ADD-ON: Buy and Sell Ads

ADD-ON: Buy and Sell Ads

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Completely Renewed Buy and Sell Ads plugin

Start making money with your website!

The “Buy and Sell Ads” Add-On is Back!! A completely New and Improved version!

This Wordpress Plugin is an ADD-ON for the “WP Pro Advertising System” plugin. It allows you to sell your advertisement spots on your Wordpress website. It has many powerful features to sell advertisements on your website, manage campaigns & banners and track clicks, impressions & CTR all in just a few seconds. It uses the Paypal IPN or Stripe to handle payments.

Customers can buy advertisements directly from the frontend of your website. No need to send them to the admin area!

NOTE: this plugin will only work if the “WP Pro Advertising system” is installed!

Using WooCommerce”? Check out the Pro Ads Buy and Sell – Woocommerce Add-On.

Buy advertisements in only 35 seconds

Allow customers to check their own statistics

Sell Ads directly from the frontend of your website

Easy change currency and Paypal and Stripe options

Buy and Sell Ads Features

Custom Option panel
The link to the admin option panel for the “PRO Ads Buy and Sell” plugin is integrated in the main menu of the “WP PRO Ads System”. That way all plugin settings can be managed from one single page.
Users upload their own Banners.
Let the users do the work! They can upload their own banners directly from the frontend of your website even if they are not registered on your site. Registered users have the option to check their own statistics from their own user admin dashboard. Meanwhile the site admins still keeps control over all banners and campaigns added by the users.
Activate banners using Paypal or Stripe.
All banners added by the users need to be activated by a Paypal or Stripe payment. The system uses the Paypal/Stripe IPN to register and confirm if a payment is created successfully. As soon as the payment is confirmed the banner will be activated automatically.

Main Plugin


V3.1.6 - October 29 - 2015
    - Important Paypal IPN update regarding new Paypal IPN changes.
    - Added sandbox mode for Paypal.
    - Updated buyandsell_order_page shortcode.

V3.1.5 - August 14 - 2015
    - Added %buyandsell_page% or %buyandsell_popup% to link banners to the order form.
    - Fixed issue with Paypal item_name.

V3.1.4 - May 24 - 2015
    - Added option to use default adzone images as the „advertise here” link.

V3.1.3 - May 17 - 2015
    - Added option to add custom banner label to replace the default "advertise here" button.

V3.1.2 - April 11 - 2015
    - Updated available adzones drop down menu.
    - Updated localization files location.

V3.1.1 - April 08 - 2015
    - Added option to allow HTML banners.
    - Added currency Philippine Peso - PHP
    - Fixed Stripe javascript from being loaded when not used. 

V3.1.0 - March 14 - 2015
    - Added the option to offer free ads.

V3.0.9 - February 18 - 2015
    - Optimized code to work on Multisites.

V3.0.8 - January 16 - 2015
    - Fixed issue with wrong currency signs showing on the checkout page.

V3.0.7 - January 15 - 2015
    - Added Brazilian Real - BRL to currencies.
    - Added option to draft ads after payment so they can be reviewed first.

V3.0.6 December 31 2014
    - Added Stripe Payment support.

V3.0.5 December 12 2014
    - Update for new ads post meta on Wp Pro Advertising System plugin.

V3.0.4 - December 4 2014
    - removed some old unused files.
V3.0.3 - December 3 2014
    - Fix for banner startdate

V3.0.2 - December 2 2014
    - Added language files for plugin translation.
    - Fix for creating unique camaign names.

V3.0.1 - December 1 2014
    - First batch of updates for the new release 3.0.0

V3.0.0 - December 1 2014
    - Complete renewed plugin to meet the latest Wordpress 4.+ standards and to work with the latest WP Pro Advertising System 4.0.+

V 2.0.4 - November 10 2013
    - Improved the way the Banner Status popup gets loaded (using AJAX).
    - Improved the way Paypal payments are made.

V 2.0.3 - November 9 2013
    - Improved the way transactions are saved.
    - Added the option to offer Free ad zones.
    - Added the option to remove transactions.

V 2.0.2 - November 8 2013
    - Added Transactions to the database. Admins can now follow up all transactions made by the users.

V 2.0.1 - November 7 2013
    - Added all Paypal accepted currencies.

Add-On Buy and Sell Ads V2.0.0 - November 6 2013
    - First release of the New updated plugin.