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The new version of the visual editor has a compatibility issue!!

I need a new version!!

Download or 1.0.3 version!

Please open a ticket with backend access explaining the issue


We have a problem

Wordepress Version 4.8.1 WPBakery Visual Composer Version 5.2.1 Addon Library Version 1.3.56 Addon Library Creator Extension Version 1.0.3

Once we’ve created an Addon just like yours on your video “ composer ” we try it just as you are shown in your video on “BACKEND EDITOR” all well

But when we try it on “FRONTEND EDITOR” then when we click the “Save changes” button, Attribute “Color” disappears.

open a ticket and a team member will help you

This I suppose is an automatic message. Read first what I write and try it out, it is true and you know it. Not want any help, I report a bug.

its not automatic message. I want to help you. I think maybe you using old version or something. If you open a ticket with backend access i can login and look at the problem. Or forward the ticket to one of our senior developers. We work with a ticket system since here its is hard to control support and bugs.

If I have a jQuery plugin that operates in its own file structure which can exist in any site’s sub folder, but needs to have images uploaded to the jQuery plugin folder and not the WordPress uploads folder to work, would this addon creator be able to facilitate such a complex addon creation? Love Visual Composer and it would be great to be able to use with this exotic multimedia tool…

you can make a field for the images that will be a external link and put them like this for example


Hello, I bought this plugin, convinced that it could work well with the latest versions of visual composer (V.5), but I realized that it doesn’t work. I ask you if you have planned an update to make it compatible with the latest versions of Visual Composer or WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer). Thanks Massimo

It should work please open a ticket we will take a look

Hi, I have a pre-sale quesiton; Do you support post or custom post types? I can see you’ve written earlier that this will be added, but not sure if it is available now? I’d like to create custom post types and then present the posts using your addon if possible.

we do not support

Hi, are you going to upgrade to font-awesome 5 for the icons/iconpicker?

sure we can do that . do you have the cdn for it ? can you open a ticket with the request and we will take care of it

Thanks, I opened a ticket!

will take care


I’ve recently bought the plugin and in the comments i’ve read about the icon picker. I can’t find an attribute with the icon picker after installing. Can that be right?Did I miss something?

please open a support ticket with backend access and i will login to your website and check why it is missing

Thanks! I’ve submitted a ticket

what is the ticket #

want to buy but this has not been updated in a year. Are you planning on an update anytime soon?

We have a pack called unlimited which is updated

Is this creator included to unlimited addon?

It should work if you have problems you can contact support. We always help

Hello, I bought it, but Addon creator doesn’t show on the panel, I saw the file size it has only 3KB, is it broken? please check your file ASAP, thank you.

Need to install unlimited. Addon creator is part ofvunlimited. It will add you a button for adding custom addons

Bonjour. Malheureusement, je constate qu’ Addons Creator est truffé de bugs. Il serait peut-être temps d’apporter les mises à jours comprissent dans le contrat de license car aux vues des commentaires, vos clients semblent s’impatienter et moi le premier, ou sinon retirer le produit de l’espace de ventes car distribuer un produit défectueux et empocher la recette serait malvenu. Cordialement.

for help please open a ticket here: please write the ticket in english. please supply backend access and ftp access if you have a problem and a screenshot of the problem.

Hi, Great extension. I just instantly purchased after viewing the tutorial videos! Ok, any chance of exporting created addon as in php so that I can use it in my theme without Addon Creator or Unlimited-addons plugins?

The auto activation feature for theme developers is also great!

Thank you.

Great! So is there any chance to discontinue provide support or update on Addon Creator, as I think you will concentrate more on your own builder? Thanks.

we will continue updating both



Is the templates are not available?

Regards, Enayet

Waiting for the templates. Thank you.

sent you now

Thank you.


1. How to make an attribute optional?

Say, for Business Header we have a Button. But user might not want to use a button in the header always.

So I add an extra filed “Enable Button” type Radio Boolean. And moved the html code for the button in the True field


but its not rendering, rather showing the code!

any idea/solution?

2. For Text field if we don’t enable font option it shows “Font overrides are disabled for this addon. If you would like to enable them…” Can we just hide the font tab instead?

Thanks, Enayet

Regarding no 1. More clarification: If Button Text is empty it should render the button. As this is not available I tried adding a radio boolean. Thank you.

hi please open a ticket for each issue you have. its to hard to communicate in the comment system.