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Hi, is the ladderboard integrated? Also, is there a list of graphics to change in the documentation?

In the new release which I will publish tomorrow will include two PSD files. Users who bought this item also receive the new version for free. let me know if you need any clarification. Thanks.

The new version is now available. Thanks

Looks Nice . Can i edit it with Eclipse ?

Yes. let me know if you need any clarification. Thanks.

Thanks for ur fast Reply :)

You welcome. let me know if you need any clarification. Thanks.

it’s looks very nice, can i use the same Graphics and sounds in this game ?! or should change them … Can i edit it with Eclipse easily ? can you add ( Admob banner ) to ?

i am interested in pursuing this … Thank you

It is rare

does anyone has the same problem ?

Nice work, GLWS! :)


plese notify for new version cool app

Ok. Thanks

The new version is now available. Thanks

I’m having problems when running the app from eclipse. I tried in ARM and intel simulators and in both the app says it just stop working it doesn’t even let me start it.

The new version is now available. Thanks

the sound stays on after i go to home during game and you will have two background music playing.

I will check what the sound, is very rare. Thanks

Hi, I test your demo apk, but I found a serious bug. When you return yellow train immediately after train show – wagon and train are disconnected. ?hey going in different directions and becomes a big mess. Pls view picture: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2vjwj7c&s=8#.VJ7QdP8AA

Ok. I check it. Thanks

Btw i found that this is the same code source of ur game just u changed some Graphics and The splash Screen..etc http://codecanyon.net/item/nice-pigs-game-for-android-with-admob/6153339?WT.oss_phrase=pigs&WT.oss_rank=1&WT.z_author=Hanatheme&WT.ac=search_list

compares the two demos and you’ll know which is the original !!! Thanks.

If I buy … can I edit the source code with Android Studio ?

Yes!! Let me know if you need any clarification. Thanks

How to change graphics?

addictive railroads -> assets -> gfx

Why does not appear Banner ???

I check it. Thanks.

are y sure Goussaka1! admob Banner is not work ??

what de you about this apptodia ?!!

Hi, i want to buy but can I translate it (I want to translate it to Turkish)? And how can I add AdMob?

Can I do place languages? Like if not Turkey, use English; if Turkey, use Turkish. Can I do that?

This item includes admob. On translation, of course you can translate the game into the language you want

Can I change my own level by my mind?

if you want to add levels, you can do it !!

Is there any possibility to update the game and add leaderboard?

If you want, you can do it. Best regards

hi, some one knows how to translate this game to another language using eclipse ? There’is no xml file containing the strings …

Check your email. Thanks

Hi, Buttons “Yes” and “No” don’t show in Android Lollipop (5), in the beginning : “Enable Sound ”. Can you check and fix it ? Thanks,

I check it. Thanks.

So ? Did you fix it ? Thanks

I check it in Samsung S5 Android 5. Is functioning normally

How easy to add new levels ? any steps ? XML file ?

Depends on your programming skills

hi, cant see the banner only inters…? how can i fix?