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Testing on live device – can remove Ads without issue, that is fine. Deleted the app from live device and reinstalled so I could test the “Restore” button. App crashed straight away with “[GameScene OnRestore]: unrecognised selector sent to instance 0×15ddc120”

Looked at the GameScene.mm file and the line that contains the “m_btnRestore” fields specifies the @selector(OnRestore) but has a Yellow issue stating “Undeclared selector ‘OnRestore’.

Can you review the code as this will stop / is stopping a submission to iTunes.

Sorry 6.2 xcode it works.and this problem need to be checked with Skype call. As I am not able to guess any solution without looking at your code.

It must be an issue with iOS 8.3 and Xcode 6.3. I updated my phone first with 8.3 and then could not connect it to Xcode 6.2 without updating it to 6.3 as it is that version that has the 8.3 SDK in it. So – how have you tested iOS8.3 without Xcode 6.3?

Xcode 6.2 and 8.1 os


Can I use all graphic and sound to publish on appstore? or I need to change to the new one.


oh I can see only dot up folder. There is no index.html file.

Oh i see your skpe request so i assume you got it :)

Thanks :)

Images are not for retina display on iPad, Could you please give me high resolution images?

Add @2x.png for iPad for your reskin.

It would be much better if you can give us @2x.png, I’m a developer, can’t reskin the whole app.

WARNING: It’s not the latest Cocos2d like advertised.

It’s the old Cocos2d V2.2 which supports 64bit I guess – but it’s not the new Cocos2d V3.x

Ok will add that but there is no impact on feature.

I have a problem on restore button. Could please check on your code?

Can you add an animation for the dot getting hit? Maybe 4 to 6 frames. That way we can reskin the game + the animation. I may order if the restore issues are fixed and if you can add some animation for the dot getting hit and maybe sound effect for the hit.

This would make your game better than the original game…

I can’t get Game Center to show the Leader Board and I have a lot of warnings. The accelerometer is no longer compatible since iOS 5 can you please upload another version of this game but with CoreMotion and no warnings. Thanks!

If you need help you can ping me via Skype its in readme file.

ok Thanks men!

hey, I have another question I am trying to upload this up to the app store and I have my build uploaded and everything but when I click on the “Submit for Review” it would give me an error saying that I need to use Xcode 5.1.1 or grater on iOS 7 SDK. How can I solve this? Thanks, Oscar Tamez

Can you try latest XCODE . As i didnt see this problem happening . If you face this problem my skype is in the detail document please add me and lets get this sorted via screen share .

yeah my bad it was Xcode! I had a long week thanks for everything men.

Thank you ! Please help me with your genuine rating .

Is this game on the App Store (or one of your customers’ reskins)? Could you send me a link?

In my experience, I really have to test a code like this to see how easy to use and engaging it is.

We ported this game from iOS To Andriod using apportable . Also iOS Version is been hosted at https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/fruit-up!-./id959808881?mt=8

Great – thank you for the link.

Have you purchase this ?

Hi…Thanks for that nice apps. But I did not found any document in the folder. Please provide me the proper document.

Please check your email i have send you documentation

Answer at skype please!

Are yo you available for skype call , lets get this sorted .

game has 64 bit support and iphone6s plus screen resolution support?

yes it is 64 git and support iphone 6s

Hi, game doesn’t work on 64bit device. its crashing on launch on iPhone6s plus. I have been mislead as you said that it has 64bit support I need refund for this.

Please add me on skype : rupenm i will help you on the same .

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