos? I want to learn more about this before I purchase it.


u have some videos on the home page

Hi, How to show post in grid using your plugin? Please provide screen shot how to do it? thanks

it doesnt have post yet but we will release this feature in the near futer but it will be called post carousels

You mean i can use post carousel right?

no now it does not support post

Finally, not just bells and whistles, but really plugin to make developer life easier! Thanks a lot!

thank you . if possible we would love for you to give a review. thank you so much for your appreciation.

How do you put custom image sizes?

on item attrubute

Can u please open a ticket and I will help you.

Hi Eric did you manage ?

Does this come with all of the (Product Boxes) shown in your Product Boxes Addon for VC? I noticed some of the boxes are in there but it doesn’t show all of them that are shown in the Product Boxes Addon. Be really nice if it came with them all, does it? :)


So I just purchased it, and installed it like the Documentation said, then this appeared when I tried to install and activate the addon_library_creator1.0.3.zip

The plugin addon_library/addonlibrary.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist.

What should I do to resolve this?

please open a ticket and we will check asap https://unitecms.ticksy.com

leave your website credentials ofcourse

Wow, this plugin looks Amazing! Curious as I can’t quite tell, I wouldn’t be looking to really create my own (as it looks from your video you need to know some html and or css to do properly/with any real detail) but you say +100 Add Ons it comes with…? so are these the drag and drop cool finished one shown in your link here that includes visual samples to this list of click to’s?:Content Boxs Feature & Services Price Tables Products Icon Boxs Accordions App Download Buttons Reviews Countdowns Counters Food Menus Opening Hours Product Features Tabs Team Members Testemonials Unite Galleries Galleries Sliders

And these come right out the box with this plugin purchase…? Thnks for letting me know either way and YOU ROCK VC UniteCMS!

Ahhhh Great, thanks of the heads UP and anyway to put me on a list to notify when that updated version comes out? BIG UPS UniteCM$!!

sent me a mail i will try to notify you. amitruppin@gmail.com

SENT! Wooo hoooo #Stoked to Join Force$ in 2017 Forward!

I just updated 3 sites to the new update you just pushed and it crashed all three of them…

Warning: require_once(/srv/users/serverpilot/apps/lx-itnrrd-xyz/public/wp-content/plugins/addon-library/provider/provider_layout_output.class.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in blah blah blah /wp-content/plugins/addon-library/includes.php on line 41

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/srv/users/serverpilot/apps/lx-itnrrd-xyz/public/wp-content/plugins/addon-library/provider/provider_layout_output.class.php’ (include_path=’.:/opt/sp/php7.0/lib/php’) in blah blah blah /wp-content/plugins/addon-library/includes.php on line 41


HI, sorry, we made some bug when updated to the last version, but now we have fixed it. please update again to the latest version from here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/addon-library/ and it will be work again. really sorry. hope not make those mistakes again.

hello.. i want to create addon , but i want to pull dynamic content from Wordpress db. do this plugin understand PHP? or Wordpress function like”get_header()”

hi no it does not support php. if you bought by mistake you can request a refund via the evanto market system

is there any way to call shortcode code?

HI, because we are using twig engine, shortcodes are not trivial there. Meanwhile no shortcodes available, but we’ll think how to add them in the future. meanwhile, if you want, you can write us support ticket, we’ll remember you in our wishlist, and notice you when this feature will be done.

Is this more a less a compilation of all UniteCMS VC Bundles, like slider addons, banner addons, food menu addons? Along with the option to create custom addons? I’m interested in several of the VC bundles, but would prefer to buy a bundle if possible.

Soon the bundle will come out, like 2 weeks, for creating u need to buy add-on creator