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Dear Tunafish i was really leaning forward to buy your Ads pro Advertising system for my visitors including all add-ons, but the last release date of Buy & Sell Ads on 29 Oct 2015 is holding me back.

It seems to me like your focus is somewhere else…

Can you tell me if there’s updates comming up real soon, for what add-ons and what major improvements will the updates include?



The buy and sell add-on only adds extra functionality to the main plugin Wp Pro Advertising System. The big updates are getting made in the main plugin there is no need to update the add-ons as often as the main plugin. The buy and sell add-on does exactly what it says, it allows you to sell empty ad spots on your website. It’s working perfectly fine so no need for any updates at this stage.

Wow thanx for your quick reply Tuna!

I have another pre-sales question:

1. Does this work with Google’s double Click for Publishers? (because I love your option for advertisers to be able to buy and choose their own ads combined with your add-ons..to combine with Googles enhanced statistics)

2. And if so…is there an option in your main plugin that supports inserting Google’s CFP codes?

3. Is Geotargetting available for advertisers or only for the admin…and if NOT will there be an update comming soon that allows advertisers to choose their geo targetting location?

4. Are there any video tutorials available for the Tunafish plugins?

Thank you in advance!


1 – 2: yes, you can use 3 party banners if you enable the HTML banner option.

3: Geotargeting is only available for admins (if you install the geo-targeting plugin) It’s not yet on the list to make this option available for all advertisers.

4: yes, on the live demo page you can find some videos.

Hi firstly i should appreciate for such an superb group of plugins Dear i want to know little more or help 1. Is all these plugins can be compatable with buddypress like integrating with buddypress users and profiles. 2. Can i add any way the payment gateway like CCAvenue. Which will be in need for any one from INDIA. 3. Does this have any backdoor page ect….. sorry i read from net based reviews. 4. Is there any combo offer for 4 plugins. 5. Geo based adverts can that have different traiffs plans for advertisor

1. ads can be added anywhere including buddypress.
2. CCAvenue is not available as payment method.
3. Yes users can access their stats on the admin backend.
4. no combo offers.
5. you can show different adzones for different countries so yes you can change the price for specific countries.


I was wondering if it is possible to review the ads before they go live after a customer paid and uploaded a banner?


Can I review them before they go live even though the customer paid and uploaded the banner?

Thank you

Yes you can

Thank you!

Does this still work with your new 5.1 updated that went out today? Or is there an update coming for this plugin to coincide with your big update on the main plugin.

plugin works fine with 5.1

Hi there

This plugin is what i am looking for. I am interested in purchasing the WP PRO Advertising System together with the Buy and Sells Ads addon and would like to understand a bit further about the below question:

1.) Is this plugin supports Hong Kong Currency and Renminbi Currency?

2.) I have a wordpress operated web site and a Chinese Discuz platform website operated under a sub-domain, i would like to know if i install this plugin to my wordpress website, will the created ads be able to display under my sub-domain website which operated under the discuz platform?

3.) If no.2 is Yes, how?

4.) Is recurring payment now available with this plugin?

5.) I would like to offer my customer a free advertising campaign at this stage, can i disable the payment option (eg PayPal and Stripe) and let the customer upload their banner without receiving any payment from them?

6.) what is the difference between this add on and the Woocommerce one? why Woocommerce one is more expensive? because more functionality?

Thanks for your clarification. One last question, are there any additional plugins to generate invoice for my customer? I saw there is other plugins that can generate invoice under Woocommerce trading, how does it work with your plugin?

no we do not have any invoice plugins for this plugin available.

thanks for your information

Hi. Your plugins ADD-ON: Buy and Sell Ads do not work. We have tested it with several standard wp themes and it does not work with any. Please check it and send us the update.

Please use our helpdesk for support.

We have also tried to write you for private support and it does not work either. Please send us a direct mail to contact us. ? Thank you

Hi, I installed the plugin but it does not appear on my administration menu, I have the latest version of wordpress. I disabled all other plugins but I still have the same problem. Help please.

Please use our helpdesk for support.

I purchased the wp advertising plugin and the buy-sell part looks terrible where the client creates the ad. I sent a support request but so far no answer. Had to resort to an older version and include the buy-sell plugin to make it so that the client just uploads an image or html. I would like to use the new version that I paid for. Please respond to my help request as this is holding me back from promoting my website.

Thank you!

Do you support PayU?

Paypal and stripe

can i use this plugin to make buy sell ads system like buysellads.com “Advertising and publishers” system

Yes you can.


jippii Purchased

Hi. Works this add on correct with latest WP version? I see, last updates for this add on is from 10.2015

Hello, I have the paid version and have it installed and funcitonal. I have some comprehensive banners and clients created and it’s working quiete well. I upgraded a month or so ago from the free version that was installed when we took the site over from a previous webmaster, to the paid verison (my current version and upon doing so all of our stats disappeared / reset, it was fine then because the site was new. Now the site is in production so I dont want to lose them again. Also after the update my stats no longer show the IP address it just shows a visitor and very little details about the visit although i believe it is tracking traffic properly, I have the smartrack plugin enabled.

I noticed there is an update for the plugin, I do not want to lose my stats again and would like for the detailed stats to be working again. Can you advise?


MBonner Purchased

This plugin hasn’t been updated since October 2015. The Ads plugin works great but this plugin doesn’t look good on mobile devices at all. It also uses an iframe that forces the page to scroll. Very outdated.